Anne with an E Season 3 “There is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand” Recap

When we last left off, Anne received permission to seek out her history and we pick up shortly after that. Anne is at the train station ready to leave with Gilbert to Charlottetown. Marilla is fussing over Anne and this mortifies her as she is doing that in front of Gilbert. However, once on the train things get icy between the two as Anne tells Gilbert that she was capable of going to Charlottetown on her own.

Once in Charlottetown, Anne is joyfully reunited with Cole and Aunt Josephine. Cole is very happy with Aunt Jo and artist school.

What is less joyful is Anne’s journey to Nova Scotia and the orphanage that she called home from 3 months to 13. Instead of finding answers that she had hoped, all Anne finds is the bad memories that come with the place. Also, Anne sees that nothing has changed with children bullying other children and the staff still as unkind as ever. As Anne awaits to see the matron, she overhears a father leaving his son and daughter behind as he can no longer afford to keep them. The father asks the matron that when his kids are older to say that he has died. As I was watching this scene, I saw the boy and girl and my first immediate thought that it was Davy and Dora Keith but that is not the case as they were never named.

When it is Anne’s turn, the matron eventually recognizes her and tells her that there are no records of her parents as those files were lost to vermin. Before Anne leaves, she goes to a secret hiding spot of her writings. Anne breaks down and worries that her parents actually dumped her at the orphanage and she is unloved and was a fool to live in her life of imagination. But Cole tells Anne that it because of her imagination is why he likes her because it allowed her to accept him.

Back on the ferry, both agree the trip was a bust but resolve to go back to Nova Scotia and visit the church where they might find information on Anne’s parents.

Meanwhile, Gilbert has taken a fancy to Dr. Ward’s receptionist or assistant, Winifred Rose. The two go on a tea date. Gilbert has more to learn about courtship that Winifred is more than happy to tutor him in. While I was hoping this season would move the needle on Anne and Gilbert, I have to remember that many people come between those two before they eventually realize that they were meant to be.

Elsewhere, Mary’s adult son, Elijah comes for a visit. At first it is all smiles until Elijah sees the new family that his mom has started with Bash. Elijah gets drunk and pretty much blames his mom for his hard life and that his mom has moved on to provide a better life for his baby sister. Bash tells Elijah to get his act together and even asks Gilbert to hire him as a farm hand. Gilbert agrees but probably regrets that as Elijah has stolen his father’s possessions.

Also, Rachel Lynde is still on a mission to find Miss Stacey a beau and is not pleased to see her and Matthew putting together a printing press.

Throughout the episode, we see Marilla struggle over what Anne will find out about her parents. When Anne does return home, she plays down everything but over prayers, she laments being unloved, which Marilla overhears. In the morning, Marilla snaps at Anne over her article on the Mi’kmaq people which results in her forbidding Anne from going to Nova Scotia. Anne wonders where all of this anger is coming from and Marilla snaps back that she loves Anne.

On the way to school, Anne is silent while Matthew tries to explains things. It does seems things are not right in Avonlea for the Cuthberts.

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