The Mandalorian’s Giancarlo Esposito is a Baby Yoda Fan Too!

Not even Giancarlo Esposito can resist the cuteness power of Baby Yoda aka as the Child from Disney+ The Mandalorian.

“I love Baby Yoda” Esposito declared to attendees of his Fan Expo Vancouver 2020 panel. “You can’t resist the baby. When he looks at you have to interact with it.”

He added that he praised the showrunners decision to have real puppets on set as it can take “physical space and be wowed by his presence” versus having the character be completely CGI. An additionally bonus of having a real puppet is that Esposito loves to touch Baby Yoda’s ears saying that it feels so real.

While Esposito has gotten to interact with Baby Yoda behind the scenes, it doesn’t look like Moff Gideon has but something that he hopes gets rectified in season 2.

“I am looking forward to getting airtime with Baby Yoda.”

Esposito couldn’t praise The Mandalorian enough, calling the show as bringing back the original essence of Star Wars, a franchise he has been a fan of from the beginning.

How Esposito got involved with The Mandalorian was through his pre-existing relationship with creator Jon Favreau where they worked on NBC’s short-lived Revolution and The Jungle Book.

Esposito had hoped for a role in the photo realistic The Lion King but when that didn’t pass, Favreau called him up to say he is doing The Mandalorian and had written the part of Moff Gideon for him.

Once Esposito found out he was playing a Moff, he studied past Moff’s like Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin. While his Moff doesn’t wear a helmet, he gets to wear a cape and Esposito called it “the most bad ass thing ever.”

He also relished in being the villain in The Mandalorian as there is potential for them to be redeemed. Esposito adds that Moff Gideon’s redeemption could come in the form of want to see the universe survive.

When asked about how Gideon came into possession of the Darksaber, Esposito said that would get revealed in season 2 and that fans will love it. But he did say that Moff Gideon seemingly has access to Empire artifacts after its collapse.

As for working with the Darksaber, Esposito said it felt “powerful and wonderful” and even broke three during filming last week. Esposito promised that there will be “an epic lightsaber battle in season 2 and I feel honoured to be only character to hold a lightsaber [in The Mandalorian].”

He added that he doesn’t think the Child or the Mandalorian will come into possession of the Darksaber in season 2 but teased. “The Child is curious about the Darksaber and I can’t wait for you see how that manifests when season 2 comes out in October.”

As Esposito’s panel came to an end, the Vancouver/BC chapter of the 501st Legion inducted him into their ranks. As Esposito accepted the honour, he also praised the 501 for all the amazing charity work that they do in all the local chapters.

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