Smallville Redux: Season 10 review again

Noted: Started watching season 10 on May, 19, 2012

I thought I would re-review season 10 again because this time, I can see this season with new eyes as I have now see every single episode of Smallville that gives me new insight into the final season episodes that I didn’t have before when I originally saw them.

Lazarus, the final season premiere of the show, is the episode where Chloe (Allison Mack) leaves the show for a while. She sacrifices herself in exchange for Oliver (Justin Hartley). And she knows where Oliver is because she puts on Dr. Fate’s helmet.

But the episode begins where Salvation leaves off. Clark (Tom Welling) is on the ground with the blue K dagger in his gut. Lois (Erica Durance) comes running to him and begs him not to leave her. Clark then has a near-death experience where Jor-el tells him that the darkness within him prevents him from being a true hero. Of course, Clark doesn’t believe that and knows he can be Earth’s hero and just before he goes back to the land of the living (thanks to Lois but Clark thinks it was Jor-el), he sees Lex.

Of course now, Lois knows that Clark is the Blur and when Lois and Clark reunite at the Daily Planet archives, Clark thought that Lois would already be going to Africa but she postponed her trip, maybe indefinitely because she realized that the Blur needs her and Clark asks her what made her say that and she replies that the Blur laid the most passionate kiss on her lips and that it was great. It is interesting that Clark should have been jealous that some guy kissed his girl but instead his smile was one of pride. And I loved how Lois knows that Clark wants something and pretends to be searching for her pen to let Clark do what he needs to do.

They arrange to meet later on at the Kent barn and loved again there was another couple picture of them on Clark’s desk. And Lois sees the Superman suit and says it is much better in colour. But the Lex clone (Mackenzie Gray) knocks Lois out and strings her up like a scarecrow as Clark was back in the pilot.

Lex targeted Lois because he somehow knows that Lois is Clark’s greatest weakness and her death will break him, which we know is true as seen in season 9’s Savior and Pandora. And when Lex gives Clark a choice to either save the people of Metropolis from the falling Daily Planet globe or the woman that he loves, we wonder what would be Clark’s choice.

But I have to say there is some discontinuity here because the Lex clone claims to have all of Lex’s memories so if the creator died in season 8, wouldn’t the woman that Clark loves be Lana and not Lois because Clark didn’t fall in love with Lois until season 9. So it interesting that Clark mentions Lois as the woman he loves and Lex should have really kidnapped Lana and should have said “Oh! Shit! I kidnapped the wrong woman) but somehow Lex knows that Clark deeply loves Lois.

So of course, Clark tries and rescue everybody and rescues Lois first because he needs her as he said to her in Salvation because without her, he is nobody and can’t be the hero that he needs to be. He knows he can be a hero but having Lois in his life as his connection to humanity, he can be the true hero the world needs.

But of course, Lex saying Lois is his weakness that causes Lois to leave him and go to Africa. She looks at their photo together with sadness and Clark is heart broken when he reads the letter that Lois leaves him. At least this time, Clark thinks that Lois was leaving for her career and not because she knows his secret. In the past, Clark would probably have blamed himself if he knew that Lois knew his secret. He has said that people have left his life because of his secret.

Lazarus also has tons of shout outs to previous seasons of Smallville. Like the scarecrow above, we also have Cadmus Labs that was mentioned throughout season 1 where Tess ended up all healed from her burns and where she sees all the Lex clones that were created to heal the original Lex. She encounters a child Lex known as Alexander and takes him under her maternal wings. Another shout out was all the articles that Lois reads at the Daily Planet references the numerous saves that Clark made anonymously in season 1-4. We also have Chloe mentioning all the Luthorcorp facilities and projects throughout the show.

And Clark truly has come a long way since season 1. In season 1, he discovers that he is an alien and becomes even more lost and alone then ever before but 10 years later, he has accepted his destiny and knows what he has to do but at the same time, he bears a lot of guilt to all the disasters that befell his friends and family but also to Smallville and Metropolis. That is the darkness that Jor-el is referring to and that can be taken advantage of by the coming Darkness (aka Darkseid) which would turn Clark into Earth’s greatest enemy. Clark sees his Earth father Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) who confirms what Jor-el has told him about the coming Darkness but before hand father and son have a heart-to-heart that have been sorely missed since the character left in season 5.

By the end of Lazarus, Clark has lost the woman he loves and now doesn’t know how he can face the oncoming darkness because his ice fortress of a father doesn’t believe in him so Clark has no one in life he can turn to for support and comfort.

If you have been reading my other Smallville season reviews, I can’t help comparing moments in them to season 10. Now I can compare moments in season 10 to previous seasons.

What do they always say that if you love someone, set them free and if it was meant to be, they would come back. At the end of season 9, Clark told Lois to take that job in Africa because that way Lois would be occupied and he would know that she was safe because he thought he would never see her again.

In Shield, Clark wanted to bring her back and he even buys a plane ticket there instead of super speeding there. This is what I find interesting. Lois’ leaves Clark for his protection because she views herself as his weakness. Lana did the same thing in season 8’s Requiem because she felt that she was a distraction and would be in his way. Once she leaves, the next episode doesn’t see Clark trying to find a way for them to be together or chasing after her to get her back, the kryptonite poisoning be damned. But with Lois, he does all of that because he knows that Lois has always been the person he has always needed. But realized that he can’t blame Lois for leaving so he doesn’t go to Egypt to get her. And he tells Tess that if he cares for Lois, he will respect her leaving him. After Oliver admonishes Clark for not going after the woman he loves, Clark says back to him that all he wants is to go after her and bring her back but again says he can’t blame her for leaving considering the lives they lead.

Shield also introduces us to Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt). I loved the wink that the writer did here by stating that she isn’t the Cat Grant from TV -a nod to season 9’s Crossfire.

I actually can’t stand Cat because she was quite annoying. At first, when she was announced as a character, there was speculation that she could be a romantic foil to Lois and Clark because in the comics and in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman she was the sexpot gossip columnist for the Daily Planet and pursued Clark romantically. But I needn’t worry because this Cat was a bit more wholesome and plus has a 2-year old son (which I believe she does also in the comics). But I loved how Clark defended Lois to Cat and when Cat threw away Lois’ name plate, Clark threw away the cookie that Cat offered, and which Clark accepted initially because he is a nice guy, and took Lois’ name plate out of the trash.

I did like the conversation that Clark had with Cat in the Talon about thinking he thought he found someone (Lois) that he could be happy with and looked a bit crestfallen when Cat asked if they were going to get back together and he said he had hoped but now isn’t sure.

And Lois is out in Egypt covering an expedition on the treasures of Isis and encounters Carter Hall (Michael Shanks) who was sent by Clark to watch over her. Lois and Carter had a great talk about destiny.

It is odd that one year later Erica Durance and Michael Shanks would be in a TV series together playing each other’s love interests (Saving Hope) but here on Smallville they are friends and Shanks’ Carter Hall is instrumental in helping Lois be there for Clark as he needs her as she can help bear the burdens that he will face.

And Shield is the episode where Tess is slowly becoming one of the good guys where she helped Clark solve who was coming after him. And who is coming after him is the Suicide Squad, mentioned in season 9’s Checkmate and now seen here led by Rick Flagg (Ted Whittall) and has Deadshot (Bradley Stryker) and Plastique (Jessica Parker Kennedy), whom we haven’t seen since season 8.

Shield is also where we discover that Chloe has erased all traces of her existence so no one can find her after she faked her death after escaping the clutches of the Suicide Squad. This will explain Chloe’s absence for the majority of season 10 and I have to say after Chloe being in almost 200 episodes of Smallville, she was missed.

And Shield ends with Clark wearing a new costume, inspired a bit about what Cat said about not standing in the shadows any longer and should be wearing red and blue. So now Clark’s Blur no longer wears black but a pretty cool looking red leather jacket with the House of El symbol embossed on it.

In Supergirl, Lois does come back and you can tell that both so want to get back together. This scene is actually made more hot now knowing the whole history of them and seeing them fall in love in season 9. Anyways, this time Lois came back to him because of his secret. I am glad that she was only apart from Clark for one episode because Lois and Clark apart is terrible.

What I liked about Supergirl is the return of Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and how it is a bit of a role reversal in that she is now helping Clark in dealing with his abilities, in particular the one of flight. She tells Clark to hone in one one particular noise (in this case the fluttering of butterfly wings) and make it his whole world. So he does and he briefly takes flight before crashing down  through his barn. I think that Clark should have concentrated on Lois’ heartbeat (which in the comics he calls the rhythm of his life) and that should have helped him fly.

The big meat of the episode is how the darkness (we don’t know this is Darkseid yet) has possessed Gordon Godfrey (Michael Daingerfield) a radio talk show host turned author with a major beef against vigilantes in particular the Blur.

And when Lois finds out that Godfrey is going to unveil to the world that Green Arrow is her ex, Oliver Queen, she goes to great lengths to not only get the flash drive back with that information (although Oliver just tells the media that he is Green Arrow anyways) but also to discredit him.

So she visits Godfrey at some sort of S&M club and just like her stripper routine in Exposed, she does a really hilariously awkward routine here.

After she is rescued by Kara and Clark, Lois asks Kara what is is like to have powers. Kara tells her that is is very freeing to have them and that nothing is holding her back. Lois looks disappointed and undermines herself and asks if it is easier without someone holding super-powered beings down. To which Kara responds that it’s easy for people to see the powers instead of the person; that “even heroes need someone to come home to.”

While captured, Lois is told by Godfrey that it is a shame that the darkness can’t possess her because she is of pure heart and spirit meaning she knows her purpose in life. And her purpose is to be their for Clark and be supportive of him as the Blur. Throughout Supergirl, she was pumping the tires of the Blur in her big belief in him that she hoped would help Clark believe in himself.

