Smallville Finale soars to a satisfactory end

Superman flies

Last week, I wrote that I wanted to see the following in the Smallville series finale: Clark flying, him in the iconic Superman suit and Lois and Clark (Erica Durance and Tom Welling) married.

I got all three so to speak (I will get to that later). While we got a Clois wedding

Lois and Clark getting married

, which was so beautiful, they didn’t actually get married thanks to Oliver (Justin Hartley) and his darkness disrupting the wedding by trying to give Clark a gold kryptonite wedding ring that would rob him of his powers permanently as Darkseid’s planet Apokolips comes crashing to Earth.

Before the wedding actually, in one of my favourite scenes in all of Smallville is what is now being referred to as the door scene. In the last episode, Lois called off the wedding because she felt that she was holding Clark back from being the hero he was meant to be and Clark trying to convince her otherwise and there was a moment where Clark believed that perhaps he was meant to be alone and that heroes aren’t supposed to love.

Thank goodness for Chloe (Allison Mack) who gives Lois Clark’s wedding vows to read to convince her to marry the Man of Steel. Clark’s vows were amazing and romantic and made Lois realize that she was being an idiot, so the wedding was back on.

Because Clark was starting to believe that perhaps Lois was right, went back to their Metropolis apartment to tell her but only to have Lois say it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Lois then gives Clark her vows, which was equally romantic, that convinced him to marry his one true love.

The walk down the aisle was romantic too but then as I mentioned above, Oliver ruins the wedding ceremony but in their fight, Clark manages the vanquish the darkness out of him.

Meantime, Tess (Cassidy Freeman) figures out that Apokolips is coming and tries to warn our heroes but is kidnapped by Lionel Luthor (John Glover) who wants her heart to help complete the resurrection of Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). She escapes and fatally shoots her papa who then surrenders his soul to Darkseid so that Lex can be re-born again.

As the end of the world nears, Clark sees a vision of his father (John Schneider) who tells him that he should never let go of his past as it helped shape who he is now and that he should let his Kryptonian father, Jor-el guide him. Martha (Annette O’Toole) enters the barn and recounts how Clark came into their lives.

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark comes and with Lois’ help figures out what happened to Tess as they hoped she can help. As he leaves to find her, Lois and Clark re-affirm their love and kiss before he goes off. Meanwhile, our

Lois and Clark re-affirm their love

intrepid reported sneaks off to Air Force One to warn the President not to nuke the planet as it would destroy a third of the Earth’s population but they already knew this. Lois manages to convince them to give her 5 minutes so the Blur can rescue them.

When Clark arrives to the Luthor mansion, he encounters Lex and their old rivalry returns. Afterwards, Lex meets face to face with his sister Tess and fatally stabs her but not before Tess administers a neurotoxin that erases all of Lex’s memories up until that point.

After that Clark returns to the Kent barn on confronts Darkseid who has now inhabited Lionel’s body and as Darkseid punches Clark away, Jor-el takes his mind away and we go through several clips through Smallville’s ten seasons of Clark being the hero. Once we return to the real world, Clark is now floating and he flies into Darkseid thus defeating him.

Clark then races to the Fortress of Solitude where Jor-el tells him how proud he is of him and that he should always remember his time in Smallville and the values that Jonathan and Martha Kent gave him. Jonathan then appears to give Clark the Superman suit, which then Clark puts on while takes to the skies to stop Apokolips.

Before that he saves Air Force One from crashing and in another sweet scene, Lois and Clark see each other and Lois knows that everything will be ok. So in the end Superman saves the day and the world has a new hero to believe in.

Chloe reading the Smallville comic book

The show started with a flash forward seven years into the future with Chloe is seen reading a Smallville comic book to what I believe is her and Oliver’s son but this is never confirmed but we can infer since we see bows and arrows in the kid’s room. The show ends with Chloe finishing off the comic and referring to Clark as Superman.

She then receives a call from Lois and Chloe asks if she got her something blue to which she confirms. Meanwhile, Lois is trying to see Perry White (Michael McKean) but is stopped by the real Jimmy Olson (Aaron Ashmore) saying it is a bad idea. Lois tells Jimmy that he has big shoes to fill from his brother and asks him to get a better photo of Superman.

Later, Clark bumbles into Lois and apologized profusely but Lois stops him and tells

Lois and Clark in the year 2018

him he can stop acting as no one is paying attention to them. From this scene, you can tell that they are still together romantically but hide from their co-workers and Lois then asks Clark if he has their wedding rings to which he shows them to her and she asks if he is ready. Clark responds that he has been ready for seven years. But before they can get married, Superman/Clark has to stop a bomb and tells Lois that he will be a few minutes late. Lois tells him to go and that she will be waiting. Clark then takes the roof, rips open his shirt to reveal the Superman suit as John Williams’ classic Superman score plays.

I do believe that his is the best series finale that I’ve seen and one of the best Smallville episodes ever. While Clois aren’t technically married, they are together romantically and we can infer that after Clark stops the bomb, he will marry Lois so in that sense I consider them married.

The stuff with Clark and Lex and Lex and Tess were great and Cassidy Freeman did such a great job in this episode, it was great that Tess died a hero and not a villain. And great that Aaron Ashmore played Jimmy Olson.

I do wish Chloe had more to do in this episode and thought it was too quick and easy how the darkness was vanquished from Oliver and how Oliver quickly dispathed Godfrey, Desaad and Granny.

What I loved most about this finale was the moments with Clois first and foremost. Tom Welling and Erica Durance have the most amazing chemistry that crackled and sparked right up until the end of the series. The moments with Clark and his parents were emotional too and I loved Clois’ wedding until it got disrupted.

Now, I haven’t see every single episode of Smallville, I think I’ve only see a total of like 50 episodes. I’ve seen all of Season 8 and Season 10 and some episodes of Season 9 but I intend to get the complete series on DVD so I can catch up on a show that ended on such a strong note. Although, I plan on only watching the episodes that Lois is in as I really want to truly see how Lois and Clark went from can’t standing each other to reluctant friends to actual friends to lovers to now husband and wife.

Farewell, Smallville. Thanks for a great 10 year run.

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