The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 “Pie Week” Recap

I do enjoy making pies but as mentioned last week, how mine’s turn out is often hit or miss. There are times that the fillings in my pie are two liquidy this creating the dreaded soggy bottom. Other times, the crust shrinks in the oven thus creating smaller edges than I wanted. Don’t get me started on tarts as the last one I made the sides pulled away from the edges and ended up with a pancake like pie.

Some of our final four bakers also had their fair share of issues with their pies. So which three emerged victorious to make it to the Final?

Let’s recap Pie Week

Signature Bake

The Bake: Pastry Pie Face. Basically make a savoury or sweet pie that features a recognizable face on top.

The Time: Two and half hours

What I would bake: I 100% will make a star-anise chicken stew pot pie. The recipe is from my dad and the face I would use is his in honour of him.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Everyone’s pies sound amazing but I think I would be interested in trying the savoury pies. THe flavour profiles of both just sound delicious.

Chris: Bison and cheddar pie with a howling wolf. Bruno and Kyla noted the burn crust and how Chris tried to scrape it off. Bruno said that the filling was not holding up the pie but Kyla loved the flavour profile of the bison.

Colin: Madras chicken curry pie with Medusa’s face. Kyla wanted more detail on Medusa’s face. Bruno said the filling was flat and needed more salt.

Jodi:  A blackberry cheesecake pie with a black bear face. Kyla noticed that pie was a bit soft but Bruno thought the crust had a perfect sweetness to it. Kyla also noted that the crust was baked perfectly.

Nataliia: Apricot chilli pie with her own face on it. Kyla had difficulty cutting into the pie because of the soft filling. Bruno liked the flavour and said the apricots were cut too small.

Technical Challenge

The bake: Pithivier

The time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

How I would have fared: I think I might end up somewhere in the middle. I think I might be okay at making rough puff and the frangipane and sour cherry jam didn’t look too hard to make.

How our bakers fared:

4. Chris

3. Jodi

2. Nataliia

1. Colin


The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: A tiered pie or tarts that tell a story.

The Time: 4 hours

What I would bake: I think I would do a coast to coast pie. I would make three pies representing three provinces I lived in: 1) Nanaimo Bar pie 2) Butter Pecan Pie and 3) Saskatoon Berry pie.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

Chris’ three pies sounds delicious but also ambitious. Jodi’s pies also sound amazing especially the beef and sweet potato pie.

Chris: 4 tiers made up three pies: Brussel Sprouts and bacon tarte flambe; Veal and Pork pate choux; and fromage blanc tart. Bruno said that Chris should have assembled his pie power differently. Bruno said that tarte flambe tasted great but not a great texture. The veal and port pie had great flavours but the pie not so much. Bruno noted that the tart for the fromage blanc was undercooked.

Colin: Peach and blueberry pie, a pecan pie and a bumble berry pie. Bruno wanted more pecan filling. Kyla said that the peach and blueberry pie is a definite Canadian pie. Kyla said that the bumbleberry pie had the right sweetness to it.

Jodi: Brunch uppert pie tower: Beef and sweet potato pie; salmon and dill pie; bacon and cheddar quiche; and an apple tart. Both liked the flavour of the beef pie. Bruno loved the addition of the salad to the salmon one and called the quiche inviting. Of the four pies, the judges loved the apple tart with Bruno even called it one of the best tarts he had in a long time.

Nataliia: Euro dinner pie tower: buckwheat and sauerkraut pirog; pork and turkey pie; salmon quiche and a sour cherry tart. Kyla admired the presentation. Bruno liked the sauerkraut pie. Kyla called the pork and turkey tasty and lean and said Nataliia was generous with the salmon. Kyla called Nataliia’s cherry pie recipe perfect.

In the running for Star Baker: Everyone

In danger of going home: Not really discussed but if I had to guess: Chris

Star Baker: Nataliia

Going Home: Chris

Chris feel short in making the finals. I pretty much knew he was going home when he burnt his pie crust. It was confirmed when he was last in the technical.

And I called back in Chocolate week that the finalist would be Colin, Nataliia and Jodi.

If watching multiple seasons of this show and its British brethren and watching countless seasons of The Amazing Race and Survivor, the dominant player rarely wins. So I am predicting now that Nataliia won’t win because she is going into the Final with three Star Bakers.

If I had to make a guess as to who will win: Jodi, my Saskatchewan girl. Jodi has slowly improved in this competition and she has peaked at the right time.



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  1. This looks like a great show – the Canadian equivalent to the great British bake-off? I love how you included what you would make too!

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