Unlike Clark who the Darkness wants to possess him to be used at Earth’s greatest weapon, as said by Kara. Clark has doubts in his heart. He may think that he can be Earth’s hero but in his heart he doesn’t quite believe it, he even says so near the end of the episode. In his heart, I think he still feels guilty for everything that has befell his family and friends that prevents him moving forward.

All of this guilt manifests itself in what is Smallville’s best episode ever and that is Homecoming.

Homecoming is Smallville’s 200th episode and we go back to Smallville High and Clark and Lois’ 5-year high school reunion, to which Clark comically says that Lois only showed up for 5 days out of the 23 she was enrolled. Even when Clark is going through a depression, he still jokes with Lois. Lois wants to take Clark to help cheer him up and you can tell that Clark appreciates that gesture.

When he arrives, he accidentally knocks the books out of the guidance counsellor’s hands and it brings back memories of Clark knocking Lana’s books in the pilot. It was interesting to see how young and thin faced Tom Welling was back then as now he has filled out quite nicely. We also are re-introduced to Greg Arkin, the first meteor-freak of Smallville, who also has come back for the reunion.

When Lois sees Lana’s name tag she mentions the last time she saw her was when she and Clark almost kissed at Chloe’s wedding. Lois seems afraid that Lana will show up and again be ignored by Clark but he reassures her that Lana isn’t coming to which Lois looks relieved but then apologizes to Clark because she didn’t realize the magnitude of memories he had at Smallville High. Clark then sees Chloe’s name tag and then enters the Torch and we flashback to Chloe introducing the Wall of Weird to Clark in the Pilot.

Then the two new Torch reporters come in gushing about Chloe and sees Lois and asks her what it was like to date a hero. She replies that it was nice but she would date one again in a heartbeat giving a glance to Clark. When the two new Torch reporters say that the Blur is from Smallville, Lois tries to throw them off their trail and when Clark says that the Blur is probably gone for good, Lois argues that the Blur helps inspire people like the two new Torch reporters. Clark still looks on with disbelief.

When Clark is named alumni homecoming king, we get a visit from Brainiac (James Marsters) and now that I have seen how evil he was, I can see why  Clark is being very wary of him.

We find out that Brainiac is actually Brainiac 5 from the future and it was because Clark saved him in Legion, was the reason why he was able to be cured and become good. What I didn’t like is when Brainiac first took Clark and Clark was recounting all the bad things that Brainiac has done, Clark said that Brainiac took the person that he loves away from him, which of course refers to Brainiac infecting Lana late in season 7. I wished Clark had save loved and not love because it made me think that he still is in love with Lana.

Brainiac 5 is taking Clark on this A Christmas Carol journey so he can see how Clark’s holding on to the past is preventing him from being the hero now. We see Jonathan Kent’s funeral as the point where Clark starts blaming himself for everything bad that has happened in his life and the lives of his friends, family and everyone that he has met. Brainiac 5 shows him Jonathan and Lionel’s fight in Reckoning (something that Clark didn’t know) and that led to Jonathan’s fatal heart attack. Even seeing this Clark blames himself because his dad only did that to protect him but Brainiac counters that Jonathan chose to protect him because he cares and that we chose our own fate and Jonathan Kent chose his and Clark should not blame himself anymore.

As in A Christmas Carol, after Clark’s visit to the past, he goes to the present day and sees what Clark’s lack of support of Oliver has done to him. Clark didn’t realize that Oliver needed him because Oliver always seemed that he didn’t.

Clark also gets a glimpse at what is happening at the reunion and we see Lois talking to punch bowl Maddie where Maddie recounts what fans had wanted with Clark and Chloe (best friends with the hope of more) and the Clark and Lana romance saying that you never forget your first love. Maddie wonders if Lois and Clark are together, Lois says no and Maddie says that Lois is the moth and not the flame. Seeing Maddie say those things to Lois, Clark looks like he wants to say that is not true. Lois looks heartbroken after her conversation with Maddie because she really doesn’t know how Clark feels about her.

Brainiac 5 asks Clark does he care for Lois and he replies that all he has ever done was protect Lois after what happened with Lana. When I first saw this episode, I didn’t quite get it but after seeing the Clark and Lana relationship, I think I know what Clark means. With Lana, he always had his secret coming between them from being together and even after she knew that changed her. I think Clark is afraid that if he lets Lois in like he did Lana, their relationship would end the same way.

When Greg Arkin approaches Lois, Clark thinks he will hurt her and wants to go back to the reunion to protect her but instead of going back, he goes to the future: October 15, 2017 to be precise and at the Daily Planet.

He encounters Future Lois who shoves him in the Daily Planet phone booth and reprimands him for not wearing his glasses. Luckily she had a spare and puts it on his face. Of course, Clark is having none of this and wants to take it off and Lois says something that stops Clark. Lois calls him Honey twice! As they leave the phone booth, you can tell that Clark just wants to kiss Lois. While they are in the phone booth, it is obvious that Clark and Lois are in love with each other and are together in the future but somehow are keeping it very professional at the office as she tells Clark she doesn’t want people talking.

Then a hilarious scene happens in Future Clark and Future Lois’ office. This is where Past Clark sees that Lois knows his secret in the future and is very comfortable in that knowledge. Future Lois wonders Clark’s behaviour is because she forgot their anniversary and Clark looks hopefully that it is their wedding anniversary but Lois tells him it is the anniversary of when he told her his secret and that it was the perfect moment. Then Future Lois thinks it might be kryptonite and goes through the colours that we have seen in Smallville like Blue, Red, Green and Black.

Clark starts to feel comfortable in talking to Lois about his secret and asks her where the Legion Ring is and she tells him that it is probably at the farm and before shoving him in the elevator, taps him on the butt and he has this huge smile on his face as he enters that is quickly wiped when he meets his future self.

His future self knew that he would have to be in the elevator at that particular time so he could meet his past self. Future Clark says that Past Clark needed to experience all of this so he can become what Future Clark becomes (Past Clark thinks it is an uptight nerd). But Future Clark also needs past Clark’s help. Future Clark needs to save a nuclear reactor from blowing but at the same time he needs past Clark on the roof. Future Clark doesn’t tell Past Clark why but Future Clark knows that Lois will die if Past Clark doesn’t save her.

When Past Clark hears Lois in distress because the Daily Planet helicopter is about to fall off the roof of the Daily Planet. Clark saves the day (as he did in season 5’s Exposed) and Future Lois knocks the pilot out so he doesn’t see Clark out of uniform. Clark sees Lois going through all of that to protect his secret and Future Lois gives him a passionate kiss and tells him that she would do anything for him and that is hardly a news flash. She thanks Clark for rescuing him (which she didn’t in Exposed) and they kiss again and the love in their eyes in this scene and the way that they still wanted to kiss each other was so hot; so much for me thinking that he is still in love with Lana. The looks and smiles he gives Lois just screams that he is deeply in love with this woman.

Brainiac 5 comes back after Lois leaves and Clark tells him that he understands why he wants him to see this future where he flies and has Lois in his life. He tells Brainiac that he always wanted his life to be this way: a life where he is Earth’s hero but still living a normal life and sharing it with someone special. He even tells Brainiac that it is with Lois that he wants this future with. It’s funny, I remember in season 7’s Siren after Lois breaks up with Oliver and Clark comforts her, she calls Clark and Lana the perfect couple but three years later it is actually Lois and Clark that are the perfect couple.

Seeing this future, it gives Clark the resolve to be the hero and now finally knows that Lois knowing his secret isn’t a bad thing but beneficial to his life.

Clark comes back to the reunion and Brainiac leaves him with advice that being a hero is about being in the moment and not dwelling the past or fearing the future, which Clark was doing. Clark realizes his mistakes and after hearing that Greg Arkin actually wanted to thank Clark for turning his life around and not be a villain, Clark returns to Lois and takes her to dance to Lifehouse’s Everything, which was used in the Pilot but I don’t consider it a Lana and Clark song because they never really danced to it but Lois and Clark did. And if you listen to the lyrics, the song really is about how Clark feels about Lois. However, the reunion ends before Clark has a chance to kiss Lois.

What Clark learns from Homecoming is to no longer blame himself for his dad’s death and to let it go, to be there and support Oliver as he comes out to the world as Green Arrow and be there for Lois.

The way he is there for Lois is to finally tell her how he feels about her. And how he tells her is something that he never does for Lana. Every time Clark and Lana professed their love it was always with angst like season 2’s Exodus or season 4’s Commencement or season 8’s Requiem.

But knowing what was said at the reunion and knowing that Lois really doesn’t know how he feels about her, he sets up a romantic mood at the Kent barn to tell her. We have a disco ball, romantic lighting and Kim Taylor’s “Baby I Need You” playing where Clark tells Lois that he has missed her and asks her to dance. But Lois being Lois makes Clark’s attempt to declare his love difficult and tries to brush this off casually. But Clark is undeterred and after stepping on Lois’ feet initially, their second attempt to dance is much more successful. With Lois’ feet on Clark’s they dance slowly to the song and Clark says the words to Lois that I’ve been waiting a long time for him to say to and that is “I love you” and Lois doesn’t go all Lois (meaning saying something sarcastic or runs) but simply says “I love you too” and they dance closer and when Lois wants to discuss that she knows his secret, Clark just wants to live in the moment. He closes his eyes in happiness and is in the moment of having the woman he loves (and who loves him back) in his arms that allows him to float and they continue to share a mid-air dance unbeknownst to them but became incredibly romantic.

Sure Isis isn’t a very great episode. It actually is pretty terrible because somehow the performances were wooden and corny all around especially when Erica Durance was Isis in Lois’ body.

But what saves Isis is all the Lois and Clark stuff especially the end but more on that later.

