The Flash Panel becomes the Carlos Valdes Panel – Fan Expo Vancouver 2020,

Last year, Fan Expo Vancouver was all about the mini donuts for the cast of The Flash but Carlos Valdes upped the ante and seemingly willed a mug of Wild Bill Soda’s Root Beer into his hand.

Valdes seemed to be the star of the panel with everyone renaming it the Carlos Valdes panel.

All joking aside, the cast were gracious once again to answer fan questions at this year’s Fan Expo Vancouver.

Question include what villain they want to see on the show. Hartley Sawyer (Ralph Dibney/Elongated Man) said Scarecrow and his co-stars jokingly agreed but Tom Cavanagh said he wants to see Hans Gruber of Die Hard fame on the show.

When asked who are their favourite The Flash villain, Valdes, Sawyer and Danielle Nicolet (Cecile Horton), gathered in a huddle to discuss while Cavanagh said that the obvious answer is Reverse Flash. See their answer below.

About filming Crisis on Infinite Earths, Cavanagh admired how Black Lightening’s Cress William just jumped into the Arrowverse and Valdes admired the hard work of all the crews in making the cross-over possible.

When asked he Cavanagh knew he would be playing a lot of Wells, he said no. “I thought we would do 7 or 8episodes and get cancelled.”

But since The Flash became a success, the showrunners knew they couldn’t have Cavanagh back as Reverse-Flash so hence the different Wells was born. One of Cavanagh’s favourite moments was the scene when Earth-2 Harry says goodbye to Cisco calling him by his first name instead of Ramon.

Cavanagh loves all the Wells that he has played but since now that the multiverse doesn’t exist, he doesn’t “know if they are going to be more Wells or an opportunity down line to create more of them.” But he added that he can still be valuable to the show as the Reverse Flash. 

“It is a privilege to be in a show that allowed me to play multiple roles,” he added.

Nicolet said her journey to The Flash was circuitous but once she was able to join the show full-time, she said the best moment for her was when she found out Cecile would get powers. “I played it cool on the phone but I was writing on a pad of paper to my husband excitedly that I was getting powers.”

She added that she wants Killer Frost and Cecile to switch powers so that Frost has to feel all the feels and Cecile gets to be angry and “I get to wear a wig.”

Sawyer shared what he likes about Ralph is his sense of humour and how he uses jokes to get through life.

Asked if he gets to keep any of Cisco’s t-shirts, Valdes said “no comment” but added that he gets to keep the t-shirts that he likes which is “all of them.”

The Flash season 6 is on now on the CW and also new episodes appear on Netflix Canada.

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