Saving Hope premiere review

It is no secret that I love Smallville and pretty much everyone in it (except for Lana Lang). In particular, I love Erica Durance and her portrayal of Lois Lane remains my favourite interpretation of the role. So when Smallville left the airwaves on May 13, 2011, I missed everyone on it (except for Lana Lang) so when the actors started popping up on other shows I took an interest in seeing them. First up was Cassidy Freeman in an episode of CSI: NY and an episode of Playboy Club then an arc on The Vampire Diaries and now a new regular gig on A&E’s Longmire. Then Justin Hartley was in an episode of Chuck, Castle and Hart of Dixie. The first two he barely had screen time but the latter he was integral part of the episode. Justin will appear again this fall on the CW’s Emily Owens, MD.

The two people that I missed the most from my TV screens is of course Tom Welling and Erica Durance. Alas, Tom has disappeared but I can’t blame him, the man needs some rest after spending 10 years playing Clark Kent/Superman. But Erica has kept busy. Guest starring on her former Smallville’s bosses Charlie’s Angels re-boot and guest starred as Wonder Woman on Harry’s Law. It should be interesting to note that her two guest appearances were those two shows highest rated episodes.

So knowing that, it gives me hope (no pun intended) that Erica’s new show Saving Hope will be a success.

The show stars Durance as Dr. Alex Reid who is dealing with her fiancee, Charlie Harris (Smallville’s Hawkman Michael Shanks), that is in a coma that is as a result of being in a car accident on the way to their wedding. Charlie is also the hospital’s Chief of Surgery, and while his physical body is in a coma, his spirit roams the halls caught between the real world and the spirit world.

One of the things that I find tough about watching Saving Hope is seeing Erica Durance in love scenes that aren’t with Tom Welling but I understand that she is an actress and this is a different role and she is not Lois Lane cheating on Clark Kent with Hawkman.

Actually, in fact it is the love story between Durance’s Alex and Shanks’ Charlie that is quite sweet and the heart of the show. It is one of the things that I really like about the show as Durance and Shanks have pretty good chemistry together.

The show itself features typical medical cases such as the young pregnant woman who didn’t know she was pregnant that we have seen before in other medical shows. And the staff at Hope-Zion are people that we have seen before from the unsure Dr. Lin (Julia Taylor Ross) to the cocky Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies), who happens to be Alex’s ex. Of course there is the typical hospital romances that we’ve seen other medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy. The pilot seems to hint at something something between Dr. Lin and Dr. Murphy (Kristopher Turner).

What I didn’t like about the show is the use of light flares in most scenes. It actually gave me a headache.

Despite that, what will keep me coming back to Saving Hope aren’t the medical cases or the hospital romances, it is Erica Durance. What I like about the show is Durance’s Alex. She is a very competent and self-assured doctor but her world comes crumbling down when Charlie slips into a coma and all she has left is her job. Durance does a great job trying to balance her work face with her personal heartbreak.

As I was watching the first episode, my admiration for Durance kept on growing. I loved everything about her performance in the pilot. She was great and believable as a surgeon (I enjoy watching her play doctor) and great in her fun and flirty moments with Charlie before his accident. And you see her sadness in wondering what to do as she lies in comatose Charlie’s bed.

Alex Reid is definitely very different from Lois Lane. What I miss most in Alex is seeing Lois’ sense of humour and I am hoping that we get to see some humour and funny lines being uttered by Alex.

I will continue to watch Saving Hope because I am a huge fan of Erica Durance and I want to see if Charlie will wake up and reunite with his true love. The romantic in me wants a happy ending and I hope this show has a long run.

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