I loved the scene where Lois confesses to a mirror that she knows Clark’s secret and knowing that he is the Blur only makes her love him more.

I also loved when Clark tells Oliver he wants to tell Lois his secret and Oliver seems surprised. Clark confesses that it is always his first instinct to keep his secret to himself but seeing a future where Lois knows his secret for sometime and his life is perfect, makes him want to tell her. Oliver says he should go for it but Clark worries that Lois will dump him once he reveals the truth because Lois did the same thing to Oliver once she found out he was the Green Arrow in season 7’s Siren. Oliver tells Clark he doesn’t have to worry becaue he and Lois were never meant to be whereas Lois and Clark are and that she loves him makes Clark one lucky man.

The scene of Lois at their desks was so funny with her putting their name plates side by side and how awkward they are around each other because Clark wants to tell Lois he is the Blur and she wants to tell him that she knows he is the Blur. Of course Cat comes in and ruins the moment but you start to see that Cat is actually more of a professional rival to Lois than for Clark’s affections.

Clark asks to meet Lois on the Daily Planet roof so he can finally tell her his secret but unfortunately Lois becomes possessed by Isis and ruins the moment. Clark does clumsily but also sweetly confesses to Lois/Isis that he is the Blur even referencing the time that he told her in season 8’s Infamous and said she was perfect in taking the news. When Isis tells Clark that this news is not important to her, Clark thinks it is either Lois’ way of telling him it doesn’t matter or that she is breaking up with him. However, Isis tells Clark that she has taken over Lois’ body and takes to the skies. The look on Clark’s face tells me he is thinking “Why does this always happen to me and my girlfriends?”

Clark confesses to Isis that he loves Lois and that she loves him completely back and that he wants and needs Lois back.

Anyways, after this whole debacle is over, a few things become clear and one of them is trusting Tess with Watchtower, a gesture that moves Tess but we still don’t know if we can trust her.

The other is that it changes Clark’s mind to perhaps tell Lois his secret. Clark’s secret has always been a stumbling block to a Clark and Lana relationship from the very beginning and it bothered Lana. While Lois knows that Clark is hiding something from her but doesn’t push him on it at all to tell her. Even after she finds out that Clark is the Blur she just waits for him to tell her taking her own advice that she gave Chloe back in season 4’s Unsafe.

Lois and Clark’s conversation in the supply room was incredibly romantic. It seemed that both knew that each knew that Clark was the Blur but waiting for each other to make the first move based on their conversation. You can practically see it in Lois’ eyes, her begging Clark to just tell her. Clark is oblivious and didn’t know that Lois knows hence we get the most romantic confession of his secret ever.

I believe that Lois is the only one that he has ever told his secret to willingly without his prior knowledge that they already knew. He tells Lois that all his life has been afraid of people knowing the truth about him and if they did, they would reject him and even if they didn’t he would still lose them. This was his fear in the earlier seasons, he was so afraid to tell Lana who he really was because he didn’t want her to reject him. He told Pete his secret and even though he accepted him, Pete left his life because he couldn’t handle keeping his secret.

That is probably why Clark never risked telling anyone his secret willingly. When Oliver asked him earlier in Isis what was he willing to risk for love, he smiled and it seemed that he was willing to risk anything for love.

When faced with the prospect of losing her forever, Clark takes the biggest risk by telling her his secret because that is the only way they chould share a life together and she was the only one that he wants that with.

I wrote this in my season 8 blog:

There was a scene in season eight’s Requiem, where he told Lana that he always wanted to share his life with someone, he never said it was with her. If Clark finally had the life he wanted, wouldn’t he have said I have always wanted to share my life with you (Lana) and not with someone. Also, he said that he wanted to work side by side with someone just like his parents and thought that now that Lana had powers she would be it. But, if you think about it, he has been working side by side with someone just like his parents for years and that is Lois. They have been working together since the moment she came on that show. They help each other out and protect each other just like Jonathan and Martha Kent.

I want to add that they did that all before they were a couple and even friends.

When Clark finally confesses to Lois that he is the Blur, she tackles him into a pile of shredded paper and passionately kisses him and asks him what took him so long. Clark is bewildered at finding out Lois knew but Lois silences him that pretty much says it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that she know knows and they can finally have a life together. Clark gives her the cutest smile throughout and it’s a moment of happiness for him because usually when he tells people his secret they usually run away from him before he gets a chance to explain (see Pete in season two’s Duplicity or Lana in season 6’s Phantom) and not jump in his arms and kiss him.

Overall, Harvest, like Isis, wasn’t a great episode but again what saves it is Lois and Clark, especially at the end.

The whole sacrifice thing for a better harvest and continued good health was too Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery for my tastes but I did love to see Merrilyn Gann on TV again. She played Rose Abbott on Everwood and she also was in a CBC TV movie that my Dad was in but they never shared any scenes.

As I said all the Lois and Clark stuff is what made this episode great in my eyes. From their 20 questions in the car with Clark confirming Lois’ experience in the Phantom Zone, the run in with Doomsday and finding Kara’s space ship as all being Kryptonian to asking Lois if she is okay that she is dating an alien. Lois says that her boyfriend being an alien is like dating a god or Bono, meaning it is pretty cool.

Lois finds out that they were able to have this alone time because Clark got Tess to assign them some fluff piece about a cherry festival being held outside of Metropolis so Lois can’t cover the anti-vigilante rally. Because of Lois’ open support of heroes, especially the Blur, Clark feared for her safety.

They get two flat tires, which was deliberate to lure a female to be the sacrifice of the villagers. What I thought was really cute was when Clark went to change one of the flat tires that he used his powers openly in front of Lois. It was quite the manly display and much better than when Clark showed off his powers to Lana in season 7’s Cure where he just super sped to get maple syrup.

I loved the banter that they had just before Clark went off to get another spare tire. They still have that argumentative banter but now tinged with love. Clark being overprotective is sweet.

When Clark comes back, he finds Lois gone and when the local sheriff comes upon him to see if anything is wrong, in his conversation with the sheriff, Clark calls Lois his girlfriend twice. I have seen every episode of Smallville and I don’t recall him ever saying out loud to someone that Lana was his girlfriend. People have called Lana his girlfriend but not him.

And when they are searching for Lois, the sheriff said that it was natural for Clark to be worried about his girlfriend and Clark responded by saying that Lois is the most important thing in his life. He never said that about Lana. You can see how anguished he is with the sheriff. Clark doesn’t want to lose Lois so soon after she knows his secret.

When Lois and Clark are reunited, Clark finds out that Lois is the one that pulled the kryptonite dagger from his chest in Lazarus and knowing that he has fallen for her more because she saved his life. Because Clark doesn’t have his powers due to the fact that the villagers have blue K in their systems, it is up to Lois and her lock-picking skills to save the day. Just before, Lois says that Clark should change his shirt to blend in. I think Lois says that so Clark will take off his shirt in front of her because clearly she enjoyed the view like the first time she saw Clark naked in season 4’s Crusade.

Anyways, they are caught and Clark protects Lois and gets sliced open and is left to bleed to death. After he heals, he also sacrifices himself when he throws his body over Lois so he would get doused with the blue kryptonite fire. He willingly put his life on the line to save Lois just like he stepped in front of a bullet for her in season 8’s Stiletto. I don’t recall him ever doing such a thing for Lana and as much as I would love to be right, I am pretty sure that he has sacrificed himself to save Lana.

And I loved how Lois calls Clark honey when she asks to speed them away from the villagers.

I am going to pause for moment and mention the Tess subplot.

I did love how Smallville brought back Connor Stanhope to play a tween Lex as he previously played Lex in season 7 and Season 8’s Eternal. Obviously, Lex is aging fast because he was a child in Isis and now his innocence is gone as he starting to becoming the evil Lex Luthor. By episode’s end, he shaves his head off to embrace that he is no longer Alexander but now Lex. Since original Lex died in season 8, I thought this was a clever way of bringing Lex back and having him rapidly age still gave producers a chance to lure Michael Rosenbaum to come back and play Lex again.

Now back to the main plot. After their ordeal was over, in the loft, they have this great heart-to-heart with Lois encouraging him to reveal himself to the world as the Blur so people have someone to believe in. Clark still doubts himself but Lois says that people will believe in him just as much as she believes in him.

Then Clark gives Lois’ the Veritas journal because he wants Lois to know him completely with no secrets. A gesture that he never did with Lana. He gives her Swann’s journal because Clark tells Lois that she is the One and always will be. Again, something he never tells Lana. After seeing season 9 and how Lois makes Clark feel, I totally believe his declaration. Although Lois doesn’t tell Clark that he is the One we all know that he is because she tells John Corben in Upgrade that Clark is it for her.

After giving the journal and Clark’s declaration, Lois and Clark finally make love and it was an incredibly romantic and beautifully shot love scene set to the Cary Brother’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” When he looks at her and she looks at him, the look of love between them was hot.

Harvest definitely show’s Clark sexual maturity. In the past, when he had the option to have sex with someone, he became afraid. This is seen in season 5. Even though he lost his virginity to Lana in Mortal, it was only because he had no powers so there was no fear of him losing control and hurting her. When he got his powers back and Lana kept pressuring him, he became afraid so he pushed Lana away. And he and Lana were only intimate again when both had powers. What is significant about Clark making  love to Lois in Harvest is that she is the first mortal woman and the last mortal woman that he has made love to while he has his abilities.

When he and Lois got together, his training helped him better control his powers so he wouldn’t lose control in the heat of the moment. He wanted to be with Lois, he wasn’t afraid of having a sexual relationship with her, in fact he wants one and even sets up an opportunity for them in season 9’s Escape but alas the Silver Banshee interrupted that attempt.

