Burden of Truth Season 2 “Never Face the Hangman” Recap

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is all connected in terms of the two cases that have dominated season 2 of Burden of Truth. This week it seems we have a good separation of storylines with very little mingling.


Owen is investigating what happened to the missing hair strand that disappeared from the evidence locker. Owen learns that the hair was not a match to Luna and the report was received by Officer Jason Boone. Owen takes Boone on a ride-along and pretty much accuses him of stealing the evidence for Mercer so it would fit the narrative of Luna as the killer. Boone defends his actions saying he is towing the party line and that Owen should do the same. But Owen doesn’t think he or Boone should have to and takes him to see some neighbourhood kids. Owen covers up his police uniform with a hoodie to give the kids some sports toys while they shun Boone who stays in his uniform but also has sports toys. Owen explains the kids that are a mix of different visible minority groups are distrustful of the police. While Boone doesn’t fully cooperate, he does turn Owen on to a name that he should look into: Neil Bellgarde.

Owen looks over Bellgarde’s file while at Diane’s and is pissed that he fell through the system. Diane gets Owen to think like a dirty cop as to why Bellgarde did not get a fair shake. This leads Owen to find that Mercer was the one in charge of searching Bellgarde.


Luna has toughened up since being in detention and is trying to get her soft cellmate to toughen up too. But the cellmate refuses to let prison harden her so she can cope. Luna realizes that her cellmate is right that she doesn’t have to be cold to survive so instead she gives her cellmate a copy of the charter of human rights to help prepare her for her court case.

Billy and Shane

Billy is still playing along with Shane’s delusions. When Billy suggests that Shane see a doctor about his condition, he freaks out and refuses. So Billy changes tacts and says he has a client that he can see that has connections to the mob or gangs that perhaps can help Shane out of his predicament.

So the two get in his truck and head into town. Billy gets Shane to wait in his truck while he goes ahead to see his “client”. In reality, Billy goes to see the doctor. After hearing out Billy, the doctor believes that Shane is schizophrenic but can’t confirm unless he sees him. Billy goes back to get Shane but finds him and his truck missing.

Billy calls Owen to be on the lookout for the truck, who later calls him to say it has been found on the outskirts of town. Billy rents a car and goes to Shane only to find that he torched his truck.

When the two go back home, Billy tells Shane how much he loves but then gets, I think brutally honest with him saying that their father left because he couldn’t handle Shane. Billy adds that he is tired of taking care of Shane too and goads him into hitting him. Shane does take the bait. Later on, Billy re-affirms his love for this brother as Owen comes to arrest Shane who yells that people are going to kill him as he is dragged away.


Joanna and the Crown meet with the judge to go over pre-trial rules. Billy tries to get Joanna to take some time to still process her grief. Joanna over-reacts a bit and grabs her dad’s ashes and is about to spread them in the Millwood high school field, the site of the hazardous waste dumping ground. Joanna stops short of being so cruel to her father. Joanna admits that he even though David did some horrible things, she still thought of him as her hero.

Joanna realizes that the only way they can get Luna off is point the direction to a new suspect. While looking over crime scene photos, she notice an anomaly: her dad’s laptop was open and on the table, which is highly suspect of a high-end corporate lawyer.

So Joanna ends to Winnipeg to the only person she knows that can help break into her dad’s laptop to find out what this potential new suspect was looking for.

Joanna ends up at an abandoned warehouse, which is the new HQ for Noah and Mara who need to lie low from the feds. At first Noah doesn’t want to help Joanna but after hearing her pleas to help prove her sister’s innocence, he agrees. Unfortunately, Mara is not in a welcoming mood and pretty much wants Joanna out of the warehouse and their lives.

When Noah does get into the laptop, he finds that the person was looking for a real estate contract. Joanna and Noah are shocked that Lovand is connected to the murder case. From the looks of the contract, Toronto-area malls want to implement Lovand’s facial recognition software into their cameras. Noah tells Joanna he needs more time to break into the security around the computer to get the photo the laptop took of the person breaking in. As Noah is working on the laptop, Mara indicates to Joanna that Noah would rather kill himself then step into a courtroom again.

Mara and Noah get spooked when Joanna receives a call from her boss Teddy and tell her not to answer. When Joanna doesn’t, Teddy texts to say that there is an arrest warrant out for Noah. Joanna needs to call Teddy back so Mara scrambles her signal so people won’t know where she is calling from. Teddy wants to ensure that Joanna has not been in contact with Noah at all and she says that she hasn’t. Also, Teddy wants to be sure that Joanna is ready to be managing partner at the firm’s Singapore location, which Joanna also says she is ready.

Unfortunately, for the trio, the police come to Noah’s warehouse. Panic sets in but Joanna stays calm enough to place her phone in Noah’s bag as everyone splits up and flees. Joanna takes off with Mara, who also grabbed David’s laptop. Joanna tells Mara to trace her phone to find Noah. They end up at the airport but Noah is nowhere to be found as he left the phone behind when he boarded a plan to a destination unknown.

The two return to Noah and Mara’s home. Mara offers to help Joanna find out who broke into David’s laptop and she accepts. When Mara is away getting tools to help, Teddy calls Joanna to congratulate her on turning Noah in. But Joanna tells Teddy she didn’t. Joanna soon realizes that Mara was the one as it seems she cared more about the cause than about Noah.

Joanna also learns that Mara is from California indicating that she probably is the one that murdered David. Without proof, Joanna tries to get her father’s laptop back but Mara insists that she can help. Joanna backs off most likely to formulate a new game plan.

I believe next week is the season finale as things seem to be wrapping up. Will Joanna find the evidence she needs to prove Mara is the killer and set Luna free. My gut is telling me yes.


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