The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 “International Week” Recap

Are we already at the quarterfinals? It seems that this season is just flying but here we are down to just 5 bakers. Who will emerge victorious from “International Week” and head to the semi-finals.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Tres leches cake – a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk (condensed, evaporated and whipping cream

The Time: 3 hours

What I would bake: This cake sounds delicious but I have never heard of it. That being said, since it is international week, I probably would do something with Chinese flavours but I am not 100% what that would entail like maybe mango and coconut and almonds.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Every week, Jodi makes bakes that I always want to try and this week is no exception.

Chris: Yin and Yang Tres Leches cake that has flavours of three teas. Both judges loved the flavours and thought the cake was very moist and felt Chris created a harmonious balance.

Colin: Coconut Ube. It is a cake that has purple yam in it. Bruno said the texture and moisture was perfect and he should tell his mom that her son made a great cake.

Jasmine: Coconut lime tres leches cake and soaked with a tropical liqueur. Kyla noted the cake doesn’t look moist enough and Bruno agreed but he did like the flavours.

Jodi: Coffee liqueur caramel tres leches cake with whipped cream frosting. Carolyn definitely loved this cake as it reminded her of one she had in her childhood. Carolyn even tried to stop Aurora from coming over. Kyla loved this cake too as she was ready for seconds and complimented how moist the cake was.

Nataliia: Coffee Walnut tres leches. The judges noted that the cake had a great presentation and flavour but too dry.

Technical Challenge

The bake: Kransekake – a traditional Norwegian tower of ringed cookies

The time: 90 minutes

How I would have fared: I may have never heard of this bake but I think I might have done well. I am pretty good at making cookies and the only thing I was afraid of the possibility of free forming the rings but since there was molds then I would be fine. Plus, I know how to make Royal Icing

How our bakers fared:

5. Jasmine

4. Nataliia

3. Colin

2. Chris

1. Jodi


The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: International Cheesecake

The Time: 4 hours

Pumpkin Cheesecake

What I would bake: I think I would do a cheescake take on a Chinese cake that you see at Chinese bakeries. I would do a domed mango cheesecake with a sponge cake and have fresh fruit layered in between. I would create a fan of mango slices covering the cheesecake. The cake would sit on top of another TBD cheescake. The cheesecake that you see isn’t something I would make for the show but more that I’ve made a cheesecake in my baking past.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

It seemed to me like the judges were looking at the effort done by the bakers. What I mean is that they are looking to see if the showstopper showed you spent 4 hours on it.

Chris: Strawberry mojito Japanese cheesecake. Time got the better of Chris as the judges noted that his showstopper did not look like he spent four hours on it. However, the judges did love the flavour.

Colin: Coconut Cassava and cheddar cheesecake. Bruno noted that Chris’s cookies are a bit think but Kyla said it was a nice invitation to the cheesecake. Both judges liked the cassava flavour.

Jasmine: Two Greek cheesecakes. One is an orange and pistachio and the other is a fig and honey. Unfortunately for Jasmine, she burnt both of her cheesecakes that the judges called her out on and that it was overbaked. Despite all that. Bruno did like some of the flavours.

Jodi: Tropical celebration cassata made with a coconut sponge and ricotta filling. Kyla was in awe of the free formed sugar pineapple that Jodi created. Kyla loved the creaminess of the ricotta and Bruno called it refreshing.

Nataliia: Russian inspired cheescake called a Zapekanka. It features two chocolate tiers with candied fruit and cottage cheese. Kyla was impressed with the sugar work. Bruno liked the marbelling in the cheesecake. Bruno thought the second cheesecake was a bit on the dry side.

In the running for Star Baker: Chris and Jodi

In danger of going home: Jasmine and Nataliia

Star Baker:  Jodi!

Going Home: Jasmine

My Regina girl got Star Baker but the show seemed to have telegraphed that narrative by saying that Jodi was the only baker left that didn’t get Star Baker. Regardless, so happy that Jodi got Star Baker, she deserved it. Not too surprised that Jasmine went home considering she burnt her showstopper. I liked Jasmine and did find it sweet how she makes trophies for all the Star Bakers.

Next week it is the semi-finals and also pie week. I love making pies but I am hit and miss when it comes to how successful they turn out.

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