Burden of Truth Season 4 “Spirits in the Material World” Recap

It seems that the two cases that we’ve seen all season long are starting to converge. The Oro North Mine case and the sex trafficking case.

Before we get to that convergence, we open the episode with Billy and Joanna in therapy. Like any good student who has come prepared, Joanna has provided her diagnosis of postpartum anxiety to the therapist in hopes that it will end with her giving Joanna pills to make her feel better.

However, the therapist tells Joanna that is not how things work and wants her and Billy to talk out their issues. It pretty much ends with Billy making Joanna feel like a failure as a mother and Joanna accusing Billy of drinking too much.

As the two leave therapy, they noticed a whole bunch of mining trucks rolling through town. The two learn that the Oro North got the injunction overturned and the judge tells them that there is nothing they can do as it seems Millwood really wants this mine to happen.

We learn that much is true as Mayor Freeman, the new mayor of Millwood, visits Owen and questions why he has Farrell Jackson (the Oro North driver that ran Helen off the road) under arrest. The mayor wants Owen to deal with it, hinting in favour of the mine.

Farrell Jackson is key to perhaps getting the mine’s license revoked. Billy and Joanna believe that Farrell running Helen off the road on the order of the mine constitutes unprofessionalism of a mining company and that could get the license revoked.

Billy and Joanna go to Farrel hearing and he does admit that he was pressured by the mine to take care of Helen, who was standing in their way to get the mine up and running. However, before Farrell can agree to flip, Elise has arrived on the scene stopping Joanna and Billy in their tracks. So Billy and Joanna decide to find Farrell’s boss to see if he will flip and admit that he ordered Farrell to drive Helen off the road.

At a press conference announcing the opening of the mine, Joanna and Billy find Farrell’s boss but before they can approach him, Elise stops them to say that Farrell has admitted to everything and he did it on his own with no pressure from the mine.

Billy and Joanna feel defeated and back home Joanna confesses to Billy that they make a great legal team but as parents, she feels that he doesn’t have her back. Billy promises to be a better life partner.

As for how the cases are converging, Owen, Thorpe and Taylor raid Crystal Chartrand’s place. Taylor finds more young women and asks one of them about Dee but they don’t offer much help.

At Taylor’s new place, Luna and Stevie find Dee there. Taylor comes home and wants to help Dee but she is reluctant to receive help because her pimp Wesley was not arrested. Dee fears for her life and doesn’t want to endanger Taylor and Luna. Dee is about to leave but Luna convinces her to stay with a story about her mom also being a kept woman. Luna also advises Dee to take methadone to help with her withdrawal symptoms. The next day, Luna promises to help Dee get a fresh start she needs and convinces Stevie to also help her.

Joanna drops by Taylor’s with a pizza peace offering for Luna who is less than receptive. But Luna later goes after Joanna and asks her advice on what to do with Dee. Joanna offers some advice that their dad told her and it seems to give Luna an idea. Taylor comes home and glad to find Joanna there. Taylor tells Joanna about the raid and that one of the women found there is none other than Samantha Roy, Helen Graham’s long lost daughter.

Elsewhere in Millwood….

  • With Crystal in custody, Owen goes to question her but she isn’t saying anything but sort of admits to be a drug dealer and a sex trafficker in order to make a living.
  • Diane has come home to find Kip at her place. Diane learns that Kip is in danger and that he also dropped out of school. Diana tries to get Kip to return and also assures him that staying with her and Owen is the safest for him
  • Owen looked uneasy at being part of the mayor’s photo op with the Oro North that he performs a ceremony to cleanse his uniform.


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