Burden of Truth Season 4 Premiere “River City” Recap

Season 3 felt like it could have been the show’s series finale as everything seemed to have wrapped up nicely. Joanna and Billy won their latest case, their law firm is thriving and the two were about to become parents.

I was surprised that the CBC renewed the show for a fourth season but glad that the network did.

In season 1, Joanna took on Matheson Steel and won when they were found liable for poisoning the ground and getting girls sick. In season 2, Joanna successfully defended her sister Luna from a murder charge and in season 3 Joanna exposed the dealing of ClearDawn and reunited her friend with her children.

Season 4 sees Joanna taking on Oro North, a mining company that wants to open up a mine but the only thing standing in their way is Joanna’s client, Helen Graham, who is refusing to sell her land to them.

At first it seems that Joanna is going to accept Oro North’s offer and even Helen agreed to the offer but Joanna’s old law mentee taunts her about flaming out of Toronto because of the events of the first season that she turns down the offer.

Billy thinks the mine might be a good thing for the town as that will create jobs (so the mining company says) and turn around Millwood’s fortunes but Joanna thinks the mining company is conning the town and that there are no jobs to the locals.

Joanna manages to get a 30-day injunction but things turn for the worse when Helen gets into a car accident and is in grave condition. But, Joanna believes it was no accident as she has been followed throughout the episode.

Another thing that Joanna is struggling with is motherhood, struggling enough that she gets kicked out of a mommy playgroup. Joanna is over tired and seems to be losing her lawyer brain. Earlier, Helen reassured Joanna that what she has is mommy brain and that she is a good mother. Joanna reasons that Helen doesn’t want to sell as she is hoping her daughter would return to her.

A running joke (?) throughout the episode is that people from Luna to Billy’s dad to Owen wondering what they are calling their daughter. It seems that Joanna can’t settle on a name. Billy thought it was Olivia but now it seems to be Cassandra or Cassie for short.

Elsewhere in Millwood:

  • Billy is ready to take his relationship with Joanna to the next level and wants to propose to her with his mom’s engagement ring.
  • Taylor is now Officer Matheson and has gone undercover to bust a drug ring. On one of her patrols, Taylor stops a van that is part of the ring and discovers three women in the back that may or may not be part of a sex trafficking ring.
  • Owen is tasked by Oro North to find out who is vandalizing their trucks. While investigating, Owen talks to a local but he doesn’t want to talk to him. Owen ends up seeing him involved in Taylor’s storyline.
  • Luna is working at the North End Legal Centre with her new girlfriend Stevie. One of their cases involves helping a young woman fight her eviction where her landlord has locked up her apartment. Stevie also set Luna up with an interview at a big law firm for summer employment. Luna reluctantly goes to the interview to discover it is with Nevin Page (Hallmark Channel movie stalwart Paul Essiembre), the lawyer that defended ClearDawn last season. Page was thrilled to receive Luna’s resume and admired her courage as she up on murder charges. Page gives Luna and very generous offer and Luna seems intrigued but will she end up working for North End Legal Centre?
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