And just because there were three episodes that featured Lana and Clark having sex, we should not assume that Harvest is the only time Lois and Clark have sex. Clark can now control his powers while making love and how can he have such a beautiful woman as his girlfriend and not want to make love to her again.

This is seen in the opening scene of Ambush. We assume this episode takes place after Harvest because Lois and Clark come down to the kitchen the morning after spending the night together. Lois is wearing Clark’s football jersey. The last time she wore that was in season 8’s Committed and she thought her and Clark had sex then but they didn’t.

It is clear that both enjoyed the previous evening and Lois declared that she was in the mood but not for breakfast all the while seductively looking at Clark. Lois makes her way to the front door but Clark said that the bedroom is upstairs. It is clear that they are ready to make love again but instead of the bedroom, Lois wants to do it on the porch swing. Clark super speeds to her and they start making out and probably totally would have had sex on the porch swing if Lois’ father (Michael Ironside) and sister Lucy (Peyton List) didn’t show up. I loved how Clark covered his front area when he sees Lois’ family pull up. It was quite funny.

But knowing that Clark was willing to have sex in such a public manner really shows how comfortable and relax he is around Lois.

It is interesting that when Clark met the General in season 4’s Gone that Clark couldn’t stand Lois and he was so looking forward to having Lois leave his life in season 4’s Facade only to have the General tell him that Lois is staying in Smallville because she failed her last year of high school.

And now in season 10, the General is trying to take Lois away from Clark because the General doesn’t trust him. The General is supporting the Vigilante Registration Act (VRA) while Clark’s mom is opposed to it. Because Clark is seen with Kara, the General believes he is in league with the vigilantes and the fact that his record is too good to be true that he doesn’t trust Clark to date his daughter. Even though Lois is opposed to the VRA too, she doesn’t stand up to her father because she wants to keep the peace.

What I loved about Ambush is that it’s an episode where we get to see Clark and Lois as a domesticated couple. I loved how Lois wants Clark to make a good impression on the General because it is important for her that her dad likes him and Clark says that it is important to him that Lois is happy. Before the General and Clark get into their argument, the General gives Clark a list of chores to do. Apparently, all of Lois’ boyfriends have gotten this list and none of them have passed, according to Lucy. Clark declares that he will be first boyfriend of Lois’ to pass.

Speaking of Lucy, she tries to stir up trouble much like she did in season 4’s Lucy. Back then, Clark couldn’t stand Lois and took a shine to Lucy. I think Lucy latched on to that and tried to kiss Clark in front of Lois to see what would happen. Of course, Lois knows her sister is up to no good and believes Clark that nothing happened.

Another thing that I loved about Ambush is the fact that Lois and Clark have their first argument as a couple and also that they worked it out maturely.

What really makes me love the episode is Clark and Lois both defending their relationship to the General in two separate incidences. First, after being interrogated by the General, Clark declares that the General is wrong to think that he and Lois don’t belong together and tells Sam Lane that he loves his daughter and doesn’t want a day to go by that he is not with her. He said that with such conviction that I loved it. Funny considering in season 5’s Exposed, he told his father that all he wants is to get Lois out of his life.

When the Lanes went back to the Talon, Sam tries to find out what Clark is hiding and Lois says it doesn’t matter what he is hiding because she loves Clark and that should be the only thing that matters to the General and that she is staying with Clark and the General is going to have to deal.

Of course, the General is a target of the Suicide Squad because he supports the VRA and was able to be tracked because of Lucy. So they shoot a missile that hits the Talon apartment but the Blur rescues Lois and leaves his mark to let the General know that he was the one that rescued Lois. Let’s pause to mourn the death of the Talon apartment.

It seems that act made Sam realized that Clark is the Blur and their conversation in the barn makes it look like he knows but he never acknowledged it. The great thing about this conversation is that Sam accepts Clark in Lois’ life because he has used that chore list to test Lois to see how she really feels about her boyfriends and Clark is the only one that she stood up for telling him that Lois loves Clark. Hearing this, I think gives Clark the courage to ask Sam a special question that concerns Lois and him.

We never hear this question but we know that Clark asked Sam’s permission to marry his daughter. And I absolutely loved that. It means that he has been thinking about marrying Lois for a while now. It can’t be a spur of the moment thing that he wants to ask that question.

Their Thanksgiving dinner was another great scene. We do get to see Lois and Clark as a happy couple around the table plus Lois actually successfully cooked an edible meal as she found her inner Iron Chef. This Thanksgiving is much different than the one in season 6’s Rage. Back then Oliver and Lois where making eyes at each other and kissing each other while Clark was unattached. This time, Clark and Lois are together and they give each other such looks of love but Clark looks have an added meaning and Lois is wondering what is up with Clark. The look he is giving her is “I got your Dad’s permission for your hand in marriage and I am going to ask you to marry me real soon.”

Of course we get confirmation of Clark’s question to the General in Abandoned but more on that later.

When I heard that Teri Hatcher was going to be on Smallville I was excited. As mentioned in my season 7 blog when Dean Cain appeared in Cure, I loved Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman when it was on. So now that we have our second set of former Lois and Clark’s on Smallville (Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder being the first), I looked forward to her appearance.

And I didn’t know that it was tradition to have a former Lois Lane play the current Lois Lane’s mother, Ella Lane. It apparently started with 1978’s Superman with The Adventure’s of Superman’s Lois Lane, Noel Neill, playing Lois’ mom. Then in the Lois and Clark we had Phyllis Coates (who also played Lois in the Adventures of Superman), playing Lois’ mom in the episode where Lois is supposed to marry Lex.

While Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance do not share any screen time together, Hatcher’s Ella Lane appears to her daughter in a series of video tapes to say goodbye to her daughters and impart advice.

Before she views the video, Lois was looking at the box of her childhood stuff that the General gave her in the middle of the night. Clark came down and joked that if Lois just admitted that she moved in with him, she wouldn’t have to unpack in the middle of the night. I love the fact that Lois and Clark are finally living together. Of course, Lois had to move with Clark because the Talon blew up in Ambush.

However, as Lois starts talking about not being there for her mother and the pain that it caused, I have to say that I thought that Clark wasn’t quite the supportive boyfriend that I wanted him to be. But a deleted scene explained that he wanted to avoid talking to Lois about her mother because it meant he could avoid talking about his father’s passing. But he tells Tess that it is the past that helps make him who he is and that he should always remember.

The real plot line of Abandoned is the fact that Tess finds out that her birth parents dumped her at Granny Goodness’ orphanage. She finds out a lot about her past and the fact that Granny was the one that saved her in season 9’s Salvation. We also learn that Granny (Christine Willes) has been training the older girls in her orphanage (known as the Furies) in the upcoming war that is coming. This war is Darkseid coming and Granny wants Tess to be on her side. And we find out that Granny is one of the three Prophets of Darkseid that include Desaad (Steve Byers) and Godfrey.

The one thing that I feared in this episode was that Granny was going to use her memory wipe problem on Clark to make him forget Lois or make him forget that Lois knows his secret and that he has to go back to keeping secrets from her.

We knew at the start of season 10 that we are going to get some big reveal around Tess, even Alexander told Tess that there were things that she didn’t know about herself. So the big twist if that Tess is actually Lutessa Lena Luthor, the illegitimate daughter of Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins (whom we met in season 1).

My favorite part of Abandoned is when Lois goes and sees Jor-el at the Fortress to try and convince ice daddy to be there for Clark and believe in him. She knows that Clark needs to as her love for him won’t be enough to help him be a hero. I loved how she first calls him Mr. El and keeps on correcting herself to say Kal-el instead of Clark. When Lois’ pleas seems to fall on deaf ears, she berates Jor-el for not being half the Kryptonian to Clark but then Lois is lifted up in a beam of light that it is unclear to what was the purpose. Was Jor-el pissed at Lois for talking to him that way so he held her suspension as punishment? Or did he want to talk to Lois privately? It did seem that way to me when Clark pulled her down and Lois said to Jor-el that Clark is here. Or was there another reason? There was speculation that Jor-el did that to Lois to prepare her body to accept Clark’s powers later in the season because he knew that it damaged Jonathan Kent’s health and corrupted Lana so he didn’t want that to happen to Lois.

When Clark finds out that Lois went to the Fortress and sees what Jor-el has done to her, he was pissed at him until he sees the message that his father (Julian Sands) and mother (Helen Slater) left him before Kyrpton exploded. I am glad that Lois got to “meet” his parents.

Seeing this helped him understand his father better and helped him be more of the supportive boyfriend that Lois needs. It is viewing the tape of her mother and helping Clark mend his relationship with Lois that lets her admit that she has moved in with Clark.

Of course the episode features one of my favorite Lois and Clark scenes. As the two get ready for power ballad night at the Ace of Clubs, Clark pulls out an engagement ring from his jacket. When Lois tells Clark to hurry up, that karaoke is going to start soon. The start soon has double meaning for both of them. When he looks at engagement ring, he says that it is going to start sooner than you think, meaning starting to spend the rest of their lives together is about to start sooner.

I loved the fact that he carries around the engagement ring for Lois like he is waiting for that perfect moment to propose to her.

Patriot was an episode that was too on the nose. What I mean is that it was quite obvious that the whole Mera (Elena Satine) and A.C. (Alan Ritchson) was meant to parallel Lois and Clark’s but with one difference that they kept on hitting people on the head with. And that is that Mera and A.C. are complete partners that tell each other everything, strengthen each other and are involved in what each other are doing and don’t keep secrets. A.C. mentions to Clark that he should include Lois in all aspects of his life while Mera tells Lois that while she is with Clark, he doesn’t include her in everything. And this includes Clark not telling Lois that he was thinking of registering for the VRA.

