Burden of Truth Season 3 “Name Your Ghosts” Recap

When you only hope at winning a case rests on a witness names Shaky, you pretty much know what are Joanna and Billy’s chances of winning Kodie’s case.

To make maters worse for Joanna and Billy, they are being sued by ClearDawn for defamation and are seeking $14 million in damages.

As expected when it came down to Shaky getting important files from ClearDawn, he flaked as  when ClearDawn’s Chief Medical Officer got overly friendly that made him spook and leave town.

Billy and Joanna try and find Shaky but to no avail. When they return to the offices of CrawfordChang, the find said CMO, Solomon Stone in their boardroom. Stone tells the two that their case is bogus and that his purpose in life is to help children. He further adds that if they drop the lawsuit then ClearDawn will drop theirs. Of course, Joanna and Billy are not going to do such a thing but there is something in Stone’s behaviour that raises their suspicions.

The two hit the Google Machine but are unable to find anything on Stone that goes before 1998. Joanna theorizes that Solomon Stone isn’t his real name. The two surmised that they can find his real name in his university yearbook. So the two head to Southern Manitoba University and find a Solomon Stafford. A quick internet search revealed that Stone was involved in a death of a student.

The two visit a school and try to talk to the principal about Stone and the death. The principal doesn’t want to speak but it is clear that he is connected.

Meanwhile, thanks to Taylor, Owen has something to search Mercer’s place. Owen turns over the entire place and finally finds what he is looking for: the stash of blackmail money and the blackmail files. Owen’s glee at finally getting Mercer is short lived as Mercer has something on Diane.

Owen takes the files with him and there is something in their that can help Joanna and Billy. There seems to be a connection with the City of Millwood and ClearDawn and some account numbers. A lead they end up chasing leads Joanna and Billy to the parents of the dead boy that Stone was involved in his death. The mother sued for wrongful death and tried the case herself but it was dismissed.

We learn more about the Stone back then. From the parents and eventually the principal, Stone was quite the silver tongue and convinced David that he wasn’t safe with his parents (his mom drove drunk and got into an accident while he was in the car but was unhurt). So all three boys ran away together but David got a severe asthma attack and the other two boys left him to die.

Owen tells Diane that he got Mercer. Diane notes that Owen is not happy about it and asks why. Owen tells Diane that Mercer knows how her marriage ended. Apparently, Diane had an affair and Mercer has the photos to prove it. Owen doesn’t know what to do and Diane doesn’t know either but both know that Mercer can’t win.

Elsewhere, Luna and Taylor help Cassie give birth to her child in Taylor’s car. The two couldn’t go to the hospital as they know that Cassie’s baby would get taken away from them.

Speaking of baby’s, Billy finally got Joanna to speak to him about their baby and all the complicated feelings that she has around it. The end result is the two are in it together to figure things out.

When they return home, Joanna sees a re-election flyer for Mayor Shepherd. Joanna realizes that Shepherd is involved in the ClearDawn case and is part of Mercer’s blackmail.

This is bad news for Owen, who has just arrested Mercer only to find out from Joanna that they need him for their case.

So how will it all end. Will Kodie get her kids back? Will Owen take down Mercer once and for all? We will find out next week in the season 3 finale.


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5 Comments on Burden of Truth Season 3 “Name Your Ghosts” Recap

  1. Hi, I just want to say I really appreciate your recap! I am from the US and love this series, but can’t wait till it airs over here in the summer. Internet is a godsend! Keep up the great work, and i will support this series to the end. It doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but i hope it keeps chugging along 🙂

    Thanks for sharing always!



  2. Hey! Thanks for your recaps! I watched the scene between Billy and Joanna talking about the baby several times now – I think it‘s one of the most powerful ones, what do you think?

  3. Firstly, as much as these recaps are awesome (I have to wait forever for the show to be here in South Africa) it’s not Cassie but Callie or Kelly but definitely not Cassie that’s all.

  4. What was so horrible about the pictures of Diane affair what kind of sex was involved for Owen to have that look on his face

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