Burden of Truth Season 3 Premiere “Crawford Chang” Recap

It has been one year since we last left Joanna and Billy. When we last saw them, Joanna had just proven the innocence of her sister Luna in the murder of their father David. With victory in hand, Joanna was off to Shanghai to run her firm’s Asia operations. Meanwhile, Billy had to put his younger brother in a mental hospital. Just when Billy thought that he had lost Joanna forever, there she was in his cabin giving up her job to be with him.

Now it is one year later and Joanna and Billy have their own law firm, Crawford Chang, complete with a couple of associates. The two enter the court room for the final stages of their wrongful death case where a young Muslim woman was killed by some factory machinery when her hijab got caught in the equipment. Joanna is ready to pounce on the factory foreman on the stand but Billy cautions her to not go too far. Joanna pulls back but that proves to be a mistake as the two lose the case. The family is devastated as they could have accepted a settlement that Joanna told the family to turn down.

Back at Crawford Chang, it seems the new law firm is struggling a bit financially. Billy and Joanna look over potential cases but none seem to catch her eye. The two realize that they need to let one of their associates go but at the same time, Luna has started work at the law firm.

Speaking of Luna, she seems to be one of the leaders of Bear Clan and Taylor is one of the volunteers too. Out on patrol, Taylor follows a red car that has a young woman in distress. Taylor has become obsessed with this car and the man it contains. It seems that Taylor is familiar with him as he is associated with Matheson Steel. Taylor seems to be hell bent on some revenge or to act as a vigilante while Luna cautions Taylor to be careful.

There is more than finances that is troubling Joanna as it looks like she might be pregnant with Billy’s. The two are not only law partners but living together too.

With all of that going on, Billy and Joanna decide to attend the 100th anniversary of their high school or as Joanna sees it a high school reunion. There Joanna runs into an old high school friend, Kodie Chartrand. Billy remembers Kodie and Joanna used to bully him at recess when they were at school. Billy also remembers the Chartrand’s being bad news in terms of their association with illegal drugs. And Kodie is a recovering addict with two young daughters aged 12 and 7.

Joanna gives Kodie a ride home and when they arrive they see family services and the Millwood police taking Kodie’s two kids. Kodie is devastated and doesn’t understand what has happened. We soon learn that Kodie’s oldest daughter, Madison, had broken her arm falling down the stairs and it seems that social services used that incident to remove the kids. Owen is livid that a child apprehension happened without his knowledge since he is the new chief of police. It seems the officer on the scene was someone that was under the older Mercer regime.

Kodie asks Joanna to help her get her kids back. Initially, Joanna has a panic attack at the prospect of taking the case and potentially losing. Eventually, Joanna takes the case and manages to get the judge to move the hearing up from a week to two days.

Elsewhere in Millwood, Mercer has been released on parole after only serving 6 months in the wrongful death of Neil Bellgarde. Owen and Diane are very concerned that he has returned as Mercer’s presence seems to loom over Joanna’s new case.

Back at Billy’s cabin, he wants to know why Joanna has taken the case while their firm is struggling. Joanna tells Billy that Kodie was there for her when they were younger. Joanna doesn’t elaborate but the episode ends as we see a young woman flailing around in the lake struggling to stay afloat and not drown.

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