Smallville episode review: Prophecy

Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Smallville’s Lois Lane (Erica Durance) and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) this season has gone through quite the evolution as a couple that in most other series their evolution would last the entire series’ run.

When Lois first arrived on the Smallville canvas in season 4 they weren’t put together romantically at all until season 8 but really in season 9.

Towards the end of season 9 they broke up. So as season 10 started, they were exes who clearly were still in love with each other but still remained friends.

When we reached the end of Smallville’s great 200th episode “Homecoming” they declared their love and we assumed re-started their relationship. It is only in “Harvest” where they refer themselves as boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time in the series and by episode end they become lovers.

By mid-season finale they no longer are boyfriend/girlfriend but engaged and remain engaged all the way to last night’s episode “Prophecy.”

The episode opens up the day before Clois’ (Clark and Lois portmanteau) wedding. Clark wants to take Lois to the Fortress of Solitude to get Jor-el’s blessing for their life bond.

Of course this being Smallville, getting his blessing isn’t easy and to give Lois a taste as to what it means to be Clark Kent, bestows her his powers for the day and making him human.

At first she enjoyed having his powers to help her get things accomplished and making some super saves of her own but in a pretty great scene where Clark helps Lois use super hearing does Lois’ truly get a taste of what it is like to be hero Clark.

Before I continue, I am not going to be talking about the B storyline that involves Oliver and Kara/Supergirl. The only thing I will say that it sucks that Ollie is a minion of Darkseid and that can only mean disaster.

Okay, back to Clois. Eventually, Super Lois comes under the control of Toyman because she wants to protect Clark from being harmed. Instead, the villain sends in Super Lois to kill Clark. In what I thought was a sweet scene, it was Clark’s declaration of love to Lois that broke Toyman’s hold over her briefly but was enough to have Clark’s powers returned to him.

It was having his powers for a day that gave us the heartbreak of this episode and I think’s Jeff Jensen said it pretty great in his Prophecy recap that I am going to paste part of it here:

By episode’s end, Lois decided it was too much to take on. Not being Superman – being married to Superman. Her lesson in empathy – which involved subverting a plot hatched by Toyman and his proverbial Legion of Doom (John Corben! Roulette! Dark Archer! Solomon Grundy! Captain Cold! Black freakin’ Manta!) to take over the city by using star-shaped mind-control devices (which is to say: STARRO!) — taught her two things: 1. As the person Superman loved most and more than anything, even being Superman, Lois was also Superman’s biggest weakness. Want to stop the Man of Steel? Threaten to kill his wife. 2. With so many people in the world crying out in pain – crying out for Superman’s help – Lois would be a proverbial super-villain herself if she demanded that her husband choose her over them. “You are my greatest weakness,” she told Clark, “and I am afraid I’ll be yours.” Clark told her she was wrong. “You are my greatest strength,” he said. Which was the truth. But Lois wasn’t hearing any of it. And with that, she executed another kind of leave-and-cleave and broke their engagement.

So we go into the series finale with them broken up. Now, I am about 75% sure they will get married but there is that 25% I am not sure. Tom Welling was on Jimmy Fallon the other night and brought a clip from the finale. In it, Lois said that she was in Clark’s way but with Clark reiterating that Lois his is future and she isn’t in his way but by his side and that if she wants to cancel the wedding then she will have to leave him at the altar.

Lois and Clark getting married?

Of course there are all the photos of their wedding that the CW released earlier this week that leads you to believe that Clark is able to win his lady love back to marry her. I hope that is true but would be pissed if isn’t. Executive producer Kelly Sounders said that the walk down the aisle will be a long one but that fans will be happy to how it ends.

There was an interview that Welling did with the NYC CW affiliate where he teased that the Lois and Clark relationship ends with them paying tribute to how they are in the Superman films. I hope not, in the films Lois doesn’t acknowledge Clark at all while he is in love with her. I think if you look at the Clois banter in the cartoons, they already have that banter in Smallville so I really do hope that they have that banter as more of a cover to the public but in private they are very much in love and together.

For me, I waited 10 years for Clark to marry Lois. I know that Lois wasn’t on the show for that long but to me, as a fan, having Clois together as man and wife would make me very happy. I hate a series finale that ends where a couple that I love don’t get back together but there is the promise of them getting back together (I am looking at you Everwood’s Bright and Hannah).

Sure we all want Clark in the Superman suit and flying, I want that too but the romantic in me really wants Lois and Clark married and that would make me very happy.

If the wedding that we see from these photos are a dream sequence I would be pissed. Seriously pissed. And I think if they are broken up by series end but with the promise of them getting back together then the producers will have defied everything they established in season 10.

My only hope that they do end up together either married or as an unmarried romantic couple is evidenced in the “Homecoming” episode, set in 2017, where Lois and Clark are obviously together romantically yet don’t wear wedding rings. In a dream sequence from the season 9 finale, which is set in 2013, Lois wears a wedding ring and it is assumed she is married to Clark. Al Septien tweeted that in 2017, Clois are married. And since Al Septien co-wrote part one of “Finale” it gives me hope that they are married.

Also throughout season 10 and referenced in season 9 that Clark and Lois were meant to be in each other’s lives. That they are supposed to be together, that being together helps Clark ease the burden of being a hero. If they aren’t together by the end of the series finale then it is a massive continuity error. Why constantly shove the concept that they are meant to be together in our faces throughout the series’ run and then have Tom Welling say in an interview that Clark is destined to be alone and that is a hero’s burden. Here’s hoping that it is misdirection.

I can’t wait to see the series finale on May 13 and that every fan will get what they want by episode end.

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  1. I think Superman is a symbol of so many more things than any other superhero has embodied. He’s going to need the embodiment of all of these special god like qualities to defeat so many enemies in this season now that Braniac is back too. He seems to be his most insidious foe yet. I have to admit that I have been busy for the last 9 months enough that I wasn’t able to keep up with some of my favorite shows. My absolute favorite being Smallville I figured it was better to wait until I could watch them successively because there are long periods of time I can’t watch. Well I finally started watching them and I can’t stop.

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