Burden of Truth Season 3 “No Fathers and Sons” Recap

Things seem to be getting worse for Joanna and her case in getting Kodie’s kids back. First is Kodie’s supervised visits gets cut short by 10 minutes and things go downhill from there.

After taking a look at a Millwood Family Services file, Joanna and Billy read several complaints from an anonymous neighbour voicing his concerns over the Chartrand children.

When Billy and Joanna goes to the neighbours, Billy is shocked to discover it is his father, Hank Crawford. Joanna learns that Marlene posed as a social worker and paid Hank to say that the Chartrand children were in danger. Joanna tasks Billy to get his dad to sign a sworn affadavit saying he was paid off by Marlene. However, Hank keeps on putting it off and making tons of excuses including dragging Billy to the race track. Once there, Hank bets a long shot and gives Billy the ticket and the long shot wins. The Crawford men slowly get drunk and Hank continues to put off the affadavit. Soon enough things comes to blows between father and son that results in both men landing in jail.

While this is going on, Joanna searches Kodie’s house again and finds a birthday card to True from Marlene showing that she had a relationship with her grandchildren. Joanna learns from Madison that Kodie knew about this (and didn’t tell Joanna) and also that her mom and grandmother got into an argument about a cheque. Joanna finds a $100,000 cheque and an illegal petition of custody for True in the garage of the Chartrand house. Joanna gets an emergency appeal but what ends up happening is that the judge also deems Marlene an unfit parental guardian and places Madison and True into foster care.

Back at Kodie’s, Joanna needs Kodie to be honest with her and tell her everything or they have no chance of getting her kids back. Kodie essentially fires Joanna because it is taking her so long to get her kids back and that she is sick and tired of having to trust Joanna. Kodie doesn’t understand why Joanna owes her for what she did back when they were kids but if she had to do things over again she would have left her alone. We see a flashback and it looks like that Kodie possibly helped Joanna run away from home.


  • Taylor is still following the man in the red car. We learn it is Gary Mitchell, a friend of her father’s and she sees him giving money to Mercer. Mitchell also comes across Taylor and threatens her to leave him and his family alone when she threatens him to tell his wife about his secret.
  • Luna gets some PTSD of her time in prison when she takes Kodie to her mandatory drug test.
  • Alan, Joanna’s ex, is in Winnipeg to offer Joanna and Billy a job to lawyers for his hedge fund company. Joanna is tempted and I believe she is contemplating the offer.
  • Joanna is not pregnant.


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