This episode also sees another Battlestar Galactica alum come on Smallville and that is Michael Hogan (Col. Tigh) as General Wilson Slade aka Deathstroke and is in charge of the VRA. Oliver signs on so Clark wouldn’t have to and also to find out what happens when one does sign up. What happens is that the VRA is about gathering the heroes and putting them in prisons.

I thought it was interesting to have both Justin Hartley and Alan Ritchson in the same scene because a few years ago, Justin Hartley was A.C. in the Aquaman pilot. When I heard that they were going to do Aquaman as a Smallville spin-off, I thought that Alan Ritchson would play him just like when I heard they were going to do a Green Arrow show that Justin Hartley would play him.

I digress, so after Slade is stopped, and Mera and A.C. leave, Lois and Clark have a conversation about their relationship. Clark tells Lois that she was right to be upset since he’d been running around acting like she wasn’t a part of it all now and that it was just him instead of the two of them together. He explains to her that he relies on her more than anyone, to know the parts of him he doesn’t trust himself. Lois wonders if they can make it work since she’s not like him, if only in that she has no abilities and Clark tells her that she’s everything he isn’t and that’s why their relationship works. Way back in season 8’s Power and Requiem, Clark thought that the only way he could share a life with someone is if they were like him. Lana even told him that in Power that they can now be together because she was like him.

But Patriot proves that Clark doesn’t want someone like him to share a life. He needs someone that understands his human side and his hero side and that person is Lois.

Even when Lana knew his secret and they were in a relationship in season 7, you can see that they still had problems as they still weren’t honest with each other. But with Lois, he isn’t keeping secrets from her but withholding information from her to protect her.

Lois also does a bit of maturing too. In season 7’s Siren, she broke up with Oliver because she couldn’t handle being second in a super heroes life but with Clark, she wants to be part of this life and in fact demands to be part of every facet. She is in it together with him. So Clark takes her to Watchtower and she joins the Justice League and an enemy (Tess) is now turned ally.

Back in season 8’s Eternal, Clark tells Davis that he wonders what would have happened to him if Lionel Luthor (John Glover) found him and raised him instead of the Kent’s. We find out exactly what would happen in Luthor. I have to say that Lionel was not a missed character and didn’t like how he was the evil Lionel from seasons 1-4. I also hated the fact that he came back with Clark Kent to Earth 1 to cause trouble in future episodes.

I have to say the way Tom Welling portrays Clark Luthor with a slightly deeper voice and smoldering looks and his wardrobe made him very sexy.

What I really didn’t like were the Earth-2 scenes. I always believed that in any universe whether alternate or parallel, Lois and Clark were meant to be but alas not on Earth-2. Somehow Clark Luthor and Tess are in some sick relationship and Oliver and Lois are engaged. Although the last bit isn’t too surprising considering their history on Earth-1. When Tess from Earth-2 tries to kiss Clark Kent, I loved the fact that he didn’t kiss her back and pushed her away because he is faithful to Lois. I loved how when he saw Earth-2 Lois, he smiled and was so happy to see her that he went in for a hug only to be re-buffed by Lois. When seeing that Oliver is engaged to Lois, he tells him that he is lucky to have Lois just like Oliver said to Clark in Isis.

However, just before Lois leaves with Oliver, there was a heartbeat noise that was played in the background and it sounded it like it quickened when Earth-2 Lois looked at Clark. While Earth-2 Lois may hate Clark Luthor, there may be a hint of attraction there. I guess who doesn’t love a bad boy that you can reform.

The part of Luthor that I loved the most was when Clark kidnapped Earth-2 Lois from her engagement party to Earth-2 Oliver. Before I get to that though, I feel sorry for Oliver when he asked Lois why she chose him. Instead of saying that she loved him, she simply said that he was a good man. Even though Oliver loves Lois, he knows that Lois isn’t in love with him but just loves him as a friend.

Anyways, back to when Clark Kent kidnaps Earth-2 Lois. I love how he knows her so well because Earth-1 and Earth-2 Lois are exactly the same. He tells her that they are allies (I wished he had said lovers but I guess that would have scared her off) and that she is brave and loyal and always has his back. Earth-2 Lois replies that anyone could have told him that but the cherry on top was when he says that Lois is a very bad speller. Lois knows that he is right and gives a look as if how do you know that. He even tells her that Lois would never admit that he is right and knows when he is lying to her because she can see right to his soul and heart. He promises her that he would never let this situation happen to them where Lois hates him and is afraid of him because he can’t live in a world where she doesn’t love him. Now that is romantic.

If Clark was stuck on Earth-2, something tells me that he would try and woo Lois away from Oliver.

Anyways, when Clark twists that mirror box and returns back to his world, comes my favourite scene in Luthor. With kryptonite weapons pointed at him and Tess, Oliver and Lois all ready to shoot and kill him thinking he is Clark Luthor, Clark Kent begs Lois to let them know he is him. Lois takes a look at him and looks at his eyes and knows that it is her man. This is so unlike Lana in season 7’s Gemini and Persona where Lana was living with Bizarro for weeks and had no clue that he wasn’t Clark. It takes Lois 5 seconds to know that Clark is Clark and not Clark Luthor. That my friend is true love.

At the end Clark finds out that Luthor blood isn’t poison and that if you are born a Luthor you are evil. Seeing Clark Luthor, made him see that Lionel is the corrupting factor and that Tess, who is now revealed to be a Luthor to all, that while genetically a Luthor, it does not mean she will be evil.

I loved everything about Icarus except for the fact that Hawkman died but at least he saved Lois while doing so.

What I loved most about Icarus is that Clark proposes to Lois in the most romantic way possible. Of course he wanted to do it over a romantic dinner and Lois being Lois inadvertently kiboshed his plans. Improvising, Clark let white rose petals rain down on her and tells her that she doesn’t make it easy to ask a simple question but that is what makes her Lois; the woman that Clark loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. And on bended knee, in front of their phone booth, he asks Lois to marry him, to which of course she says yes immediately. See Lana, that is how you answer when someone proposes. If it is right and you know it is right, you say yes and don’t hum and ah for days before finally accepting. Anyways, it is funny that in season 9’s Persuasion when Lois thought that Clark proposed under the gemstone kryptonite and after everyone was cured, that Lois thought they were going too fast and that they should slow things down again. It makes me wonder how fast their relationship really was. They were obviously still dating when Valentine’s Day rolled around in season 9 and started dating before Christmas as that was when Pandora aired. In season 10, they resumed their relationship shortly before Thanksgiving which was after Homecoming, which would be October, 2010. And as soon as they got back together, after they professed their love for each other (although the audience already knew that they loved each other), their relationship went into over drive. You have Clark confessing his secret in Isis, then you have them making love for the first time in Harvest, her moving in with him after Ambush and to finally Clark proposing to her in Icarus. I think all of this happens in a span of a month. That is very fast in Lois’ book yet none of this scares her off. I guess that now that she knows his secret and they can have an honest relationship Clark figures why wait, he knows he loves her and wants to be with her. Plus they were already dating for like 9 months before they broke up the first time and also were friends for 5 years that I guess it wouldn’t be rushing into marriage.

Clark seems to do the opposite with Lana. As I mentioned in my season 7 blog, Clark lived with Lana for the better part of the season. He already knows he loves Lana and he knows that Lana loves him. Sure she just got out of a bad marriage to Lex but he knows that she was forced into it so it wouldn’t have been out of the realm of possibility to propose to her but he never did, it never crossed his mind the entire season. The two times he proposed, although both times don’t count because the first time he erased it from the timeline and the second time was to Shelby, it was angsty and he did out of desperation to keep Lana from slipping away from him.

Like Clark says to Lois when he proposes to her, Lois is the woman he loves and the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I don’t think he ever made those declarations to Lana, he only ever tells her that he has loved her since he was 5 but does one really know what love is at that age.

I loved the scene between Lois and Chloe. And even though this was shot for Lazarus, I am glad it got used here instead. It was a great moment between the cousins. I loved how Chloe said that Lana wasn’t the one fated to be in Clark’s life and I think Lois had it right that Lana wasn’t prepared to make the sacrifices that Clark needed.

Their engagement party at Watchtower was fun and the looks that Clark and Lois gave each other (with them all smiles) was very hot.

You can tell that after their engagement party, you know that they did more than watch the sunrise on the Daily Planet’s globe, if you get what I mean. Clark even said that just because their party was over didn’t mean their night had to be. Unless the party lasted until sunrise, which we know didn’t considering that Oliver got into some trouble and that Carter and Courtney had to help him, we know that Lois and Clark celebrated their engagement in their own way. I mean look at Lois’ hair at the engagement party and then her hair the next day. It is down, which to me -offscreen – Lois and Clark made love. I mean we can’t believe that Lois and Clark would only make love once in Harvest and that is it. She even says in Patriot that she and Clark practically share a desk chair that must be a metaphor for them sleeping together.

Back at the farm, I loved how they discussed that together they can tackle anything that comes their way and when Lois called them Mr. and Mrs. Kent, Clark had this huge smile on his face that Lois would take on his name but then she hilariously debated on what her married name would be.

Also, I loved the bromance between Oliver and Carter that started in season 9’s Absolute Justice. Those two are hilarious together.

Of course, the episode ends with Carter’s funeral and I loved how Clark reached out to hold Lois’ hand for both support and comfort. Unlike when Jonathan Kent died, he let go of Lana’s hand.

There was one thing that I have noticed in Collateral is all the wonderful pictures that Lois and Clark have of each other as a couple. In Lazarus, Clark had a framed photo of the two of them all smiles on his desk in his loft. The couples photo that he had of his and Lana were screen grabs from season two’s Exodus and season 5’s Reckoning. These photos were seen in season 8’s Legion. He also had one of them that was seen in season six’s Promise but again that was a screen grab from season 4’s Spirit. Up until season 8’s Legion, Clark never had a couples shot of him and Lana but just a picture of her that anyone could have had like her school photo or something. But, Lois and Clark actually posed for couple shots and I loved that. Also, I loved how Lois called Clark baby and honey while he was having flashes of Chloe experimenting on him.

