From Encino Man to Doom Patrol, Brendan Fraser talks his varied career

“Daffy Duck is an asshole”

That would be a quote from Brendan Fraser who kicked off Day of Fan Expo Vancouver 2020 with a witty and self-deprecating panel.

That nugget comes from Fraser’s Fan Expo Vancouver where he shared some stories about filming Looney Tunes: Back in Action. In addition, Fraser said that the best experience of filming that movie was a chance to share the screen with Bugs Bunny, whom he called “down to earth.”

The Canadian-born actor also shared stories of his roles including that of Dudley Do-Right, a role he relished playing because his great grand-father was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Fraser told a story of how his great grandfather was called the “long-armed Frenchman” because one of his jobs was to check on haystacks in farmer’s fields and put his arm through them to check for any empty spaces.

Other stories shared include how Fraser ended up with fluid build-up in his knees learning the swing dance routine in Blast from the Past. Fraser also gave a killer John Cleese imitation, his Bedazzled co-star when sharing a funny behind the scenes story.

Fraser said that there is no need to do another Encino Man as the first one was done perfectly. When asked if he was up for another Mummy movie, Fraser said He also said that while hard they were hard to make, they too were done well. Fraser also poked fun of the Tom Cruise re-boot of the franchise.

When asked about a filmmaking tip from an aspiring filmmaker, Fraser shared a story about working with Danny Boyle on the FX show Trust and how he went out and sought everyone’s ideas. Fraser takeaway was to ensure that you “make sure you include everyone” in the filmmaking process.

Fraser was also quite effusive about his current TV role in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol. 

He said the show is “about heroes not wanting to leave the house.” Fraser added that the show doesn’t pander the audience and “digs into what it is like to be an anti-hero.”

In addition, Fraser praised Riley Shanahan, the man who does all the hard work in wearing the Robotman suit while he just gets to the voice in his pajamas.

“I loved that work and that run reconceived them. [Doom Patrol] originally came out the same time as X-men and went through 7-8 re-conception to what it is now,” he said.

Fraser then encouraged the audience to check out Doom Patrol

“It has something for everyone,” he shared.

Fraser told the audience that season 2 is set to premiere sometime this summer.

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