The Great Canadian Baking Show “Best of Britain Week” Recap

I am a big fan of The Great British Bake-Off or as it is known in North America as The Great British Baking Show, it is great they are honouring the show’s roots with “Best of Britain Week.”

Signature Challenge

The Bake: A majestic boozy, fruity trifle.

The Time: 2 hours

What I would make: I thought about making the trifle that Rachel made on Friends but I don’t think serving ground beef in a trifle would be appealing. Mine would be a triple berry (strawberry, blackberries and raspberries) and vanilla custard trifle and the sponge would be soaked up in coconut rum. Truth be told, I’ve never made a trifle before but am up for the challenge one of these days.


Gin and Blueberry trifle with a jaconde sponge and an Earl Grey custard. Rochelle noted that the trifle looed rushed. Bruno noted the sponge was overbaked. Rochell said it was ugly but delicious.


Mango kiwi strawberry trifle topped with mango boba (tapioca balls). Rochelle likes that the sponge was light and airy. Bruno loved the mango flavour.


Strawberry Swirl trifle with lemon curd. Rochelle loved the jelly roll but has too much lemoncello. Overall, the two judges loved how the elements have come together.


Strawberry Rhubard trifle with peach schnapps sponge. Bruno likes the components of Terri’s trifle. Bruno likes the balance between the rhubard and the cream. Rochelle thinks the custard could have been thicker.


Mixed berry trifle with chocolate ganache and pistachio custard. Rochelle called Julian out on the lack of layers but the flavours were good. Both noted the custard tasted grainy.


Raspberry Lemon trifle topped with Saskatoon berries and sugar art. Rochelle was surprised at how the microwave custard turned out. Bruno wanted more berries.

Technical Challenge

The Bake: 20 Brandy snaps

The Time: 90 minutes

From the reaction of the bakers, it looks all of them are dreading this challenge. I’ve never made one myself and from their reaction, I don’t think I will even attempt to make them. From Rochelle’s description, it is definitely something very challenging to bake.

Here is how are bakers fared:

6. Julian

5. Vandana

4. Linda

3. James

2. Terri

  1. Sabrina

Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: High Tea (18 pieces of sweet and savory treats – 3 different kinds)

The Time: 4 hours

What I would bake: Garden High Tea: 6x sun dried tomato, cheddar and chive mini muffins ups; 6xraspberry white chocolate scones and 6xmini blackberry swirl quick bread.


British High Tea (Beet soda bread with Wensleydale cheese and pear relish sandwhich; raspberry bakewell tart and orange cheese cake). Rochelle noted how big his bakes were but liked the savory dish. Bruno found the bakewell tart underbaked and the cheesecake overcooked.


East Coast High Tea – Newfoundland Blueberry Grunt, Salted Caramel Apple Tarts and smoked mackarel pate in romano cheese cups. Bruno liked the mackarel but noted it was not pretty. Bruno also thought the cake in his bluberry grunt was to dense. Rochelle had a hard time taking out the tart but it tasted well.


Peach High Tea – Amaretti cookies, seared peach Crostini and peach scones with mock Devonshire cream. Bruno would liked to have had more peach. Rochelle liked the scone and wanted more of the Amaretti cookies.


Albertan High Tea – Goat Cheese basil scones, salted caramel chocolates and mini yorkshire puddings with bison and Saskatoon berry sauce. Bruno and Rochelle loved the taste of the scones. Bruno thought the bison was too dryu. Rochelle loved the chocolate.


Maharaja High Tea. Rice and Chickpea Dhoka, Sandesh and Gujiya. Bruno loved the presentation. Rochelle called her Dhoka incredible and the Gujiya delicious. Rochelle thinks Vandana did a spectacular job with the Sandesh.


High tea with Nan. Butter tarts with bacon, sweet potato fritters and cherry blossom eclairs. Both fans of the bacon on the butter tart. Rochelle thinks Terri’s eclairs were too big and Bruno thinks it was under baked.

In the running for Star Bake: Sabrina and Vandana

In danger: Julian and James

Star Baker: Vandana

Going Home: Julian


Next week: Quarter finals! Looks like it is Christmas-themed.

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