Fan Expo Vancouver 2018: Katee Sackhoff

As the lead for Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi show Another Life, Katee Sackhoff plays Commander Niko Breckinbridge, who leads a young crew and to investigate an artifact that landed on Earth that is transmitting a signal into space. Sackhoff’s co-stars include Justin Chatwin, who plays her scientist husband back on Earth as well as Selma Blair. Sackhoff added that she finds it a challenge playing the commander and to find her authoritative voice and being that physically capable, something she isn’t in real life.

Sackhoff had a bit of a laugh over leading a young crew as not that long ago she was part of the young crew on Battlestar Galactica, the show that made her a Sci-Fi icon. Sackhoff shared with fans at her Fan Expo Vancouver pane that she received the script of BSG when she was 21 but the role called for someone in their 30s. Sackhoff said the script for the mini-series was the best she ever read and loved that she got to shoot guns. “It would be the closest I would ever be at being Sigourney Weaver,” she told the crowd.

Sackhoff recalled audition six times for the role and even cut her hair short but was told that she was too girly for the part and it didn’t help each time she auditioned, she did it in heels.

There was a tight bond that Sackhoff shared with her BSG family and mentioned how co-star Edward James Olmos helped her be a better actor and said that the show “taught me how to act”. Sackhoff shares a close friendship with Tricia Helfer, who played Six and said the two bonded after producers nixed them performing a dangerous stunt.

She added that Michael Trucco brought out a softer side in Kara and that she loved her scenes with Tahmoh Penikett as they could just be bros together. And while Grace Park and Sackhoff was both up for Starbuck, she was glad she ended up being Boomer as she ended doing great stuff.

Sackhoff thinks she is more like Vic, the character she played on Longmire in real life and was surprised the show was saved by Netflix. “I was looking for another job when Longmire got canceled and I was about to go for another part when I heard about it being saved.”

She even shared a how recently she was with Helfer and Lucifer’s Lesley Ann Brandt who was lamenting how it never happens that Netflix saves a show. Of course, this was after Brandt’s Lucifer got canceled then picked up by Netflix and Sackhoff couldn’t help mentioning on Longmire was saved.

We here at Pop Goes the World asked her what was her inspiration behind that accent of Amunet Black, the supervillain character she played on The Flash. 

“After Longmire, I knew I was [doing Another Life] so I was looking for something fun and The Flash called and asked if I would want to do. At first I wasn’t interested and didn’t know if want to do it. But then I asked if we could make her British and they said why and then said where from? I said from everywhere and it would be an over the top Mary Poppins,” Sackhoff shared.

She added when she arrived on set and did the accent, the director asked if she was going to that accent and at first she had a moment of self-doubt and second guessed doing the accent. However, Sackhoff stood her ground and said yes she was. “[Amunet] was the fun role I’ve ever had because she is insane,” she said. “I am glad she didn’t die and I hope I can come back and do my Mary Poppins on crack accent again.”

Sackhoff shared that the boots that Amunet wears helps her do the accent and that the boots were acquired at a S&M shop here in Vancouver.

On being Bo-Katan on Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, Sackhoff loved voicing the first female Mandalorian and thinks she is ballsy. Sackhoff would love to reprise the role in Jon Favereau’s live action show The Mandalorian.

As the panel closed, Sackhoff is grateful for the fans. “Fans are why I have a job.”

Another Life is expected to drop Summer 2019 but you can add it your list now.

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