Fan Expo Vancouver 2019 with Arrowverse’s Courtney Ford, Brandon Routh and Juilana Harkavy

Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t come back until April 1 but that didn’t stop stars (and real-life married couple) Courtney Ford and Brandon Routh to tease what’s to come on the show’s return to fans during this past weekends Fan Expo Vancouver.
Routh mentioned that some of the upcoming physical comedy that Ray gets to do has been some of his favourite scenes to film since the Camelot sword fighting back in season 2.
While the Legends sat out of this season’s crossover event,  Elseworlds, Routh hopes that he and the rest of the Legends of Tomorrow cast gets to be a part of next season’s, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Routh likes the epicness of the crossovers and it gives the cast of the Arrowverse shows a chance to see each other, which they rarely get to do despite all of the shows filming in Vancouver.
Other things to expect when Legends of Tomorrow returns is the continued evolution of Nora Darhk, said Ford.
“Nora started in a dark place and her evolution, which you haven’t seen yet, is extraordinary to show that evolution of a human being and show that many sides of a character” she added.
Ford also shared that she initially was only supposed to be on for three episodes as she was also on Supernatural at the same time (both shows film at the same studio) but she kept on getting asked back because she was doing such an amazing job.
“Being able to be on Legends is everything your inner child would want,” said Ford.
To help prepare her to play Nora, Ford said her research was to watch her characters childhood memories with Damien Darhk during season 4 of Arrow.
While Harkavy didn’t tease much what to expect when Arrow resumes on Monday, she did share with fans how meeting them is her favourite part of playing Black Canary and also hearing how much the character means to people.
“It is a dream job to be a role model and be so strong and powerful. It is the best job you can ask for,” Harkavy said and added that Dinah is the longest role she has ever played.
Harkavy shared an embarrassing story of how the first time she had to get out of the Canary costume. “[The costume] made me hot and sticky and I had to use the washroom. I took it all off and realized I had peed all over myself.” To add to her embarrassment, Harvaky actually ended up in the men’s washroom and not the women’s. It then took her 10 minutes to put the suit back on.
As for the Black Canary suit, Harkavy said that she “cried and cried when I put on the costume for the first time.” She then sent a picture of herself to her parents can’t believing that this is her life.
Outside of being Black Canary, Harkavy said she would love to play Batwoman but said that Ruby Rose does an amazing job. Routh said he would like to be Supergirl and Ford said White Canary.
Since Routh and Ford are married in real-life, what is it like to play love interests?
“Eww gross,” Ford jokingly said. In all seriousness, Ford doesn’t find it weird to act opposite her husband and said she used her time on Dexter and True Blood to learn how other married actor leads interacted with each other on set.
Routh said that he loves having his wife on set because “it is great to have a team mate that has my back, we have a shorthand, and [Courtney] is not judgemental.”
He added that this is the first time they’ve played characters that don’t know each other so they finally get to have a “meet-cute”.
But initially, Nora and Ray were not intended to be each other’s love interest but the producers thought it would be fun to put together two polar opposite characters. Routh credits the episode where Ray and Nora were in Germany together as the beginnings of their relationship. “It was Courtney’s idea to beat me up in the car and we used that energy.”
When it comes to workout routines, Julianna used to go to the gym six days a week but has reduced it to two days. Courtney calls her workout her chasing around her 6-year old son while Routh says that he works out more if he knows he has a shirtless scene.
Ford teased that we may see a shirtless Ray when Legends of Tomorrow returns in April.
Arrow returns Monday March 4, 2019 at 8pm ET/PT on the CW.
Legends of Tomorrow returns Monday April 1, 2019 at its new time at 8pm ET/PT on the CW. Arrow will be moving to 9pm ET/PT on April 1, 2019.
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