The Great Canadian Baking Show “Dessert Week” Recap

Desserts aren’t really my forte. When I think of desserts, I think of making a cake or a pie or even homemade ice cream but what our top 8 bakers made this week, is something I am very intimidated by.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Signature Sweet Pie or Tart. Should be about pastry and the importance of pastry and style. This week, a lot of bakers had delicious sounding pies like Sabrina, James and Linda

Time Limit: 2 hours

What I would make: Pie in my book is usually apple but how would I make a more elegant pit? I would make a peach and blackberry pie with a lattice top. My issues is not to have the liquids run and have a soggy bottom.


Lemon Meringue Pie topped with candied lemons. Bruno notes that the pie is under-cooked.


Tropical Delight Tart (strawberry grapefruit tart) with coconut crust. Rochelle thinks the curd is bitter and could have used more meringue


Pi Pie with coffee custard and salted caramel. Didn’t turn out how he wanted it to. Luckily for James, Rochelle and Bruno loved the flavour.


Mango ginger cream pie with cookie crust. Rochelle thinks it looks pretty and compliments her piping skills. Bruno thinks the mango flavours burst in the mouth.


Raspberry Swirl pie with cheesecake filling and white chocolate curls. Rochelle thinks it looks spectacular and delicious.


Pumpkin cashew tart topped with papaya. Jude worried about a soggy bottom. There isn’t but Rochelle notes that is is underbaked.


Pear and salted chocolate pie with a lavender hazelnut crust. Bruno noticed the unevent cutting of the filling and like Jude the pastry is raw.


Norther lights tart with pipe chocolate and blueberries. Bruno thinks it is light and airy.

Technical Challenge

The Bake: 1 dozen fondant fancies

Time Limit: 2 hours

I’ve never made fondant fancies. I’ve seen them being made on The Great British Bake-Off and The Great American Baking Show and massively afraid to make these. One day when my new home is done, I will attempt it.

Some had height issues with their fondant fancies and some filling and glazing too think.

Here is how our bakers finished from worse to first:

8. Julian

7. Corey

6. James

This week, Vandana came in first in the technical

5. Jude

4. Terri

3. Sabrina

2. Linda

  1. Vandana

Showstopper Challenge

The Bake: Pavlova

Time Limit: 3 hours

What I would make: When I was a kid, my dad put me in a cooking class during the summer. I remember making a pavlova and when I brought it home, it melted because it was so hot in the car. I think I would make a strawberries and cream decorated with mint leaves. I might add some red food colouring or do some sort of swirl


Peachs and cream pavlova with caramel drizzle and candied walnuts. Terrie was worried about the crack but Rochelle tells her they tend to crack. Bruno thinks the almond extract is overpowering.


Grilled plum pavlova with chocolate hazelnut meringue. Rochelle likes the look and Bruno thinks the combination of chocolate and plums were spectacular.


Wild blueberry pavlova. Rochelle thinks his pavlova ticks all the boxes and thinks this was what a pavlova should be.


Pavlova wreath with candied cranberries and pomegranite. Rochelle thinks it is looks elegant and thinks the bitterness of the cranberries balances the sweetness. Bruno thinks it was a well done pavlova.


Pumpkin pie pavlova with cranberry curd and praline dust. Rochelle thinks the pumpkin filling is not visually appealing. Burno wants more cranberries and less pumpkin.


Raspberry rose pavlova with pistachio. Rochelle was wowed at the look but thought there was too much rosewater in it.


Saffron cardamom pavlova with yogurt cream. Rochelle liked the tang of the yogurt and it balanced out the meringue.


Pavlova music box wit chocolate meringue and banana cream. Bruno thinks it looks creative. Rochelle thinks it is think and the center crispy and not gooey.

In the running for Star Baker: Linda, Vandana, Julian

In danger: Jude, Corey

Star Baker: Linda

Going Home: Corey



Next week is Canada Week and I know exactly what sort of donuts would be my showstopper.



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