Burden of Truth Season 3 “It Takes a Village” Recap

The path forward in getting Kodie’s kids back is in filing a lawsuit against ClearDawn and their faulty drug tests. Everyone is pushing Joanna to go for a class action lawsuit but she feels that three people are not enough to get certified as a class action.

The ClearDawn lawyer presents Joanna with a $25K settlement that she promptly rejects even when it goes up to $50K.

Joanna presents it Kodie who seems to have lost hope and wonders about the class action suit. Joanna is still on the fence but changes her mind when she learns from Kodie that in 90 days her kids will become wards of the province and will soon be adopted out.

Joanna, Luna, Kat and Billy canvass Millwood with the names they could get that were affected by the ClearDawn tests. They don’t have many names to go but they try their best. Unfortunately, all they get are doors slammed in their faces except for one. Luna manages to convince her high school friend, Cassie, to take part and to also leave her abusive boyfriend and live with her.

Joanna and Billy make a commercial to state their case and for people to meet at a town hall meeting to discuss things further and hopefully take part in the lawsuit. Things don’t start too well as a lot of people there don’t think Joanna can relate as she is not a mother. Joanna blurts out that she is pregnant and is terrified of being a mother but she is also terrified of the possibility of her child being taken away from her. This convinces people to sign the petition.

Meanwhile, to help make their case stronger, Billy follows up on a potential whistleblower at ClearDawn labs. This tip comes courtesy of his father who knows the potential whistleblower from his AA meetings. When Billy meets with Shaky, he demands money for him to speak. We don’t see any money exchange hands but Shake does reveal that ClearDawn did 200 more test than the previous year and the more tests they do, the more money they make.

When it comes time to make their case, the ClearDawn lawyer thinks that the suit has no merit and that the false positive drug tests can’t be correlated to their clients kids being taken away. Joanna argues that her clients all live on the poverty line and often those that do are targets for their kids being taken away. The judge agrees that their is a case there but individual cases and dismisses the class action certification. Crawford Change is 0-3 so far.


  • Taylor visits Diana to get her advice which leads to her and Luna making up.
  • Taylor shows Owen the photos of Mercer and Mitchell’s meeting and we learn they meet every week
  • Owen is desperate to bring Mercer down a peg that he plants drugs from a drug bust in Mercer’s vehicle but he ends up returning the evidence so we are not 100% sure if he actually went through with it
  • Joanna and Billy can’t seem to talk about what to do about her pregnancy. It seems like Joanna is leaning to keep it but she is worried about passing along any mental illness or addiction issues to her unborn child.
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