The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 4 “Pastry Week” Recap

It is the quarterfinals and who among the five bakers left will move on to the semi-finals. If I had to make a prediction. I think Tanner is going home in Pastry Week. Let’s find out if I am right. 

Signature Bake

The Bake: Strudel – sweet or savoury – at least 12″ in length

The Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

What I would bake: I think I would go savoury for this. My dad has a star anise chicken stew that I think I would do with the strudel. I just have to be sure the stew isn’t so saucy or soupy. If I need to serve something with it then maybe a small bowl of jasmine rice.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

I like everyone of the bakers’ strudels. They all sound interesting and would love to try them all. 

Sheldon: Sticky Rice (and Black Sesame) and Pork Strudel served with spicy peanuts. Kyla liked the sheen on the pastry. Bruno liked the roll. Kyla liked the flavour of the pork fat but wanted the spicy peanuts was in the strudel and would make the rice pop. 

Tanner: Wild Rice and Mushroom Strudel with a mornay sauce. Kyla noticed the edges of the pastry and it looked like it shrunk but was flaky. Bruno liked the filling and Kyla liked the rice and mushrooms. 

Maggie: Caramel Pear Strudel with caramel sauce. Kyla called it warm and inviting. Bruno called the pear flavour bright. Kyla and Bruno noted the pastry was under baked.

Raufikat: Chicken Pot Pie Strudel with a side of tomatoes. Ky;a wanted more crispiness to the pastry and Bruno said it was not rolled tight enough. Kyla liked the heat of the filling.

Mahathi: Palak Paneer Strudel. Bruno thinks the dough could have been stretched thinner. Kyla called the paneer sublime. 

Technical Bake

I decided not to make anything this past week. My house (in particular my kitchen) were a mess and I needed to catch-up on my cleaning. 

The Bake: Bakewell Tart

The Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

How I would have fared: I’ve seen enough episodes of The Great British Baking Show to know what a bakewell tart is and what it looks like. I think I would do pretty decent at this as I recently made my first frangipane earlier this month for my brother’s birthday. I am still taking a break from baking so I won’t be attempting to make this before next week’s episode. But I do see myself making this in the future. 

How the bakers did:

5. Maggie

4. Sheldon

3. Mahathi

2. Tanner

  1. Raufikat


At this point of the show, it looks like Maggie might be in trouble so my premature prediction of Tanner being sent home might not come true. 

The Bake: Vegetable tart. Need to see at three different colourful vegetables

The Time: Two hours and 30 minutes

What I would bake: The vegetables I would use are tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini (yellow and green). The filling would be this artichoke and goat cheese risotto. I am not a creative person so design will be TBD. 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:  

Sheldon: Malaysian Sunset Vegetable Tart with watermelon radish and beet with a satay peanut filling. Bruno liked the pattern of colours and the tart was evenly baked. Bruno thought the middle part of the tart was mushy and both were shocked that he microwaved the vegetables. 

Tanner: “Wise Owl” Vegetable Tart with zucchini, yellow pepper and squash risotto filling. Kyla says Tanner has given them a wow moment. Bruno said he nailed the risotto and used the sage smartly. 

Maggie: Root Vegetable Tart with purple carrot and sweet potato swirls and cheese and onion filling. Kyla wanted less root vegetables but liked the flakiness of the pastry and delivered on flavour. 

Raufikat: “Favourite Veggie” Vegetable Tart with red peppers, sweet potato and kale. Kyla liked the height of the pepper but wished she blistered the peppers. Kyla noted the pastry was not evenly baked. Bruno said the Cameroon pepper saved the pie.

Pastry Week Star Baker

Mahathi: Coconut Curry Vegetable Tart made with eggplant and okra. Kyla noted Mahathi trouble with her pastry but it was evenly baked. Bruno calls the flavour spot on. 

Up for Star Baker: Tanner and Raufikat

In danger of going home: Mahathi, Sheldon and Maggie

Star Baker: Tanner

Going Home: Sheldon

We say goodbye to Sheldon

Quick Thoughts: This season keeps on surprising me. I said at the top that Tanner was going home but then in the middle I said it would be Maggie. But after the showstopper and how he did during the rest of Pastry Week that it would be Sheldon going home. I knew it would be a hard road for him week after week as he clearly struggled in bringing his vision together. I am sad to see my Vancouver guy go. I have no clue who is going to the finals as this season has been so unpredictable. 

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