Burden of Truth Season 3 “Desperate Measures” Recap

We left the last episode with Kodie’s kids missing, having missed their pick-up from social services. Joanna, Billy and Owen fear the worst and that Kodie has taken her kids. Confirming their suspicions is that Kodie did not show up for work and Madison and True were seen getting into a blue Toyota Tercel (Kodie’s car).

Joanna manages to get Owen to put out a BOLO on Kodie’s car versus issuing an Amber Alert. Joanna reasons that Amber Alerts are issued if the children are in danger from their kidnapper but that is not the case with Kodie. Also, the Amber Alert will hurt Kodie’s case in getting her kids back.

Joanna and Billy look for clues as where Kodie might have gone with Joanna searching through Kodie’s laptop and social media and Billy going to his dad.

The only think that Billy gets out of his dad that True might have some anxiety disorder and is really close to Madison. This leads Billy going to Madison and True’s family doctor to get a letter stating that True has an anxiety disorder and separation from Madison would have a negative affect on her mental health. The doctor is reluctant to write such a letter but offers to back date a letter recommending that Tru see a child psychologist. Billy takes what he can get.

Meanwhile, Joanna thinks she knows where Kodie might have ran to: the Chartrand farm, the site of her family’s criminal activities. Joanna doesn’t tell Owen or Billy as she isn’t 100% sure.

Speaking of Owen, he has his hands full with Mercer and the cops that are still loyal to him. Mercer has decided to round up his men (who are off duty) to search for the girls and Kodie. This causes Owen to trigger the Amber Alert because that would be much better than Mercer and his men finding them. We see throughout this episode that Mercer is playing up the concerned citizen and reformed man act but we (and Owen) sees that he is undermining Owen and gunning for him. This results from Owen roughly grabbing Mercer after he insinuates that Owen is protecting Kodie because they are both First Nations.

Joanna does find Kodie at her family’s farm and at first isn’t welcomed but after assuring Kodie she is there as a friend, she allowed in. Joanna lays it out and how much trouble Kodie is in and stresses that she must turn herself in to Owen as that will give them a fighting chance of getting her kids back. If Kodie continues to run, she will never see her kids again. Kodie was brought up in the foster system and vows not to have that happen to her kids.

Joanna admires Kodie for fighting for her kids and wished her mom fought for her. Kodie mentions that it was hard for Joanna’s mom to fight for especially when David Hanley called family services on her. This news surprises Joanna and who later gets Billy to get her file from family services. There she learn the truth at the measure her father did to get custody of her. Joanna blames herself because if she didn’t run away as a child, things would have been different.

Unfortunately for Joanna and Kodie, Joanna was followed by one of Mercer’s men. This causes the ladies and the kids to run on foot to Kodie’s cousin for safety. Mercer’s men are kept at bay by one of Kodie’s relatives with a shotgun.

When Joanna et al arrive at Kodie’s cousin’s, Owen is there. At first Kodie is mad at Joanna but after seeing the fear in her kids eyes, she agrees to turn herself in with the promise she would get charged in violating a custody agreement versus parental abduction.

However, when they get to court the prosecution is out for parental abduction and this causes confusion on Joanna, Billy and Kodie. Kodie is placed on house arrest and as the prosecution leaves, she gives Joanna and Billy a funny look indicating that something is not right and perhaps Kodie’s theory that someone is ganging up on Kodie to discredit her might be true.


  • Taylor has shown up at Crawford and Chang. Luna is pissed that Taylor has confronted Gary Mitchell. Luna thinks that Taylor is her life through hers (i.e. Bear Clan patrol, moving into her apartment). Taylor doesn’t really disagree as she feels that if she didn’t get sick, she would be doing everything Luna is doing. Luna think Taylor needs to move on and live her own life.
  • Gary Mitchell has followed Taylor to Crawford Chang and remains outside the office taunting her. Luna uses the Amber Alert to get rid of Mitchell.
  • Joanna is not pleased at Luna for telling Kodie that to keep running.


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