Burden of Truth Season 3 “Crisis of Faith” Recap

Billy and Joanna work on getting Kodie’s kids back by investigating Millwood Family Services and looking at their apprehension orders of all of their cases. At first the administrator there refuses to play ball until an access to information filing gets Crawford and Chang the files. However, the files are heavily redacted and no way to find out who belongs to each case.

Joanna calls Luna for her to bring Kat to Millwood to help comb through the files for anything that might identify the families involved. Luna has the brilliant idea to cross reference police calls to the apprehension order to help identify the families. Joanna orders Luna to visit the Millwood Police Station but we clearly see that Luna is very hesitant to do so. Eventually, Luna does make her way in and Owen is there to greet her. But Owen refuses to hand over the police files as he is under scrutiny and needs to play it by the books. It is only through an access to information order that Luna gets the files.

Luna and Kat look over a file where the police were called but no apprehension was done. The two go to the address in the police report to find a high school classmate of Luna’s. Luna asks Cassie why MFS didn’t take her son Carter away and she shows that they couldn’t because Carter isn’t born yet. It seems that the system is against Cassie like it is Kodie with her also failing a drug test.

Meanwhile, Joanna and Diane go to a private school that seems to have a high number of apprehension orders. The two get no where with a school administrator who refuses to let them see the headmaster. Joanna sees True at this school and through the administrator learns that MFS gets money for each apprehension.

Joanna confronts the mayor but she says that her hands are tied in this manner but we also learn that reunification is low on MFS priority list.

Billy is also helping another mother, Dylan Hayes get back her son Morgan. Like the others, Dylan is also having trouble getting her son back with one of the reasons being a failed drug test.

All of this leads to Joanna to connect the dots between the company conducting the tests, Clean Dawn Laboratories and MFS. Joanna believes that Clear Dawn is deliberately delivering false positives to MFS so they would have a case for apprehension. The Chief Medical Officer lawyers up, which Joanna very happy as she can now build a case to get Kodie’s kids back.

What lead Joanna to connect the dots was her pregnancy test. Throughout the episode, clues were pointing that Joanna was pregnant and Diane made her take another one, which turned out positive. Diane said Joanna’s first test just gave her a false positive.

Joanna shares with Kodie her plans to sue Clear Dawn Labs which would open the door to her getting her kids back. Kodie is impatient and rather leak everything to the press but Joanna advises that if she does, Kodie will be scrutinized more.

Seeing everything that is going in Millwood with families being torn apart, Billy vows to never have kids and we think for a moment Joanna isn’t going to tell him that she is pregnant but she does.


  • Luna is not too happy that Joanna forced her to go to the Millwood Police Station, home to her false arrest. Joanna tells Luna she did it because she is strond and knew she could confront her fear thus allowing her to come back to Millwood.
  • Luna and Kat share a kiss in Billy’s hot tub. While the two young ladies like each other, Kat puts the breaks on anything happening because she works for Joanna.
  • The mayor wants Owen to apologize to Mercer for roughing him up but Owen refuses. Owen makes a half-attempt at an apology but gets more incensed when he learns that mayor gave Mercer some sort of community job that seems to be about keeping Owen in line
  • Owen leaves Diane’s to not only protect her and her daughters but to confront Mercer. Diane pleads with Owen to stop his vendetta against Mercer but if falls of deaf ears especially after he hears that Mercer threatened Diane.
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