Saving Hope Season 5 “Birthday Blues” Recap

In tonight’s Saving Hope, we have birthday celebrations for Alex and a patient, Maggie going on a dating merry-go-around, Charlie dealing with a paranormal de-bunker being hunted by a ghost and Cassie facing her parasite fears.

Let’s get to it.


It’s Alex’s birthday but she isn’t in a celebratory mood. Not even Maggie’s birthday waffles or lovely flowers from Dana will make Alex embrace her birthday which has been marred with bad memories thanks to her mom.

Maggie conspires with Dana to take back Alex’s birthday and make it a positive thing for her by throwing a surprise birthday bash.

Alex’s patient is Deon who has sickle cell anemia and collapsed with chest pain while setting up for his daughter’s Aisha’s birthday party. Aisha is a surly and sassy girl wanting Alex to ensure her dad will be okay especially after hearing that he needs surgery. Alex can only promise that she will do her best with her dad.

Deon tells Alex that he is the only family that Aisha has. Aisha was a result of a one-night stand while her mom was in Florida and met Deon. 6 years later she calls to says she is dying of cancer and he has a daughter. Deon falls in love with his daughter at first sight and moves up to Toronto to become a full-time dad.

During surgery, there is more complications that involve not just Deon’s lungs but heart, Dawn is called in. Dawn learns that Alex’s father died on her birthday. Alex tells Dawn that she doesn’t want Deon to die on Aisha’s birthday.

Aisha gets upset at Alex when she tells him that her dad won’t be coming home for her birthday party.

Alex goes to see Shahir and wonders why her dad choose her birthday to kill herself. Shahir tells Alex about a time when he he thought about killing himself and that those with suicidal thoughts think that they are doing their family members a favour. Alex does understand this. Alex knows what it is like to grow up with out a father and with the situation with her and Charlie worries that this will happen to Luke Shahir assures Alex this won’t happen.

One of the nurses comes in with a birthday cake for her and the two decide to get the cake to say Aisha.

While Deon is in recovery, Alex tells him that he needs to take it easy so he can see Aisha grow up. Aisha comes in to apologize to Alex. Alex suggests to Aisha that she throw her birthday party at the hospital and we see a very happy birthday girl as Deon looks on from his hospital bed.


Maggie had decided to give online dating a try and decided to meet her dates at the Hope-Zion cafe. The first guy, Roland, is much into his dating app than Maggie. Maggie cuts the date short by noting Roland should get the mole on his face checked out. Maggie’s next date wants to be attentive to her but she constantly gets distracted by her phone.

Next date is Spencer. At first Maggie thinks he is a no show and as she goes to leave, Spencer shows that he has been at the cafe this whole time. Spencer and Maggie share dating horror stories and when it looks like it is another bust, Spencer would like a second chance.

Maggie does give Spencer a second chance and agrees to let him help plan Alex’s surprise party since he is an event planner.

At Alex’s surprise party, it looks like Maggie and Spencer are hitting it off and she asks him out to dinner as a thank you.

Dawn and Zach

Since Zach stays over at Dawn’s all the time, she suggests the two move in together. This shocks Zach at first and Dawn is abotu take it back but he agrees but look on face says otherwise.

Zach asks Maggie’s advice on whether or not he can take back the yes when he was thinking no. Maggie doesn’t get to fully give her advice when Dawn arrives.

Dawn knows something is up but Zach says that he is fine with everything. Later at Alex’s surprise party, Dawn rescinds her offer of co-habitation. Zach admits he was spooked at first because he has been alone for a long time, he didn’t know what to do. But Zach doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Dawn then suggests that the two find a place together that would be theirs. Zach agrees and things are good with them again.

Charlie and Dana

Their patient is Garth, a man that got impaled with a piece of wood in his stomach while in an abandon building to investigate ghosts. He is a paranormal blogger and he says no such thing as ghosts and Charlie sees a young black boy with a cut on his head.

Charlie and Dana need to work on Garth fast to prevent paralysis but can’t because of the piece of lumbar impaled in his abdomen as it could lead to further complications if they pull it out. During the surgery, they do pull out the lumber and are working to save Garth’s life.

Charlie goes to see the young boy and his name is Miles, a ghost that has been following Garth around. Garth’s spirit sees Miles and admits to killing him.

The story is Garth and Miles were best friends who would got to abandon buildings. One day, Garth took an axe at one home and kept on chopping at a column that knocked the house down. Miles is killed and Garth is injured and requires a new kidney, which ended up being Miles’. Miles tells Charlie that he has been haunting Garth for the past 20 years to try and get him to not blame himself anymore for his death.

Back in the OR, Dana is thriving on saving Garth. Meanwhile, Charlie visits Garth’s spirit and convinces him to see Miles so the young ghost can move on. As Garth recovers, we see Miles visit him, touch his shoulder and Garth sees him and acceptance crosses his face. Miles is then able to move on.


Cassie begs Zach to let her out of a lice patient because of her parasite phobia. Zach agrees as long as Cassie promises to deal with the next emergency to come on. Unfortunately for Cassie, it is a brother-sister duo who has a host of tropical disease. Leo and Anna are diagnosed with tropical diseases like malaria and dysentery as well as bugs burrowed in Anna’s leg.

Cassie learns that Leo and Anna are trust fund kids who wanted to do some good in the world and decided to go to Malawi to do some relief work. Unfortunately, Anna tells Cassie that those they came to save ended up having to save them.

When Cassie has to remove maggots out of Anna legs, she hesitates because of her parasite phobia but pushes forward. Unfortunately, after the first cut, Cassie passes out. When she comes through, Jackson gives Cassie Leo’s brain scan and she notices that a parasitic bug is in his brain.

Shahir tells Leo that he probably got that locally and not in Malawi due to eating under cooked pork. Leo ends up being okay and while Leo recovers, Anna shows him another way the two can do good.

Birthday Surprise

Alex arrives home and finds Charlie outside her door. Charlie just wants to grab a few of his things and kiss Luke goodnight. When the two enter her home, Alex is shocked at her surprise birthday party. Alex gives a speech and tells people to enjoy the party. Charlie decides not stay and Dana pulls Alex aside in her room. Dana thinks that the party was a mistake and wonders if she interrupted something with her and Charlie. Alex assures Dana that she has not and that she is fine with the party.

When the party is over. Maggie apologizes to Alex for surprising her with the party but again Alex was fine with it. Alex then asks about Spencer and Maggie doesn’t know where he ended up. As the two go and start cleaning up, they find Spencer and Alex’s nanny in the next room naked and very cozy. The two women laugh off the situation.

Next week, it looks like Alex is having a mid-life crisis and doing dangerous things with Manny. Not sure if I like this guy that is a wrench in Charlie and Alex’s eventually happiness. Here is what I am not hoping happens and that is Alex sleeps with Manny and gets pregnant and again we don’t know who is the baby daddy since it could also be Charlie’s. We don’t need a repeat of that. I just hope the show just hides Erica Durance’s second pregnancy and not do this whole “Whose your Daddy?” story line again.

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