The Great Canadian Baking Show “Bread Week” Recap

Last week, two front-runners emerged after Cake Week: Oyaks (last week’s Star Baker) and Raufikat. Will their hot streak continue in Bread Week?

This week is Bread Week and I always start my Bread Week blog saying that bread is my Everest but since the pandemic, I’ve been making more and more bread (and not in a bread maker) that I feel more and more comfortable making it.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Tarte Tropezienne (a brioche bread cream sandwich)

The Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

What I would bake: This is a recipe that is in Claire Saffitz’s Dessert Person. I am probably eventually going to make it. I think I might make mines with a mocha pastry cream and make the brioche a chocolate brioche. Topped with chocolate covered espresso beans

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:   

Of all the Tarte Tropeziennes the bakers have made, I want to try Maggie’s, Tanner’s and Mahathi

Sheldon: B.C. Summer Tropezienne with blueberry compote and Tangzhong brioche. Bruno calls it delicious and Kyla  said his reinvention paid off

Tanner: Caramel Macchiatto with an espresso creme diplomat. Bruno says the dough has proofed properly and Kyla said that the Tropezienne was inviting

Anjali: Grass is Greener Tropezienne with basil pastry cream. Bruno says the green isn’t right and Kyla said it looked soapy but tasted better than it looks.

Dominike: Sunny Days Tropezienne with creme mousseline. Kyla wanted chocolate curls but said it feels light.

Maggie: Chai Latte Tropezienne with chai pastry cream. Bruno doesn’t think there is enough butter in the brioche.

Larry: Pastel Perfection Tropezienne with lavender, raspberry and lemon cream and lemon syrup. Bruno said that Larry controlled the lavender flavour well.

Raufikat: Maple Walnut Tropezienne with maple creme diplomat. Kyla noted the cream is soft. Bruno said the brioche is undercooked but overall she nailed the flavour.

Oyaks: Going for Gold Tropezienne with lemon and thyme cream. Bruno says his brioche is lacking in salt.

Mahathi: Orange and Pomegranate with pomegranate orange cream. Bruno called the brioche fluffy and balance flavour.

Pretzel Rolls

Technical Bake So I didn’t make the Cupid Cake from last week. The reason why was that I would have to have bought two jelly roll pans and as I mentioned in last week’s blog, I just don’t have the space in my place for them.

The Bake: 12 Pretzel with a zesty cheese dip

The Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

How I would have fared: I’ve made pretzel rolls a couple of times in my life so I think I will do well. I may have trouble with the double twist. I will attempt to make this as it doesn’t seem too difficult. The only thing that I may or may not do is the zesty cheese dip. But I guess I should since it is part of the challenge. However, where can I find food grade lye in Vancouver? This might be the only thing stopping me from making this. A quick Google search looks like I can make a baking soda substitute.

How the bakers did:

9. Raufikat

8. Dominike

7. Oyaks

6. Tanner

5. Anjali

4. Maggie

3. Sheldon

2. Mahathi

  1. Larry


The Bake: Two-tiered stuffed bread centrepiece (stacked on top of each other)

The Time: 4 hours

What I would bake: I will make a bread hockey trophy based on my family’s hockey pool trophy. The base would be a cardamon swirl brioche loaf and the bowl of the trophy would be a cinnamon raisin bread. After taking a look at what the bakers are doing, I think I am reconsidering what I would bake.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

I am all for Sheldon’s centrepiece. I love char siu baos. So totally onboard with Sheldon’s Showstopper. 

Sheldon: Char Siu Centrepiece made with BBQ pork pull apart buns with a scallion and pork floss brioche. Bruno said the weight of one of the bread affected the design. Kyla noted the dough is raw for pork floss bread. Bruno liked the char siu buns.

Tanner: Spanish Sunflower Centrepiece made with charcoal bread stuffed with chorizo and manchego and a bread shaped in a sunflower stuffed with red pepper butter. Bruno says the design makes and impact and calls it delicious.

Anjali: Egukilore Centrepiece made with Pain d’epi and cinnamon bun. Kyla was looking for something more grand. Bruno says the bread is dry. 

Larry: Ode to France Centrepiece made with sun dried tomato flower and bread with his homemade brie. Kyla calls the brie bread gorgeous and it melts in her mouth.

Dominike: Foodie Fantasy Centrepiece made with pistachio babka and bacon and whisky bread. Bruno says the bread is a bit dry but Kyla said the centrepiece screams Dominike.

Maggie: Mad Hatter Centrepiece made with chocolate babka and a savoury challah. Bruno calls the babka delicious.

Raufikat: Sweet and Savoury Centrepiece made with spelt bread and chocolate coconut bread. Kyla admires the detail work. Bruno says it is not too spicy.

Oyaks: Duck Duck Fruit Centrepiece made with duck-filled challah and apple and brie pull apart bread. Bruno was hoping for more extravegance but says the bake was good 

Star Baker: Larry

Mahathi: Sea Slug Centrepiece made with a olive tapenade povitica and a fig and walnut bread. Kyla called it creative idea but obscure. Kyla noted the roll on the povitica was not tight but liked the flavour. 

Up for Star Baker: Larry, Tanner, Maggie

In danger of going home: Sheldon, Mahathi and Anjali

Going Home: Anjali

Star Baker: Larry

Going Home: Anjali

Quick Thoughts: Sad to see Anjali go as she has been trying to get on this show since the beginning. I am afraid for Sheldon as he seems to be just skating by. Next week is cookie week and it looks like the technical challenge is stroopwafel. I would love to make these as it is a favourite of my younger brother. However, it looks like I have to buy a pizzelle iron and I for 100% know will never use it again. 

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  1. I did not know there was a Canadian baking show. We have watched all of the British ones. Thanks for the info.

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