Burden of Truth Season 3 “Wherever You Go” Recap

Joanna and Billy are still in Millwood doing final prep before Kodie’s custody hearing. Joanna gets Kodie to list everyone that could possibly have a vendetta against her and call Millwood Family Services to take her kids away. Meanwhile, Joanna gets Billy to search Kodie’s home for anything that might be used against her from the prosecution.

After interviewing Madison, Kodie’s oldest, Joanna learns that her friend didn’t list everyone that wanted to hurt her. Kodie believes it was her cousin Crystal called MFS and goes to confront her. Joanna tries to diffuse the situation but only adds to it when Crystal taunts Joanna about her dad and she roughly pushes her against a wall.

Later Kodie confesses that Crystal tried to initiate Madison into a gang that she was a part of and tried to her protect her daughter from their grasps. Unfortunately, it was not in time to stop the gang from beating Madison as part of some initiation ritual.

Meanwhile, Billy finds drugs hidden at Kodie’s and he believes that she is an addict and a liar. Joanna refuses to believe that and staunchly believes in Kodie’s innocence.

Before the trial begins, Joanna gets Luna and Kat to go over Kodie’s case files to see if they find anything interesting. One of their findings is a restraining order against a Aki Lockhart. The two visit Aki at his place of work (he is a mechanic at a garage). Luna thinks he is the biological father of Kodie’s kids but he denies it. Luna let’s her personal experience get in the way of their interrogation but Kat puts an end to everything when she realizes that Aki was a bust.

On the way to court, Joanna has Kat and Luna on stand by to research any of the prosecution’s witnesses as they are unable to do any research beforehand because it is a custody hearing. The first witness to be called is Madison’s 7th grade teacher who testifies that Madison missed 15 days of school and reported her concerns to the principal after seeing Madison with bruises on her body. Luna and Kat discover that the teacher moonlights as a lingerie model that Joanna uses to discredit the witness.

Another witness comes forth and that is True’s (Kodie’s youngest daughter) biological grandmother, Marlene. Marlene testifies how Kodie took her son away and got him hooked on drugs while Kodie counters that Marlene was the one that caused the estrangement due to her alcoholism. The judge orders both of them to undergo a drug and alcohol test. Unfortunately for Kodie the test comes back positive for her and negative for Marlene. Marlene is granted immediate custody of both Madison and True.

Back at Billy’s, Joanna starts work on getting Kodie visitation rights. Billy thinks that their case was over but Joanna says that it is not and she is staying to help her friend who has helped her greatly in the past. Billy promises to stay by Joanna’s side and help her.


  • We still don’t quite no why Joanna owes Kodie so much but we are lead to believe it stems from an incident that happened in her childhood through the flashback that we saw and her mention of being taken away from her mother.
  • Billy is still withholding from Joanna that Crawford Chang is in financial trouble not helped by him paying for his brother’s care.
  • Owen is obsessed with Mercer in a Javert like way. Owen gets upset that Diane withheld that Mercer approached her and Joanna to beg forgiveness
  • Taylor was MIA this episode which concerned Luna throughout the hour
  • Despite a rocky start, Luna and Kat bonded over scotch and their talk of fathers. I predict that these two are going to get together this season at some point.
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