Fan Expo Vancouver 2019 with Gotham’s Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz

Gotham is currently airing its final season and the show’s Alfred and Bruce Wayne, Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz graced the Fan Expo Vancouver stage to talk about the show’s legacy and more.

On the last day of filming, Pertwee called it very emotional and sad while Mazouz called beautiful. He added that it was a blessing that everyone knew going in to season 5 that it was going to be its last. “It was a celebration of the last five years and I look on that [last] day with pride.”

Pertwee also said that the show got to finish the way “we hoped to finish it without spoiling anything.”

On the Bruce and Alfred relationship, Pertwee called it as “two dark character that has the propensity to love.”

As for playing such an iconic character as Bruce Wayne, Mazouz felt no pressure because he was 12 years old at the time he got the role.

One of the things that Mazouz did bring to the role was that Batman’s/Bruce’s strength comes from the tragedy of his parents murder and his vulnerability. “He is born out of tragedy and I try apply that to the show.”

He added that his favourite Batman is Christian Bale’s and drew inspiration from when he got Gotham. Pertwee shared that Mazouz would practice Bale’s Batman voice on set.

As for Pertwee’s Alfred, he calls it a hybrid between Michael Gough’s and Michael Caine’s.

“I loved Gough’s ease as he navigates around Michael Keaton’s Bruce and loved Caine’s blue collar aspect to Alfred,” he said.

Additionally, Pertwee said he had to walk away from their interpretations of an iconic character as his Alfred his a younger version and a more active and virile man. As for Alfred’s past a SAS soldier, it was his idea as the writers initially had Alfred as a former Marine. And while Pertwee is part of the upcoming Pennyworth, he hopes that he has added a vital piece to Alfred’s history.

As for favourite moments of the show, Mazouz liked his season 3 fight with Jerome in the hall of mirrors while Pertwee favourite was in season 1 when Alfred was allowed out of the mansion to help Bruce confront a bully as it was “the germination of the man who will don the cowl.”

And favourite season to film? Pertwee said it was season 2 as that was when the show found its heart while Mazouz loved the start of season 4 as that is when Bruce found his groove.

Over the 5 seasons, Mazouz wishes the show had introduced Talia Al’Ghul. Pertwee wishes they could have done Batman with the cape and the car.

In terms of life after the show, Pertwee has some upcoming film projects and wants to work back in England soon.

Mazouz has an upcoming film project that he said will take 4 year. “It is called college. I see college as an experience to expand myself and satisfy my curiosity of the world and make connections with people who can be friends for life. If I pass not it now, I will regret it forever.”

Now that the show has finished filming, Pertween and Mazouz reflects on how Gotham can influence future versions of Batman and Batman villains. Both believe that the show’s legacy is that they humanized the villains. Mazouz said the show’s Penguin was not black and white villain but grey.  He added that because of their version of the Penguin, he thinks that in the next iteration Batman that the Penguin does not necessarily have to be the villain.

Pertwee also praised that Gotham creator Danny Cannon made the show timeless that he thinks will stand up over time.

And are we going to see Batman in Gotham’s series finale? Mazouz answered yes but wouldn’t elaborate on how as he wants people to see how he pulls it off.

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