Burden of Truth Season 2 Finale “The Right Road” Recap

It is the season 2 finale of Burden of Truth and the clock is ticking for Joanna and Billy to prove Luna’s innocence with the trial starting the very next day.

Last episode, Joanna realized that Mara was the one that killed her father but now she has to prove it. Joanna goes through every possible evidence that could possibly link Mara to her father’s death. Billy plays Devil’s Advocate to show Joanna that they are facing an impossible task.

Day 1

Various police officers take the stand including Owen. Every testimony does not go well for Luna especially when Mercer gets on stand and testifies confidently that Luna was the right suspect despite Joanna pressing him not pursuing any other suspects. Not a very good start for Joanna and Billy.

Back in prison, Luna seems to be losing hope of ever being released. On the eve of her trial, Luna hoped that her mom won’t forget about her while she is in prison. Gerrilyn quotes Shakespeare to say that she will always be there for her daughter.

Day 2

With Mercer still on the stand, Joanna asks him if he is racist. Mercer replies that he is not. To prove that he is, Joanna tells the courtroom that Mercer drove a drunk white person home but did not offer the same courtesy to an indigenous man: Neil Bellgarde. Joanna proves that Mercer had Bellgarde in his patrol car by showing an arrest warrant report he pulled the night that Bellgarde died and Mercer took him on a starlight tour. The end result was that Mercer drop Bellgarde off 10km outside of the city in the middle of January only wearing a t-shirt. When Joanna asks why Mercer would not offer the same courtesy he did with a white Millwood resident to Bellgarde, Mercer refuses to answer but still answers that he is not a racist. Joanna counters that Mercer made the leap that Luna was the murderer even thought witnesses said they saw an indigenous woman leave the motel and not David’s room.

Meanwhile, Taylor is reluctant to take the stand as she doesn’t want her testimony to be the cause of Luna being sent to prison. Matheson tells Taylor that she has to testify because they made a plea deal. or else she will be tried next to Luna.

When Taylor takes the stand, she actually uses her brain injury as a reason why her testimony and sworn statement is unreliable. The judge is dismissed Taylor’s testimony and Bennett is pissed. Taylor and Luna give each other a look to note that their friendship was not broken over this. With Taylor’s testimony out, that means that there was no pre-meditation and Luna can’t be charged with first degree murder.

Bennett then calls Joanna as a witness. Bennett did so to confront Joanna over deleting the incriminating voice mail that Luna left threatening David. Joanna testifies that she never took Luna’s threat seriously because if she did, she would have warned her dad and stopped Luna. Joanna tells the court that her case with Lovand made her a target for hacking and that is the reason why the voice mail was deleted.

After day 2 has wrapped, Joanna tells Billy they are going to bring in Mara as a technology expert to prove that it is possible her phone could be hacked and delete the voice mail.

Really it is a guise to get Mara on the stand to point the finger of David’s murder on her. But first, Joanna needs the photo that her dad’s laptop took of the hacker. The two realize that David would never do work on a real estate contract with Lovand but the hacker would as it was the same files that Mara and Noah asked Joanna for earlier in the season. Joanna turns to Sunil who reluctantly helps get the photo.

Day 3

Once on the stand, Mara agrees that it is possible for Joanna’s phone to be hacked to make it look like the phone user deleted a voice mail. Thinking that her part is over, Mara goes to leave but Joanna asks her about her father’s laptop. Joanna presses Mara to admit that she asked her help in getting the Lovand contract’s from her father and that she refused. Joanna keeps on pressing Mara about her need to protect Noah and the movement. Joanna then says the bartender at the bar across the motel can ID her and also shows Mara the photo of her hacking into the laptop. And as if this was right out of the climax of Legally Blonde, Joanna actually gets Mara to confess to killing David but that she didn’t mean to.

The judge is none too pleased at what transpired and calls Joanna and Bennett into his chambers. Bennett admits that Joanna now has placed reasonable doubt. Back in the court room, the Crown announces that they are dropping the charges against Luna thus making her a free woman.

Trial Aftermath

Gerrilyn tells Luna that she is moving back to the reservation, which makes Luna very happy. We later seen Gerrilyn packing her car and that her Millwood house has sold.

Owen tells Diane that he wants to quit the police force because of Mercer but she tells him not to as Millwood is looking for a new police chief. Diane ends up being right as the mayor offers Owen the job and one of his first acts is to arrest Mercer.

Unfortunately, things aren’t so rosy for Shane. Billy placed in a psychiatric facility and he had decided to move to Winnipeg to be closer to him. Shane believes that he can read minds and we also see that he doesn’t not take his medication at all.

Luna is back in Winnipeg and a thriving member of the Bear Clan. Luna tells Joanna that she is not returning back to Montreal but transferring to University of Manitoba. It is hinted that Luna will study law and help out her community. We then see Taylor join Luna as a Bear Clan volunteer.

Billy helps Joanna decide where to spread her dad’s ashes, which happens to be at the foot of her grandparent’s gravestone.

Meanwhile, Joanna is ready head to Singapore to head her law firm’s international practice. We see Billy packing up his house when he gets a call from Joanna saying that she always runs because she have never been loved and doesn’t know if she can love. Joanna then asks Billy if he would have asked her to stay but he replies that he can’t compete with Singapore. Joanna tells Billy he didn’t answer the question and we Joanna in the reflection of Billy’s bookcase (“she got off the plane”).

So will there be a season 3? At first, everything seemed to have wrapped up in a bow. But with Joanna not going to Singapore, it is possible there is a season 3.



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