Burden of Truth Series Finale “Standing by Peaceful Waters” Recap

Yes, you read that right. It is the series finale of Burden of Truth. Series star Kristen Kreuk made the announcement on Twitter.

Since it is the series finale, I will save the fate of Joanna and Billy at the end and start with the citizens of Millwood starting with Taylor.

Taylor is on patrol and stops a driver that is driving erratically. When Taylor approaches the car and its driver, it is her dad. Once at the police station, Taylor tells her dad that his blood alcohol level was well over the limit. It looks like Mr. Matheson is seeking forgiveness from his daughter that she isn’t willing to give. Making things worse is Taylor learns her dad has a job running a steel mill in another town. Also, Taylor is mad that her dad just got a slap on the wrist. Taylor and Owen talk and she wonders if she will ever be happy again. Owen assures that these things take time and that one thing for sure is she is good at her job. As I was watching this scene, I can’t help and admire how much Taylor has grown as a character from season 1.

Speaking of Owen, he seems to have made a mess of his relationship with Kip. Kip is offended at the adoption offer by Owen and Diane and has left their home. Diane gives Owen some tips on how to talk to kids (i.e. be real with them) and soon enough his relationship with Kip is mended. It is mended by Owen presenting Kip with emancipation papers (prepared by Luna) that would make the 17 year-old immediately an adult. Kip signs and Owen and Diane offer him a place to stay on some conditions. One such condition is that Kip has to enrol in Millwood High and go into school with Diane every morning.

Meanwhile, Luna manages to get a settlement for Dee by going after Tillman, the mine’s owner. Dee identifies Tillman was someone who was involved in or should have knowledge of the sex trafficking that was going on. Tillman agrees to a settlement but only if no one ever talks about it. Dee turns the settlement down because she doesn’t want to forget about and people need to know. Dee leaves Taylor’s to stay with her cousin. However, I don’t think the case is truly dead. Nevin Page encourages Luna to continue with pursuing the mine company and still offers her a job at his law firm. After a ceremony calling on the ancestors for advice leads Luna to eventually accepting the offer. Also, Luna and Stevie get back together with Luna promising that Stevie will be tied for first in terms of her priorities. In a montage, we see that Stevie has joined Crawford Chang.

Now onto Billy and Joanna. The episode opens were we left off with Joanna offering to give up her license. Billy is a bit miffed that Joanna did consult him with this major life decision. Joanna seems to be at peace with this decision as she can concentrate on other things.

Joanna uses the 24 hours she has left in helping Luna with Dee’s case and after that gets resolved, she receives a phone call that Helen is awake from her coma. While at the hospital, Joanna wonders if she is a good person and Billy assures her that she is and convinces her to fight for her law career as he needs the Chang in Crawford Chang to help with a new client. This new client is the mine workers union that Billy is now their legal council. Billy managed to convince them union president to hire him because of the sex trafficking case (basically hire him and they can write in the contract that any miners associated with that can be fired).

At Joanna’s disciplinary hearing, there is a lot arguments on whether or not Joanna is a good person while Billy counters that Joanna was just trying to please her dad. Joanna testifies on her behalf that she believes what makes a good person is that they are trying to be. The disciplinary board finds that Joanna did not act in good faith of the law when it came to signing the opinion letter but feels the good she has been doing over the last 4 years outweighs that and suspends her law license for one year.

Back at home, Joanna gives Billy a beautiful watch and then tearfully confesses that Billy has made her a good person and how he always has her back. Joanna promises to always have Billy’s back and wants it to be them forever. Billy realizes that Joanna is proposing – correction – counter proposing and he says that he thinks Joanna is a good person and that their daughter would be proud to look up to her. Billy accepts the counter proposal and Joanna asks for his mom’s ring.

The episode end’s with Billy writing up a legal brief with Joanna looking over his shoulder holding baby Cassidy (yes, they finally settled on a name and we are back to the name we had in episode 1 – “he was just doing his job” says Joanna). Billy tells Joanna not to offer any advice since her license his suspended. After offering one piece of advice that proves helpful to Billy, Joanna promises no more and walks away to put Cassidy to sleep.

So ends Burden of Truth’s four seasons.

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