The Great Canadian Baking Show “Canada Week” Recap

The Canadian version puts their twist on the British version of Tudor Week or Victorian Week with Canada Week that challenges our bakers in making baked goods with a Canadian twist.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Tourtiere with a complimentary condiment to make the pie pop

The Time: 2 hours

What I would bake: Since we can use whatever filling, I think I would make a Indian spiced lamb tourtiere with a mango chutney


Halifax Donair Tourtiere with donair sauce. Rochelle liked how it smells but it looked dry. Bruno thinks the meat could use more fat.


Traditional Tourtiere (made with ground beef) with homemade chili sauce. Rochelle liked that it is a tourtiere is how it should look and liked the balance of flavours.


Homestyle tourtiere (with ground pork, lamb and beef) with gravy and ketchup. Sabrina tourtiere’s crumbled and need more fat.


Tourtiere a la Vancouver Island with bison, turkey and lamb. Bruno thinks it is moist but too much cloves. Both liked the look of it.


Christmas Eve Tourtiere with turkey and bacon and a cranberry-apple chutney. Bruno notes that Terri’s pie cuts nicely and that the meat holds. Rochelle likes the buttery crust and says her family is lucky to get this tourtiere.


Saucy Vegetarian Tourtiere with ground almonds, carrots and beets paired with tomato relish. Bruno thinks it has a rich texture and Rochelle thinks the beet make the pie look meat like.


Chickpea and Cashew Tourtiere with lime cilantro chutney. Rochelle noted the small size. Bruno liked the flavour and Rochelle thinks the condiment pairs nicely. Bruno added the condiment brightens it

Technical Bake

The Bake: 16 maple leaf shortbread cookies sandwhiched with maple cream.

The Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

I’ve never made maple cookies before but I am sure that I can do it. I’ve made sandwich cookies before. However, I do think the trick for me is making the maple leaf and not getting stem braking off.

It seems a lot of bakers didn’t put enough filling in their cookies or added too much sugar on top.

Here is how our bakers did from worse to first:

7. Jude

6. Terri

5. Sabrina

4. Vandana

3. Juliana

2. James

  1. Linda

Showstopper Bake

The Bake: 12 Donuts (6 of one flavour and 6 of another)

The Time: 3 hours

What I would make: Pumpkin Maple-Glazed with toasted pecans donuts and double chocolate donuts (after my favourite Tim Horton’s donut). These would be cake doughnuts.

Everone’s donuts sound and look amazing especially Linda’s. I did laugh out loud when Julia joked the judges have the thankless job of tasting all of these tasty donuts.


Marshmallow puff and maple glazed donuts. Rochelle thinks the maple glazed donut is messy looking and Bruno thinks it it is overly sweet. But Rochelle liked the Marshmallow puff.


S’mores and poutine donuts. Rochelle calls these and playful. Rochelle loved the indulgent flavour of the S’mores.


Saskatoon berry white chocolate and sour cherry lemonade donuts. Bruno wanted more sour cherries. Rochelle liked the subtle Saskatoon berry flavour.


Sea to Sea donut (blackcurrant glaze and blackberry-filled jelly). Rochelle thinks her donuts are too greasy.


Maple bacon and double double donuts. Linda’s hockey stick melted on her double double. Bruno thinks the maple bacon donuts had nicely balanced flavours.


Okanagan Peach beignet and French Crueller with a raspberry glaze. Rochelle called James’ crueller sensational and liked the raspberry glaze. Bruno thinks James could have put some peaches on top of his Okanagan peach donut but he loved the flavour calling it a showstopper.


Glazed canoe with triple sec pastry cream and Nova Scotia Rum Runner donuts. The judges noted that Julian’s Rum Runner donuts didn’t rise. Rochelle liked the custard of the glazed canoe.

Who is in the running for Star Baker: Linda and James

Who is in danger: Jude and Julian

Star Baker: James

Going Home: Jude

I had a feeling Jude was going home. Jude has been skating by week after week. Jude reminds of Val from season 7 of The Great British Bake-off. It just was a matter of time before Jude was going home. Glad that my fellow Richmond-ite is the Star Baker this week.

I think the front-runners for the final three are: Linda, Vandana and Sabrina

Next week: Best of Britain Week

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