Burdent of Truth Season 4 “Scorched Earth” Recap

It doesn’t look good for Joanna as we open this week’s episode. The crown’s evidence continues to show Joanna guilt. Nevin receive a plea deal where if Joanna pleads guilty, she will serve no jail time and has to pay a hefty fine. Joanna doesn’t want to take the plea deal as it means disbarment and her career and reputation in ruins. But Joanna knows that if she if found guilty, it means missing out on seeing her daughter grow up.

However, in order to case reasonable doubt on the case, Joanna manages to dig up old emails about the case. The emails from Joanna’s dad are harsh towards her but indicates that she was coerced into writing a fraudulent recommendation which we learn later ruined the finances of the town of North Hill, turning it into a ghost town.

Luna finds a reference to Appendix D in the emails but no one on the legal team can find the appendix amongst the files given to them by the crown. Joanna realizes it was deliberately left out so they go to North Hill where a third copy of all the files reside. On the drive over, Joanna asks Luna about her new girlfriend Stevie and also suggests to her sister that she consider Nevin’s job offer.

Once at North Hill, the two find Appendix D but it doesn’t clear Joanna name but does create the reasonable doubt she was looking for to get the charges dismissed. Luna is pissed at her sister and thinks she should take the plea. Joanna can’t as it would ruin her but Luna counters that she was also asked to take a plea deal for a crime she didn’t commit. Joanna says their situations are different but Luna doesn’t see it that way calling Joanna a bad mom for 1) almost leaving her daughter behind when she chasing Appendix D and 2) her inability to name her daughter.

When Joanna, Luna and Nevin arrive at the judges chambers for her hearing, Nevin produces Appendix D to get the charges dropped and says the crown doesn’t have enough evidence to prove Joanna’s guilt. The judge asks for a 30 minute recess where Nevin realizes that Luna won’t accept his job offer but he won’t try and stop to recruit her. Back at the judges chambers, the judge does drop the charges but calls Joanna pretty much a bad lawyer and recommends she go in front of the bar associations disciplinary committee.

Late at Billy’s and Joanna’s home, they are realize how complicated their lives have gotten with everything from Joanna’s case, Helen’s case and raising their daughter.

Elsewhere in Millwood…

  • Thanks to Hank, Billy is able to prove that a Oro North truck was the one that ran Helen off the road. Billy gives his evidence to Owen who is able to bring the driver in, who happened to use to work for Matheson Steel.
  • Hank theorizes that Billy is worried about becoming like him because of all the stuff going on with Joanna and the possibility of having to raise their daughter alone.
  • Taylor and her partner Thorpe return to the Canola Palm Motel with a search warrant. They go to room 9 and see that it looks like it was never occupied (i.e. all the mattresses are gone). Taylor believes that someone tipped them off. Taylor goes through the guest registry and receipts but finds nothing suggesting that room 9 was occupied. But an offhand comment from Thorpe about charges to the room gives Taylor an idea to search for charges for room 10 (which had a perfect view of room 9). Taylor finds a credit card receipt for a movie charged to Eddie Hatcher, the driver of the van where Dee was found. Taylor suggest they charge Hatcher with trespassing because he didn’t officially book the room when he rented the movie.
  • We get a nice scene between Taylor and Luna as the two friends catch-up. Taylor believes she can be good at her job (and she is!) while Luna thinks a job at a big law firm isn’t for her. Also, Luna tries to convince Taylor to move out of the motel into a place of her own.
  • Owen discovers that Kip has taken his truck. Kip returns and explains that he wanted to make things right with Owen. Kip followed Hatcher took photos of the hand off and women being ferried into a house. Owen praises Kip for a job well done but warns him not to steal his truck again.
  • Owen brings Hatcher in and present him with all the evidence that he has on him and wants him to spill on who his boss his. Hatcher spills that it is Crystal Chartrand, who we saw Owen question earlier in the episode and the season. Also, Crystal was introduced last year as a relation of Kodie.
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