Saving Hope Episode Two Review – Contact

In the second week of Saving Hope, we see two additions to the cast and that is the great Wendy Crewson as the interim Chief of Surgery, Dr. Dana Kinney and Ben Ayers as Dr. Zach Miller.

I mention the latter because he was in the first three episodes of The Vampire Diaries as the high school’s football coach but also he was in seven episodes of Smallville as one of Lex Luthor’s henchmen in season 6 but I don’t think he ever shared any screen time with Erica Durance.

Contact also featured some familiar faces from Canadian TV like Pat Mastroriani who played Joey Jeremiah on Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.

The one thing that I noticed that had change is there as less use of the annoying light flares. While it is still there, it is not used as often it was in the pilot. And I have to commend the scenic designers of Saving Hope on the set. It looks like a real hospital and they have seamlessly recreated the real hospital that the filmed the pilot in.

But also with the Pilot, the medical cases are pretty standard from the couple that refuse surgery on the wife on religious grounds to the young boy who they aren’t able to diagnosis until it is almost too late.

This young boy was called Cal (Jake Goodman) and every time Alex said Cal, I so wanted her to just add El to it so she would be calling him Kal-El but that of course is the Smallville/Lois Lane fan in me.

This young boy goes in and out of consciousness and when he is out, he sees Charlie who asks Cal to give a message to Alex that he is here and that he loves her.

Then we get the inevitable hospital hook-up with Dr. Lin and Dr. Goren that she claims is just a fling but admitting to Dr. Gavin that she has a crush on him will only turn to heartache on her behalf.

Then we have Charlie’s ex-wife, Dawn, visiting. She is played by Michelle Nolden, who played Henry’s mother in The Time Traveler’s Wife. Dawn is giving Alex advice on doing coma arousal therapy that Alex shoots down because all of it is unproven.

The kept on showing in CTV promos of this episode that Alex does try one of Dawn’s suggested methods but it didn’t appear and it looks like it will appear in the next episode according to NBC.

I know this is a supernatural medical drama but the show does need more humour in it. Michael Shanks does offer humorous moments while he wanders the halls and “interacting” with the people at the hospital but there needs to be more.

Again, the real draw of Saving Hope is once again Erica Durance. She again shines in this episode as the confident doctor but also the unsure fiancée.

When Cal comes out of surgery and drew a picture of Charlie, this gave some hope to her that Charlie is out there.

I do hope in future episodes there are more flashbacks of Charlie and Alex’s relationship and the one about their first “I love you’s” was sweet. But hearing the “I love you too” being uttered by Erica Durance to Michael Shanks is still hard for me because I recently saw the Smallville episode, Homecoming, where Lois and Clark said their first “I love you’s” to each other. As I continue to watch Saving Hope and distance myself from Smallville, I will start to see Erica as Alex and no longer as Lois Lane but her having the pony tail is so the look of Lois so it is going to take some time.

Looking forward to next week as we had Charlie moving his hand at episode’s end.

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