But overall, Collateral was a bit silly with the whole VRA-virtual world that our heroes and Lois were trapped in. And Dinah/Black Canary’s acting in this episode was quite wooden.

The thing about this episode was Clark no longer trusts Chloe (and welcome back by the way) because she disappeared without telling him because in the past they used to tell each other everything. So in order for Clark to leave the virtual world, Chloe goes to talk to Lois because Chloe knows that Clark will listen to Lois. And he does just that. While on the rooftop while the hijacked Chloe avatar was taunting Clark, Lois tells Clark that she believes in him. And that is all Clark needs to hear, he gives Lois a smile and then leaps off the roof and flies around the Daily Planet a bit with Lois in his arms and returns to the real world.

Even at the barn, Clark tells Lois that it was her belief in him that allowed him to leave the virtual world and also fly, even though it was in cyberspace. Lois tells him that she always believed he could do the impossible and that she believes they will fly together in the real world.

This really shows that Lois is the One for Clark. Even though Lana told Clark that she believed he could be a hero in season 7’s Action, Clark still ignored it and continued on to lead a normal life with Lana.

But Lois’ belief in him lets him believe in himself that he can be a hero especially with Lois by his side. I also loved how they kissed twice in the end scene of Collateral. He initiated both kisses because he wanted to kiss her to show her that he loved her belief in him. Sure it was not a passionate kiss but a romantic kiss none the less. When Lana and Clark were a couple in season 7’s Hero, they seemed to kiss as if they were supposed to and not because they wanted to. It was really awkward because it happened after the whole Bizarro incident.

Collateral also saw Chloe and Oliver reunite. I thought seeing season 9 might help me accept them as a couple but I still don’t see them as a romantic pair. Plus, it is odd how Chloe and Oliver would make love in Watchtower in the episode Beacon considering that it was a wedding gift from Jimmy to Chloe. It kind of smacks his memory that I didn’t quite like.

The one scene that I loved about Beacon is when Clark came back from his Blur duties and changed into his regular clothes and he announced to Lois that he was home. He even smiled when he saw Lois come home. It was a great scene and I don’t think that he ever did that with Lana. I also loved the scene were Martha tells Lois that she is a perfect fit for her son and that she has been impressed with her for years. And after seeing their previous interactions now, I can understand that. It was cute that Lois was nervous about making an impression on her future mother-in-law.

The whole plot of Beacon was to find out who shot at Martha during a pro-vigilante rally. We find out that it is Alexander (Lucas Grabeel -the Lex from season 6’s Reunion) and that Earth-2 Lionel has found him and ready to corrupt him some more.

I mentioned how Collateral shows that Lois is the One for Clark, well this is strengthened in Beacon. Clark was losing hope in people’s belief in heroes and made him question a bit of why he was doing what he was doing. Lois set up a website where people could give their video testimonials (really it was Smallville fans) as to why they believe in the Blur. Hearing all those testimonials gave him renewed hope. He would never had this if it wasn’t for Lois.

When I first saw Beacon, I was so confused as to how Alexander couldn’t be stabbed with that needle. We find out why in Scion.

What I loved about Masquerade is seeing Lois in wedding planning mode. From her figuring out the guest list and saying she wants to plan her wedding just as much as she wants to throw herself off a build (which Clark romantically replied that he would catch her) to her getting Jeff the intern to negotiate a deal on her wedding cake to getting Clark to go cake testing with her.

Lois truly is the comic relief character of Smallville. I loved her telling Clark off for being more public as the Blur that could jeopardize his normal life to planning a new costume for Clark and their banter of old is still there, especially when she whooshes away before Clark can.

I loved how Clark thinks that Lois calling him Smallville means he is in trouble. I think her calling him that is both a term of endearment (to which he answers happily to) and also a sign that he is in the doghouse.

Then there is the scene with Desaad saying that the last time Darkseid encountered Clark, he was corruptible because he had doubts about himself. But now, he is more confident, more self-assured, more love in his heart. This has made him uncorruptable to the Darkness. Of course, Clark can thank Lois for this. Because once he shared with Lois his secret and let her into all aspects of his life, he is now a complete person.

The scene that I loved in Masquerade is at the end where Clark tells Lois that Clark Kent will be the mask and puts on the glasses and starts to become the bumbling dork.

Then there is Chloe and Oliver in Masquerade where their storyline is Smallville’s version of the movie Date Night. I still don’t get Chloe and Oliver as a couple. I loved them as characters, but together not so much. I am happy that Chloe has a love interest. I mean for six seasons, she didn’t get a love interest until Jimmy Olson and still think it is a mistake to have killed him off. There was a scene when Desaad confronted Chloe with the 7 Deadly Sins and when she faced Lois in the form of Envy, what she says is what I thought early on back in season 3. Chloe gave up every thing that Lois has now, which is a great career at the Daily Planet and Clark Kent as her romantic partner. Back in season 2, Chloe gave up Clark as a romantic interest and put them forever in the friendship category because Chloe knew that she could never compete with Lana. Then when she got fired from the Daily Planet, she never returned to the world of journalism.

Anyways, the twist at the end of the episode is instead of branding Chloe with the Omega symbol, which I think Desaad wanted, Oliver gets branded instead.

Now about Fortune. I ran into Alessandro Juliani during one of my volunteer shifts at Bard on the Beach and I told him how much I loved him in Smallville and mentioned that I was currently watching season 10 and saw an episode of him in it. AJ told me to look out for Fortune as it was a fun but silly episode to watch. I told him that I had seen it and did enjoy it.

And I agree with AJ that Fortune, while not the best Smallville episode, is none the less fun and silly. Basically, it is The Hangover, Smallville-style with everyone getting drunk and hung over during Lois and Clark’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party and not remembering a thing the next day.

The silliness ranges from Tess and Emil singing Swank at the Ace of Clubs and becoming a viral sensation to Lois and Oliver (in a hideous green tuxedo) going to Fortune Casino to retrieve her lost engagement ring that results in both of them impersonating show girls.

I didn’t really enjoy the fact that Clark and Chloe thought that they had married each other while drunk. So I was relieved that they weren’t but that it was actually Chloe and Oliver that got married.

This episode pretty much set-up Chloe to leave again, perhaps permanently but she does return in the Finale.

What I liked about Fortune was what Lois said about what her engagement ring represented. That for her, it not only represents her and Clark’s love but the fact that she finally found someone that got her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. And I did love the Lois and Oliver friendship in this episode. They do make for better friends than a romantic pair. I loved how Lois said it was hard to be engaged to walking perfection while Oliver countered that it was hard to fight crime with walking perfection.

I liked how Clark was afraid that he chased Lois away again with his proposal but loved how Chloe reassures him that Lois knows that he is the one and shouldn’t doubt her feelings for him. And in the loft as Chloe and Clark say good-bye, Chloe mentions that Clark is in good hands now, which Clark agrees saying that he and Lois are good together. Earlier, Chloe tells Clark in all the years that she has known him, she has never seen him so happy. True that sister. Chloe should know this because she has seen the whole Clark-Lana drama and she sees how happy Lois makes Clark.

I liked how in Watchtower, just before the viewed the video of the bachelor/bachelorette party, that Lois and Clark had a heart-to-heart and Clark pretty much confessed that he would wait forever for Lois to be ready to marry him. And when they viewed the video, Clark declared Lois to be the love of his life. He never once said that about Lana. Sure Chloe said to Clark that Lana was the love of his life in season 4’s Blank but Clark himself never ever said that to either Lana or to others.

You know how I mentioned that I thought having the Lex clone was a clever way of bringing Lex back so when he ages to adulthood, Michael Rosenbaum will once again play him? Well that theory was shot to hell when we find out that Alexander is a partial genetic clone of Lex and Clark and Alexander turns into Connor (aka future Superboy) as we find out in Scion.

And Connor does something that I wished Clark did and that was having his heat vision activate because he was turned on and attracted to Lois. Which Connor does and Clark has to turn him away so he doesn’t hurt Lois. I did love how Clark introduced Lois as his fiancee to Connor.

When Clark asks Lois help in helping Connor deal with his powers, I loved how as soon as Clark says that the only thing that ever made him feel normal was Lois that made Lois change her mind and help Clark. Because before, Lois was reluctant to help Connor because she felt that he would turn on Clark or mis-use his powers.

When Clark said that Lois makes him feel normal, I just thought it was so sincere when he said that because all his life and to this day, he always feels like an outsider and a freak but with Lois in his life, he feels like a normal human being.

I did love the scenes where Clark teaches Connor how to use his powers just like Clark’s dad did with him in season 2’s Heat.

The one interesting thing about Scion is how I think it really shows that Tess is really one of the good guys and is no longer a villain. However, Earth-2 Lionel makes Tess seem ambiguous because she is a Luthor so her evil tendencies will win out in the end.

The one thing that bothered me about this episode is when Conner gets infected with red K and because of his attraction to Lois, he tries to rape her and then tries to kill her when Lois stays faithful and loyal to Clark and their love.

The scene were Clark and Connor have their fight, and when Clark says that he is coming home with him, is reminiscent of season 3’s Exile/Phoenix.

However, my all-time favourite part of Scion was at the end when Lois tells Clark that when they have kids of their own that he would make an amazing father. When I first saw this episode, my heart leaped when Lois said this. To me, it means that Lois wants a family with Clark and this is surprising considering that Lois is such a career-driven woman but I loved how she wants to have kids with him, even though we don’t know if they can. Clark’s kiss to Lois after she said he would make an amazing father was very sweet.

