Fan Expo Vancouver 2018: Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong

During Benedict Wong’s Fan Expo Vancouver 2018 panel, he seems that he let slip that Doctor Strange 2 would start filming at the end of the year when answering a question on Wong’s fate at the end of Avengers: Infinity Wars. 

While Wong was coy in answering, he mentioned that he was in Atlanta recently to film scenes for the sequel and then let slip the news about the sequel to Doctor Strange.

On playing Wong, he said “I did not see many Asian super heroes I could look up to growing up but [with Wong] we have one to look up to.”

With Asian Representation becoming so important on film and TV these days, Wong did say seeing Bruce Lee as a child meant a lot to him and saw him as a superhero.

“If you walk around the planet, we are only one race, the human race, and we are all the same but in show business, [Asians] are put in a box like as a waiter or a gangster,” said Wong.

He added that after playing 6 gangsters in a row one year and was offered a 7th, Wong was all gangster out and it started to irk him the types of roles he was being offered. But with that door closed, other started to open and now Wong wants to be doing his own thing and added he is open to being in the Crazy Rich Asian sequel.  said he would be open to be in the Crazy Rich Asian sequel.

Wong mentioned that has been invited to be a member of the Academy and when he gets a chance he hopes to see more stories about the Asian community and thinks it would be great to highlight the foreign film category and their stories.

Wong also talked about his upcoming SyFy show Deadly Class from the Russo Brothers and based on the graphic novel. Wong called it “Harry Potter for murderers” and calls it pretty hardcore. Wong plays mentor, Master Lin.

As for upcoming projects, Wong said after 6 sci-fi projects in a row, he was looking for something different. So up next is a role in Armando Iannucci’s adaption of David Copperfield, the voice of the bulldog in the upcoming live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp and a part in Ang Lee’s Gemini Man that co-stars Will Smith.


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