Anne with an E Season 3 “I am Fearless Therefore Powerful” Recap

Love is in the air, everywhere you look around in this episode of Anne with an E. And I am onboard with a non-canon pairing: Diana and Jerry. In the books and in the Kevin Sullivan version of Anne of Green Gables, Diana marries Fred Wright but I always felt Fred was a bit boring for Diana. I am liking this pairing but I have a feeling that eventually, Fred will come into the picture. In this episode, it is clear that Diana and Jerry like each other. This is seen when Jerry asks Matthew if he can go home early to help his family out but in reality he goes to meet Diana on her way home in the woods to walk her back home. The next day, Diana hurriedly rushes her good-bye to Anne in anticipation of meeting Jerry but is disappointed not to find him in the woods. However, that frown is turned upside down when Jerry is just outside her house and he gives her a copy of Frankenstein. We see Diana riveted by the story. Diana goes to Green Gables on the pretext of giving Anne a book on Scotland but secretly hopes to see Jerry. However, when the two meet, Diana acts cold towards Jerry and ignores him as she is talking to Anne. Jerry is confused but then his frown turns upside down when he finds a monogrammed handkerchief that Diana made him.

While love is in the air, the children of Avonlea definitely do not have a clue on relationships. During a walk in the woods, Miss Stacey talks about the birds and the bees, literally. She talks about the different species of birds found in the woods and also species of bees. The girls want to hear about the figurative birds and the bees. Alas, Miss Stacey does not oblige and too bad she doesn’t because this only creates much confusion during dance practice for the town’s barn dance. Ruby refuses to touch boys during dancing as she fears she will get pregnant for just touching a boy. Tilly, who touched a couple of boys hands during the practice fears that she is now pregnant. Miss Stacey has to assure the girls that they are not pregnant and that you can’t get pregnant that way. Miss Stacey goes not really tell the girls how women get pregnant but only that involves courtship then marriage then steps that lead to conception.

However, one pleasant thing came out of the dance recital. Anne and Gilbert definitely were starting to fall for each other. But Anne shakes it off and so does Gilbert and the two awkwardly part ways. Gilbert goes home and asks Bash about what he should do about feelings he has developed for a certain girl. Bash asks who but Gilbert refuses to name names. Here is where the show diverges a bit from the books. It is clear to me that Gilbert has always loved Anne from the moment he calls her carrots so it is strange to see him 1) pursue Winnifred and 2) all of sudden is uncomfortable over his feelings for Anne.

In another development, Charlie Sloane, who has taken an interest in Anne, walks her home and tells her that she is too emotional, which means she will be barren. Anne fears this and after church she and the other girls ask Gilbert, a young man of medicine, if what Charlie said is true. Gilbert said that it is not true.

Elsewhere in Avonlea….

  • Rachel Lynde is still hoping for a love match between her son Caleb and Miss Stacey.
  • Anne mentions to Ka’kwet’s family that she tried to see her at her new school but was denied. Anne wonders if she is doing well but Ka’kwet’s father tells her that he has not heard from his daughter.
  • Gilbert learns about alternative medicine from a Mi’kmaq medicine woman and is impressed
  • Ruby Gillis might be getting a crush on Moody Spurgeon after seeing him play the banjo during dance practice
  • Rachel tells Bash that he needs to re-marry as it untenable for her and Marilla to take care of Delphine.
  • Bash decides to write to his mom in hopes that she can come to help out.
  • Gilbert writes Mary’s obituary in the Avonlea Gazette so Delphine can know more about her mom. It is a lovely written piece.

I am wondering if Miss Stacey and Bash might be a thing considering all the matchmaking that seems to be going on. That is a prediction I am making since this show loves to deviate from the source material.

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