Burden of Truth Season 4 “From Out the Gloomy Rack” Recap

I was a lot like Joanna at the beginning of this episode as I was getting increasingly frustrated with the arresting officer and how he wouldn’t tell Joanna why she was arrested. It takes 12 minutes into the episode that we find out: securities fraud. It is so serious a charge that if convicted, Joanna could face 14 years in prison.

We learn all this because Billy called Luna and asked her to get Nevin Page to defend Joanna. Luna is going to be part of the defence team and her first task is to find out who is behind Joanna and family airplane tickets to the Maldives.

This is used as evidence in Joanna’s bail hearing so that the judge won’t grant her bail as the tickets would deem her a flight risk. Luna uncovers evidence to help Joanna’s case but Joanna almost shoots herself in the foot by lecturing the judge.

We learn that the securities fraud charge is connected to an old case that Joanna worked on back at her old firm in Toronto, CTS. Joanna knows who is behind this, Elise, who worked with Joanna back at CTS.

And lest we forget but Joanna is still the guardian of Helen who prognosis is touch and go. Helen will either succumb to her injuries or never wake up from her coma. Joanna is in firm belief that Elise is behind Helen’s accident.

Joanna goes to confront Elise at Oro North’s mining site. Elise doesn’t admit nor doesn’t deny being behind going after Joanna as she says she is doing what Joanna would have done: win at all costs. Joanna notices a “Congratulations on your New Baby” card on Elise’s desk and forgot that they were both new mom’s. Elise mentions that she isn’t yet as the adoption won’t come through for another two weeks. Joanna then decides to play dirty too and pretty much threatens to derail Elise’s adoption.

Back at Nevin’s summer home which is home base for the legal team, Nevin is still trying to persuade Luna to join his firm. Luna just wants to focus on Joanna’s defence as she doesn’t want to let her down because she was there for her when she was legal trouble. Luna says she is who she is because of Joanna.

Joanna, still hell bent on taking down Elise, gets out of Nevin something on Elise that could derail the adoption. Joanna is ready to bring Elise’s past DUI to the police but Billy arrives to intervene.

Earlier, Billy has become increasingly concerned over Joanna’s erratic behaviour and believes she is suffering from postpartum anxiety. When Billy tries to confront Joanna on her behaviour, she doesn’t like what Billy is implying. At the police station, Billy realizes he approached the situation the wrong way and says that he will be there with her to fight for their family and the charges against her. Billy says that the way Joanna is behaving is like the old Joanna and that is what Elise wants. Billy believes they can win if Joanna is who she is now. This calms Joanna and she backs down. Joanna asks why the Billy propose when they agreed they wouldn’t get married and he admits that he wasn’t feeling like himself and says that the proposal was a mistake. Something tells me those two will get engaged and married by season’s end.

At episode’s end, Billy and Joanna are back at Nevin’s where we learn from Luna that Joanna actually knew about the fraud all along, based on a memo she wrote back in the day.

Elsewhere in Millwood…

  • The name of the arresting officer? It is Officer Cassidy! Joanna (and Billy) realize that they now have to find a new name of their impossible to name daughter.
  • Billy has finally trusted his father, Hank, to babysit his daughter.
  • Taylor wants to find Dee as she believe she will talk. However, Owen and her partner Thorpe want to concentrate on the boyfriend. When Taylor and Thorpe get a sighting on the boyfriend’s car, the two arrive at a motel off the highway. At the motel, the two see three young women enter a van with three other men and Dee’s boyfriend takes off in his car. Thorpe goes to follow the van while Taylor tries to find Dee. Taylor doesn’t find her but when she goes into her room, she sees that it has wall to wall mattresses indicating many people sleeping in one room. When Taylor reunites with Thorpe, she doesn’t mention what she has found.
  • Kip is staying with Owen and when Owen catches Kip stealing his laptop, we learn he needs to money to buy back his father’s watch from his “uncle”. Kip says that after his grandmother died, a man that his aunt married inherited everything including him. The “uncle” sold everything but the watch. Owen goes to the “uncle” to say that Kip is never coming back and buys the watch back for Kip.
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