Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 2 “Breaking Points” Recap

Last week’s episode ended with Joanna’s client, Helen, in a pretty bad car accident. While the police have ruled that Helen fell asleep at the wheel, Joanna believes that her client was deliberately run off the road by Oro North, the mining company that wants to buy Helen’s land.

Time is ticking for Joanna as Elise, the lawyer for Oro North, is going to find Helen’s next of kin and make them the offer for Helen’s land since Helen is incapacitated.

The race is on for Joanna and Billy (with baby Cassie in tow) searching Helen’s house for any clue of Samantha, Helen’s daughter. They end up finding Helen’s nephew Charles, who is attending university in the city (i.e. Winnipeg).

While Joanna is in Winnipeg to find Charles, Billy has enlisted the help of his dad to see whether or not Joanna’s theory of Helen being run off the road was correct. Billy’s dad confirms that Helen indeed was run off because there are two separate tire tracks.

Joanna finds Charles in the city and believes he would the right person to take guardianship of his aunt’s interest. Joanna successfully pitches the judge to grant Charles guardianship. However, Joanna soon regrets it as Elise swoops in to present Charles with a generous offer that he is going to accept. We find Joanna and Billy back in front of the same judge to remove Charles as guardian. The judge is confused as a few hours before Joanna wanted Charles to be guardian. Billy argues that Charles withheld information that he may not be a blood relative for potential financial gain. Joanna offers herself as guardian and promises to act in Helen’s best interest and not as her lawyer.

Back at home, Joanna and Billy are reading Cassie bed time stories. Billy uses this moment to propose to Joanna but before she can give him an answer, the police arrive to arrest her. We don’t know on what charge but we can guess it has something to do with the mining company and her now being Helen’s guardian.

Elsewhere in Millwood…

  • Owen and Taylor are questioning the driver, the girls found high at the back and Kip Bellegarde. The driver and the girls repeat that they were going to a party and Kip says he had no clue what he was hired to do. Taylor believes she is making headway with one of the girls, Dee and offers to let her stay at her place. Unfortunately for Taylor, Dee did not open up more and soon left with her abusive boyfriend. Fortunately for Taylor, she managed to take a photo of his car and is able to run his plates. Owen meanwhile takes Kip under his wings and offers to help the young man.
  • Luna and Stevie successfully fought the eviction of their client.
  • Luna attended a cocktail hour mixer of her potential new firm but she doesn’t feel comfortable around this scene. Back at the North End Legal Centre, we Luna struggle to let Page know her decision. One moment Luna writes about accepting the offer with conditions then the next she write to decline the offer to ultimately not making a decision. Instead, Luna concentrates on the next case that the North End Legal Centre has assigned her.
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