Speaking of fathers, Kent sees the return of Jonathan Kent but this time the Earth-2 version. This Jonathan Kent is a bitter and angry man pissed at the meteor shower for ruining his crops and Oliver Queen for buying his land and kicking him out of the farm. This resent led Earth-2 Martha to leave him, making him even more bitter.

What I liked about the Earth-2 scenes with Clark and Earth-2 Jonathan was seeing the latter begin to believe that this Clark isn’t the Luthor but who he says he is, his son. And I loved and had a tear in my eye that Earth-2 Jonathan called him son and looks like they were going to hug but Clark was sent back to his world thanks to Lois and Emil.

We get to see all of this because Clark Luthor activates the mirror box and sends Clark Kent back to Earth-2 and Luthor hopes permanently while he tries to take over Clark Kent’s life on Earth-1.

What I didn’t like about Kent is seeing Clark Luthor hit on Tess. Like I said earlier, I always believe that Clark and Lois were meant to be no matter what universe they come from, so seeing him have romantic feelings for Tess disgusts me but at least Tess didn’t reciprocate. If Clark Luthor managed to somehow take over Clark Kent’s life, I have a feeling that he would have married Lois to keep up the mirage but probably would have cheated on her with either Tess or any other woman.

But thankfully, when Clark Luthor did try and do that, Lois knew that he wasn’t her Clark. Sure at the beginning he was doing a pretty good job as Lois confided that she was afraid of losing the farm as their home meant they would lose each other and Luthor plays along but he slips up when he tosses the telescope that Lois had lovingly set-up for her Clark at their potential new Metropolis apartment. That was her hint that this guy in front of her wasn’t her guy. At least it took her 5 minutes to know and she wasn’t living with him and not know, again unlike Lana.

When Clark is back to his world, he and Lois have a great heart-to-heart. Clark actually shares Lois’ fears of losing the farm meant they would lose each other but Lois assures him that as long as they are together they wouldn’t lose each other. I loved how they both consider each other home and loved how Lois tells Clark that he is all she will ever need in her life. So both decide to sell the farm (because Martha gave them the deed to it as a wedding gift) and move to Metropolis. And those two together on the Kent porch together was so sweet.

Booster is really a great and fun episode. Made more so by the performance of Eric Marstolf as Booster Gold. He was note-perfect as the showboat hero that is from the future who has come to the 21st Century Metropolis to replace the Blur as the city’s hero.

Aside from Mastolf as Booster Gold, I enjoyed every Lois and Clark scene in this episode too (to no one’s surprise). I love how Lois is helping Clark become more mild-mannered while also teaching Jaime Reyes (Jaren Brandt Bartlett) how to be more confident.

I loved how Lois is the only one to calm Clark down as becomes increasingly jealous of Booster and I loved how Clark loves Lois’ continued support of him and his alter-ego the Blur. And I loved how he supported Lois as she went for the promotion at the Daily Planet.

But Booster does help Clark begin to accept himself as the public hero that he knows the world needs.

When I saw this episode, this totally could have been a back-door pilot for a Booster Gold spinoff where Booster has teamed up with Jaime so he can better be a hero known as the Blue Beetle. But alas that never happened although SyFy as commissioned a Booster TV show that I hope makes it to air as I would so watch that, especially if Marstolf reprises his role.

And Booster was a great final episode for Tom Welling to direct. And he did a marvelous job in how he shot the last scene of the episode. The way the lighting was and how he framed himself and Erica Durance was beautiful. What I loved about this scene was the fact that Clark wasn’t worried about what people would think about his new mild-mannered bumbling persona but what would people think about Lois. He wonders what people would think of the strong and extremely sexy Lois Lane wanting to be with, let alone marry, a bumbling nerd. Lois allayed his fears saying that they can make it work and implied she would enjoy making it work and proceeded to kiss him passionately.

Dominion marks the directorial debut of Justin Hartley and also we see the return of Zod (Callum Blue). To me this episode was just okay. It was too much 300 and Gladiator for my tastes and really felt more like a filler episode. The only thing of significance was that Oliver now knows that he has been marked by Darkseid.

Just like in Fortune, where Lois’ look in that episode, especially the scene at Watchtower, matches her look that she had in Crusade, we have the return of Clark’s bangs that hasn’t been seen since season 7.

One of the things that I liked about Dominion was the scene where Clark and Lois move into their apartment and their banter over her Whitesnake pillow. I loved how Clark said that his for better or for worse will include Lois’ love of hair metal to which Lois gives Clark a an annoyed look that she has given him countless times before but this time it was a more loving annoyed look. I did love that before hand, Lois said that loving everything about her should include the sentimental.

After that talk, Clark wants to use his super-speed to help them move in faster but Lois says that part of merging their lives together is taking the time to find the perfect spot for everything and then Clark keeps on adding to the romantic things he says to Lois by saying that they will take all the time that they need because his perfect spot is with Lois.

I have mentioned how Clark has changed throughout Smallville’s run but Lois has changed too. This is totally shown during Tess and Lois’ heart-to-heart. When Lois discovers that Tess is ordered by Clark to blow up the gateway to the Phantom Zone to protect Earth, Lois doesn’t want to give up on her man and takes extreme measures (i.e. pointing a gun at Tess) and said that being a hero’s wife means never giving up. Her love for Clark has changed her. In the past, she probably would have bailed when the going gets tough like she did with Oliver and Grant but not with Clark. She will move Heaven and Earth to see her man again.

Which leads us to the one scene in Dominion that stands out and it is such a small moment but after Clark comes back from the Phantom Zone and speeds back to his apartment that he shares with Lois, he finds out that he and Oliver have been gone for 3 weeks and not the few hours he thought he was gone. When he realizes that Lois waited all that time for him to come back to her, there was a look that he has that screamed that he just fell further in love with her.

I think during her entire speech about them being half of a whole and that if there was a mission that was to take away her better half then she wants all in and rather be by his side in the Phantom Zone than not knowing what is happening with him. And also, her not cancelling the wedding because that was the only that kept her believing he would come back to her just make Clark fall deeper and deeper in love with Lois. And Clark saying that nothing will prevent him from walking the aisle to her just further cements their relationship.

The DVD commentary to Dominion was quite insightful. I enjoyed hearing how Justin Hartley prepared Erica Durance to play the scene when Lois and Clark are reunited after three weeks apart. He told Erica that to cope, Lois started to unpack all of Clark’s things but then on this particularly night, she discovers that all of Clark’s boxes have been unpacked and he also mentions as Lois gets ready to go to Watchtower, she goes to put back her toothbrush, she passes by Clark’s. I thought that was a great visualization for Erica to play on. Also, another part of the commentary was that when Clark came back to Lois, thinking he was gone for only a few hours, his eyes betrayed that he missed Lois during that time. And Brian Peterson said that the entire end scene just shows the audience that Lois and Clark were meant to be.

I actually wrote a blog about my thoughts on Prophecy when it first aired, which you can find here.

I do want to add that I thought it was incredibly romantic of Clark wanting to take Lois to the Fortress to get Jor-el’s blessing for their life union. I could say that he never did that with Lana and he even proposed to Lana in the Fortress in an alternate timeline but at the time Clark knew nothing about that particular Krytonian tradition.

I loved how Lois was speeding around, after getting Clark’s powers for a day, that on one of her stops, she declared her love for Clark.

Also in Prophecy, Toyman mentioned that Lana sacrificed herself for Clark to protect him when she became walking kryptonite and when I first saw the episode my heart sank a little because it did seem like Clark was only with Lois because he couldn’t be with Lana. But upon re-watching the episode and knowledge of all the episodes before it, I think differently. First off, it didn’t seem to surprise Lois to hear this so it means that Clark probably told her why Lana really left but secondly, Lois was willing to do anything to protect Clark and sacrificed herself by putting on that diode to be Toyman’s puppet. Also, I don’t think Lana made any sacrifices. She was being selfish in leaving because she couldn’t be around Clark and not be with him. If she really wanted to be with Clark, her sacrifice would be finding a way to get rid of the suit or the kryptonite and therefore lose her super powers. But Lana felt it was more important for her to have powers than be with the man she supposedly loved.

And when Lois got Clark’s powers, she didn’t go crazy evil but instead used it to save people and also was still very much Lois. I loved how Clark taught her how to handle his powers, he did no such thing with Lana.

Also, Clark and Lois’ love for each other can overcome anything. We have in season 8’s Instinct, Clark overcoming Maxima’s endorphins because of his love for Lois and in season 9’s Warrior, he broke Zatanna’s spell also because of his love for Lois. It is Clark’s love that helped Lois break free ever so briefly of Toyman’s control.

When Clark confronts Toyman, I have to say that is the moment where Clark is the most Superman-like telling Toyman that no matter what he does or who he joins to get him, he will always be there to stop him.

At the end of Prophecy, Lois says that Clark is her greatest weakness and fears that she is Clark’s. But Clark says that she is his greatest strength and that it is destiny to marry her and create a future together. But Lois feels that as long as they are together, Clark’s enemies will use her to hurt him. And that being with her also means that she is taking away time where he could be saving people. And thus comes Lois breaking off their engagement.

Watching Finale Part One was the payoff to this six month journey of watching all Smallvillle episodes in order. I loved watching Clark Kent grow from shy and unsure teen to a confident man, which we see in Finale, Part Two. Read here for my thoughts on the Finale when it first aired.

I still love everything about the Finale Part One. I loved how at first Clark was trying to convince Lois to still marry him until he became unsure too thinking that perhaps Lois was right and that heroes aren’t meant to love.

