The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 “Biscuit Week”

I like to think that I would do well in biscuit week as I really love to make cookies. I’ve probably said this every time there has been biscuit week but Cookie Monster is my spirit “animal.”

Signature Bake

The Bake: 36 identical savory crackers with a complimentary spread.

The Time: 90 minutes

What I would bake: I’ve made crackers and agree with Nataliia that it would be easier to just buy them. But if I were in this competition, I would make a take on my sun-dried and chive bread but do it in cracker form. I think my spread would be a roasted red pepper hummus.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:

The only cracker that remotely sounds appealing to me is Jasmine’s as that is a flavor I am familiar. If I had choose a second one, it is Jay’s but only because of the dip.

Andrea: Black sesame beetroot crackers with goat cheese and fig and thyme dip. Bruno thinks the flavours work together and the cracker tastes great on its own. Kyla liked the presentation.

Chris: Green tea Korean chili flakes cracker with a pollock roe dip. Kyla liked how all of the elements of the crackers came together well.

Colin: Cinco de mayo crackers (made with ancho chili) and spicy bean dip. Kyla noted the irregular sizes of the crackers and also very spicy that it was overpowering.

Jasmine:  Jamaican Jerk cracker with mango lime butter. Her crackers lacked snap.

Jay: Wheat and rye crackers with a shrimp dip. Bruno thinks the shrimp dip has a nice flavor but noted that some of his crackers are burnt.

Jodi: Salt and thyme cracker with an asiago cuttlefish ink dip. Bruno thinks the saltiness of the cheese combined well with the buttery texture of the cracker.

Liam: Parsnip and thyme crackers with a harissa dip. Kyla noted that Liam nailed his crackers.

Mary-Lou: Pickle and chili cracker with salted cod dip. Kyla liked how the flavours play into each other well.

Nataliia: Beet and Dill crispy twist with a smoked salmon dip. Kyla noted the snap and Bruno also liked the flavours

Technical Challenge

The Bake: 1 dozen marshmallow puff

The time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

How I would have fared: I probably would do not do okay at this. The only thing I would fail at is making the marshmallow as I’ve never made them before. Also, I don’t make jam so that is where I would struggle and I have never tempered chocolate. I probably would land near the bottom.

How our bakers fared:

9. Liam

8. Jasmine

7. Jodi

6. Mary Lou

5. Colin

4. Nataliia

3. Andrea

2. Jay

1. Chris

The Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: Epic Fantasy cookie scene using at least two kinds of cookies.

The Time: 4 hours

What I would bake: First off the two cookies I would make are gingerbread and cardamom sugar cookies. As for what fantasy elements, I would try and pull something from the world of Harry Potter but not make it like it was from that world in case there are some copyright issues. So basically create some sort of magical world.

That being said, the closest I came to create fantasy cookies was when I added Santa hats to a whole bunch of Star Wars cookies.

What the contestants bakes and judges thoughts:

Andrea: Magical fairy garden made with gingerbread and orange sugar cookies. Bruno thinks the gingerbread was undercooked.

Chris: Dragon boss biscuit made with spiced vanilla cookie and mint chocolate sable. Both thought Chris held back on the flavours and was too ambitious.

Colin: Mermaid scene: Coconut and lime biscuits with chocolate mint merpeople. Bruno said the bake was perfect and Kyla said that he showed them what he was made of.

Jasmine: Super Jasmine Saves the City made with chili chocolate cookie and shortbread sidekick. Kyla enjoyed the chocolate flavour and her effort.

Jay: Dog sanctuary made out of sugar cookies and spiced chocolate gingerbread. The judges felt that the showstopper wasn’t a showstopper and that his cookie dough was overworked.

Jodi: Dragon hoarding treasure made with pink peppercorn gingerbread with orange cranberry cookies. Kyla admired the details of the showstopper and enjoyed the gingerbread.

Liam: Gnome home with gingerbread, vanilla orange cookies and walnut cookies. Kyla thinks the showstopper was fun and thinks the cookies are light and not dense.

Mary-Lou: Newfoundland Ghost Ship made with coconut lime shortbread with swiss meringues. Both judges noted that the Showstopper was a mess but noted the cookies had a good flavour.

Nataliia: Galactic Metropolis made with honey ginger cookies and almond sugar cookies. Kyla loves the colour scheme and Bruno calls the cookies delicious.

In the running for Star Baker: Colin, Jodi, Nataliia, maybe Chris

In danger of going home: Mary Lou, Jasmine

Star Baker: Nataliia

Going Home: Mary Lou

Not too surprising especially after her showstopped ended up not being what she envisioned. However, I really thought Jodi would get it because that was a away better showstopper than Nataliia’s. But what do I know, I am not a judge.

Next week is Bread Week and let us see if Nataliia becomes Star Baker again.



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