Burden of Truth Season 2 “Manic Street Preacher” Recap

Just when I thought the Lovand case was in the rear view mirror, it comes rearing its head again as she meets with Noah and Mara in a parking garage with a summons of sort from the Federal Government. Joanna tells Noah that he has to answer it and passes him off to other lawyers she trusts as all of her time and attention is going to defending Luna.

Meanwhile, back in Millwood, jury selection has begun for Luna’s trial. Joanna enlists Diane’s help to vet the potential jurors with Billy while she finishes things up at work.

But that is easier said then done when Teddy asks Joanna to dinner to help woo a potential client that will help take the firm internationally. The dinner has taken no longer that Joanna would like and is unable to go back to Millwood to help Billy and Diane. But Billy and Diane make a good dent and have come up with a list of potential jurors that they think can give Luna a fair trial.

Unfortunately, when jury selection begins, Gerrilynn notices that most of the potential jurors are old white men. Joanna and Billy realize this and going to try and make sure the jury will be fair. While jury selection is going on, Diane notices that an Indigenous man didn’t show up for jury duty because he didn’t get the summons and calls him to let him know. Back at the high school gym that is acting as the court room for jury selection, the jury is so comprised of white men and women and unfortunately for Billy and Joanna, Diane lets them know too late to reject a racist jury that they had moments earlier accepted.

When the Indigenous man shows up for jury duty, he gets quickly rejected as a potential jury and this is after a number of coloured people have also been rejected. Joanna asks to speak to the judge to complain about jury tampering and wants an adjournment to look into it. Joanna tells the judge that she fears that Luna does not have a jury of her peers and will not get a fair trial. The judge is offended that Joanna would think he would not be impartial and denies the adjournment.

Back at Billy’s, Joanna is determined to prove Luna’s innocence and gets Billy to help her pour over the evidence again. While going over the evidence, Billy gets a call to come and get Shane who is very drunk at a bar and about to get into a fight. When the two get back to Billy’s and put Shane to bed, they get back to work. Billy notices a discrepancy in Taylor’s statement and Shane’s statement. Taylor said she never left her room while Shane said he saw a girl around 9pm when he checked in. Joanna wonders why Taylor lied but then realize that perhaps she didn’t and Shane saw someone else.

Soon enough the lack of sleep and her grief catches up to Joanna and she breaks down. Joanna tells Billy that she feels like she is just like her father but Billy tells her she is not and comforts her. Soon the two kiss but Joanna pulls away and Billy holds her. The two fall asleep on the couch and the next morning the two ask Shane to clarify his statement. Shane said he saw a young girl in her 20s with a hotel towel when he checked in around 9pm or 10pm. The two believe that this will help clear Luna as they will pivot this as the police not following up on Shane’s statement and making their own conclusions. Joanna and Billy believe they can take this to the Crown to help Luna’s case. Billy also wants to take Shane back to the police statement to clarify his statement but he gets spooked when he sees Owen arrive, who came to let Billy and Joanna know, off the record, that the hair collected at the scene of the crime as evidence has gone missing.

Speaking of Owen, we see at the beginning of the episode, he is in witness prep with the Crown who suggests he separate his personal relationship he had with Luna to his role as a police officer. Gerrilyn admonishes Owen for abandoning Luna in her time of need but he defends himself saying that he has to as his role as an officer of the court. However, later on we see Owen visit Luna to apologize for not visiting sooner and he tells her he is doing his best to set her free. Luna just sits there silently and at first rejects his gift of a book but later takes it back with her. We do see in this episode that Luna’s time in detention has changed and hardened her as she has become the cold inmate to her new cellmate.

Back at Billy’s, Shane takes off as he doesn’t want to talk to the police so Billy chases after him. Shane calms down and tells Billy that he needs to show him something back at the motel as he felt that he was the intended target and not David.

At the motel, Shane explains to Billy that he always stays in room 127 when he is in Millwood but couldn’t get that room the night David died because he was in it. Now that the room is available again, he has turned it into something out of Homeland. Billy can see that Shane isn’t well. Shane believes that his a target for the mob because every time he has left a place, someone gets murdered. Joanna calls Billy to let him know that she called the Crown about Shane’s testimony thinking it is good news but Billy tells Joanna the opposite.

Billy remains with Shane playing along as he goes through the different papers he has collected thinking he is helping Luna.

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