I still love how it was Chloe giving Lois Clark’s very romantic wedding vows that convinced her to still marry Clark. It is interesting that the voice over of Clark reading his wedding vows didn’t match at all what was written and while his spoken vows were romantic, his written one is way more and here is what he wrote:

I, Clark Kent, choose you Lois Lane as my soul mate and companion. With you by side, I will be more than I could be ever alone.

Despite the strong and assertive woman the rest of the world sees, I’ve never known anyone with such gentle grace or who is so pure of heart. When I’ve been lost, you’re always there to show me the way back.

So today, at this moment, I pledge the rest of my life with you. You’ve always told me that you believe in me. I want you to know, I believe in you too. And when you believe in someone, it is not for a minute or just for now. It’s forever.

The part of his written vows that I love is the fact that he calls Lois his soul mate. That something that he never called Lana.

Then Finale Part One contains probably my all-time favourite scene in all of Smallville and that is the so-called door scene. The one where Clark is going to his and Lois’ apartment to let her know that she was right and the wedding is off only to be locked out of his apartment by Lois saying that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. I loved how the scene was shot with the camera rotating between them. I loved Lois’ romantic vows and loved the added touch of the editors marks.

In each of their vows, it really shows the depth of love they have for each other. You have Clark wanting Lois to be his companion forever and that with her by his side, he would never be alone. And that his belief in her is forever.

I loved how in Lois’ vows, she says that she can’t imagine spending a moment of her life without Clark. This echoes what Clark tells Sam that he doesn’t want a day to go by without Lois in it.

I loved how Lois calls Clark her best friend, her home and her true love and she is his forever. I loved how each touched the door and their hands were in the right place to each other and Clark said that he would see Lois at the church.

And the walk down the aisle was incredibly romantic all set to Sara Barielles Breathe Again was great. I loved how Lois, who looked incredibly beautiful in her wedding dress, thought at first that Clark changed his mind but when he grabbed her hand and smiled at her, his eyes saying “let’s do this thing” and arm in arm with smiles on their faces walked down the aisle.

Aside from being romantic, it is symbolic of their relationship. In Icarus, Clark tells Lois that they can handle everything as long as they are together and that side by side they are never alone so this walk down the aisle symbolizes that.

I also loved how Clark’s parents look on proudly at their son, knowing that he is marrying the right girl and the look that gave very much showed that they approve of his choice.

It is too bad that their ceremony was interrupted by Oliver under the influence of Darkseid. And I finally clued into how Chloe knew it was Gold K in that ring aside from the fact that the ring wasn’t the one that Oliver showed her initially. It was the fact that the ring glowed when it got near Clark which was the hint all series long when kryptonite affects Clark.

But you know it is odd how Oliver is Clark’s Best Man and he is standing by Clark’s side, watching him marry his ex-girlfriend that he claimed to be still in love with in season 9. And then we have Chloe who is the Matron of Honor standing with her cousin Lois and watching her marry the man that the she had unrequited feelings for years.

I loved how when Oliver threw Clark through a window, Lois immediately went to defend her man and when Oliver threw Lois, Clark saved her and carried her bridal style to safety.

And I did love the final scene of Finale Part One with Clark and his parents and their heart-to-heart. This show started with those two helping guide Clark and it is fitting that they are the ones to help see him off to his destiny as the world’s greatest hero to save Earth from Darkseid’s Apokolipse (that looks an awful lot like the Death Star on fire).

In Finale Part Two, we have probably one of the grossest scenes in all of Smallville and that is when Darkseid rips out Lionel’s heart to give to Lex. It was so gross and John Glover was extra creepy with Tess and looked like a hobo in a suit. One thing I will disagree with what Lionel said, he says that Clark needs no one. But that is a lie. He needs Lois because without her, we all know that he does spiral into darkness.

But Tess was truly great in this episode, she not only kicked ass but fatally shot Lionel, removed Lex’s memories of Clark’s secret and other stuff like his time in Smallville and marriage to Lana. Most importantly, she died a hero.

What I loved about Finale Part 2 is the scene where Lois and Clark are at the Daily Planet trying to figure out where Tess is and figure out that Lionel is the most like candidate and go looking for him at the Luthor mansion but just before he goes he wants to tell Lois that no matter what happens that he loves her. But he doesn’t get the chance because to Lois it was as if he was saying good bye to her and she won’t have any of that. Instead, Lois repeats Clark’s vows back to him in that she believes in him and tells him to go save the world. Their kiss does re-affirm their love and the looks like give you were silent I love you’s and then he is off.

And thanks goodness Michael Rosenbaum agreed to come back as Lex because you can’t have Superman without Lex. And he even tells Clark that in their only face-to-face in the episode. He tells Clark to go save the world so he can be the villain to his hero.

So Clark goes off to the barn to retrieve the crystal that will activate Jor-el again but is confronted by Darkseid in Lionel’s body. It is funny that Clark tells Darkseid that his father sent him to Earth to protect it but way back in season 2 and three, he thought he was sent here to rule it.

When Darkseid tosses Clark in the air, Clark’s mind is transported to the Fortress where we are treated to all the saves that Clark has made over the 10 seasons of Smallville. Clark realizes that every save he has made to help friends and family and strangers were his trials and not just theones that Jor-el has put him through.

This helps him unlock the power of flight and flies into Darkseid destroying him. I think Clark was able to destroy Darkseid because Oliver killed his three prophets. It is kind of like killing off Voldermort’s Horcruxes.

When he goes to the Fortress, Jor-el tells Clark how proud he is of him and that it is his soul that makes him proud and it is compassion that he learned from Jonathan and Martha Kent and his friends and his time in Smallville that makes him a hero. Then I started to get tears in my eyes when Jonathan Kent appears and gives Clark the Superman suit and tells him always hold on to Smallville. I think the same can be said for all Smallville fans.

Clark then takes to the skies puts on the suit and immediately saves Air Force One. Clark sees Lois on the plane and they give each other smiles that tell each other “I love you” and Lois knows that everything will be okay. Her smile indicates that she is so proud of her man.

Then Clark tosses Apokolipse to space and new hero is born: Superman.

We pull back to see a comic book form of Superman and Chloe reading the story to her son. I believe that this comic book was just created for Chloe to read to her child and not publicly available. Chloe and Oliver’s son is cute.

Anyways, seven years later we see that the Daily Planet now includes Perry White (Michael McKean in a uncredited voice cameo) and the real Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore again). It was great seeing Aaron play Jimmy again.

We find out in 2018 that Lex Luthor is president and that Clark and Lois are still trying to get married. And then comes another favourite scene of theirs and that is when Clark is bumbling about and I think totally on purpose bumps into Lois scattering her papers and his. When the bend down to pick up the papers, Clark apologizes profusely to which Lois said that he can drop the act as no one is looking. When Clark calls her Miss Lane, Lois is so turned on by this and it seems that his clumsy, bumbling act is some form of sexual foreplay between these two. Anyways, Lois asks Clark if he has their wedding rings, to which Clark shows her and does a Pretty Woman on Lois and closes the ring box before she can touch them. Lois asks Clark if he is ready to marry her and Clark says that he has been ready for seven years (someone pointed out that was the length of time that Lois has been on the show).

There is one thing that I hope that Season 11 of Smallville explains and that is why Lois and Clark aren’t married seven years in the future. I hope we have an issue that has them try and get married again but a villain foils their wedding. And by the way, I consider them married seven years later after Clark comes back from that emergency.

When Clark goes off, Lois has this huge proud smile on her face. Then we get the scene we have been waiting for. On the Daily Planet roof, Clark rips open his shirt to reveal the Superman costume and runs forward toward the camera and that is the end of Smallville. All of this was played out to John Williams’ iconic Superman score.

Yes, I do wish that we saw Tom Welling in the full Superman suit and not just the top when he rips open his shirt but that is a minor grumble to how the series ended. I started to cry realizing that was the end of my Smallville journey that began on December 22, 2011.

I really enjoyed watching all 218 episodes. Sure I hated all the ones where Lana was in, especially when Clark and Lana were a couple but most of all I loved watching the journey of Clark becoming Superman and watching Lois and Clark fall deeply in love with each other.

But there was one thing that I noticed while watching all the episodes of Smallville. What I noticed is that when Lois and Clark became a couple in season 9 and season 10, there were a lot of episodes of them together all throughout. What I mean by this is they are working together on a story or are being romantic with each other or just being a couple. If you take a look at the Lana and Clark episodes when they are together as a couple, they are rarely doing something joint together (except for maybe season 8’s Requiem) but they are always on their own separate story lines and sometimes what Lana does negatively impacts Clark. But with Lois and Clark, whey are together and even when they are apart in their separate story lines, their story lines actually positively impact each other. For example, in Booster, we have Lois and Clark doing separate things but what Lois does is help Clark and his alter ego. The same is seen in Dominion with Lois not wanting to accept defeat and in Prophecy with Lois allowing Toyman to control her to protect Clark. Even in the Finale, Lois begged for the US Military to give her hero a chance to save them before they nuke Apokolipse.

And having seen many incarnations of Superman from the films and various TV series and cartoons, I have to say that Tom Welling and Erica Durance are by far the best Clark Kent and Lois Lane I have ever seen. I have mentioned numerous times their chemistry but that is what makes them work. They both get their characters and have made their Lois and Clark relatable.

I loved Smallville’s use of music for their relationship too. All of the songs used reflect their relationship at the time.

My favourite episodes of Smallville are: Rosetta, Crusade, Krypto, Bloodline, every single Lois and Clark episode of season nine, Homecoming, Harvest, Ambush, Icarus, Booster and Finale.

Also, I have to say that listening to the episode commentaries has given me deeper insights to all the episodes.

It’s been over a year since Smallville ended and I still miss it but at least I have Smallville Season 11. Expect to see “episode” reviews once each episode has been completed.

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  1. I just find out your reviews about Smallville and loved it! Especially because you’re Clois!!!

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