The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 “Bread Week” Recap

The only way I will ever make bread is if I have a bread machine. I am too lazy to do the kneading by hand and too impatient in waiting for the dough to proof. So I am pretty sure if I were on this show, this would be the week that I would be sent packing.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Povitia – savory or sweet and any size or shape

The Time: 2 and half hours

What I would bake: First off, I had to Google how to spell it so that shows you how well I would do at this challenge. I needed to see what the other bakers were making to get some inspiration. Initially, I thought about going sweet but I think I might do a sun-dried tomato and basil pesto povticia and I would make my own pesto.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

Liam’s savoury Povitica sounds intriguing and has flavours I dig. Other Povitica I would want to try are Andrea’s, Nataliia’s and Jodi’s.

Andrea: Mocha Coco Loco Povitica with almonds. Kyla noted it was dry but did like the flavours and what she was trying to achieve.

Chris: Chinese Roots Poviticia – taro and black sesame seeds. Bruno said it was great concept but a misfire in the details. 

Colin: Chai Spice Poviticia with chocolate and walnuts. Bruno noted that it was simple and almost perfect.

Jasmine: Spumoni Poviticia with pistachios, cherries and cinnamon chocolate. Kyla said the bake was over sweet.

Nataliia: Hazelnut and mango Poviticia. Bruno called the flavours bright.

Liam: Savoury Ethiopian Berber Povticia – chicken and berbere. Bruno called the look rustic and the flavours beautiful.

Jay: Black forest Potivicia. Kyla noticed it was dense and the filling had uneven distribution.

Jodi: Chocolate Raspberry Povitica in a round shape. Kyla noted the bake was underdone.

Technical Challenge

The Bake: Brioche a tete – Bunhead – made by hand (i.e. no mixers)

The time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

How I would have fared: See my opening paragraph as that should tell you how I would have fared.

How our bakers fared:

8. Liam

7. Jasmine

6. Jay

5. Andrea

4. Chris

3. Jodi

2. Nataliia

1.  Colin



The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: A bread sculpture  – two different kinds of yeast leavened bread

The Time: 4 hours and 30 minutes

What I would bake: This is how much I know about bread, I didn’t know there were two kinds of yeast leavened breads. I think one of my breads would be orange cinnamon roll and chocolate challah. I think I would try and shape into a sea otter holding a ball. I honestly don’t know if that would work. My lack of creativity will be my downfall.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

All of the contestants breads sound and looked amazing. I would want to eat all of them.

Andrea: Bouquet of Bread made with Grissini bread sticks, sweet bread flowers in a whole wheat vase. Bruno and Kyla liked the flavour of the bread sticks but her vase was underbaked and had no flavour.

Chris: A mermaid sculpture made from cardamom challah and za’atar and seaweed fougasse. Kyla liked the colour on the fougasse and Bruno can taste the seaweed. Kyla wanted the challah bread to more rich and moist.

Colin: Crab sculpture made with challah bread and garlic pretzel claws. Kyla loved the attention to details on the crab. Both loved the flavours of breads but Bruno could have used more garlic.

Jasmine: Panda bear sculpture made with parmesan and rosemary loaf, pumpernickel and grissini bread sticks. Kyla thinks the bread is overbaked but did like the taste of rye and the flavours from the rosemary loaf was not overpowering.

Jay: Sculpture: Butterly made with turmeric tahini challah and rosemary fougasse. Kyla liked the flavour of the fougasse both noted that the flavours of his challah didn’t come through in particular the tahini.

Jodi: Pretzel-mania sculpture made with caraway rye bread, pretzel ropes and a wrestler made from honey whole wheat. Kyla loved the homage to Jodi’s husband and Bruno liked the flavour of both breads.

Liam: Birdcage sculpture made with rosemary potato bread, pretzel bars, focaccia base and a butter bird. Bruno said the focaccia could have used more oil but liked the flavour of the potato bread.

Nataliia: A Ukranian-Canadian girl sculpture made with korovai and poppy seed roll. Bruno liked the artistry of the bake but felt the flavours of both breads were lacking.

In the running for Star Baker: Colin, Liam, Jodi and Nataliia

In danger of going home: Andrea and Jay

Star Baker: Colin

Going Home: Andrea


There goes another BC baker but not surprised. Like Betty, Andrea goes home on a week where it wasn’t her strength.

Next week is old-school week. I don’t really know what that means but taking a look at previews, if I made it to this week, I think I might be able to decently.


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