Saving Hope Season 5 “Midlife Crisis” Recap

Jarod Joseph as Manny Palmer and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Alex is all contemplative in the bath reflecting on the status of her relationship with Charlie and mostly where things starting to go down hill such as the moment of the accident that put him in a coma. Shahir and Maggie drop in to make sure that Alex is okay. We see that Alex isn’t okay as she did something a bit drastic by cutting a part of her hair that Zach can’t help but notice later and offer some styling tips (more on that later).

We have two distinct medical cases intermixed with the romantic entanglements. Let’s get through the medical cases first before we tackle what went down with some of our favourite Hope-Zion residents.

The Cancer Study

Maggie and Alex are presenting their cancer study to Dawn and Zach. Dawn is happy at what she hears and congratulates the two on the work they’ve done so far.

Later, Maggie and Alex help victims of a car crash, a young engaged lesbian couple, Bree and Violet. Bree and Violet were on their way back from cake tasting when they got T-boned by a tow truck. Violet is okay only some minor cuts on her face. Bree however isn’t doing so great as all of a sudden she can’t breathe and has pain in her chest. Dr. Palmer examines her and discovers she has cancer in her breast that has spread to her lungs. When Violet hears the news, she is overwhelmed and leaves. In fact, Violet tells Maggie and Alex that she intended to leave Bree before any of this happened.

There is some good news for Bree and that she is a candidate for Alex and Maggie’s cancer study. Alex wants her in but Maggie doesn’t as she isn’t quite convinced of Bree’s suitability for the study and the two have their first professional spat.

When Alex goes to tell Bree that she is a candidate for her cancer study, Bree doesn’t want to make any decisions until she discusses it with Violet. Alex suggests to Bree that perhaps she should move ahead with the study regardless of Violet. Bree wonders what is up and Alex tells her that Violet has left her but at the very same moment Violet walks in bearing gifts from the gift shop. Bree tells Alex that she doesn’t want her to be her doctor nor does she want to be part of her study.

Jarod Joseph as Manny Palmer and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

In the break room, Alex spills some coffee and as she is cleaning it up, Dr. Palmer comes by and helps. The two discuss how Alex put her foot in it with Bree and discuss what she should do.

Later Violet tells Alex that she wanted to end her engagement with Bree because they keep on arguing and even the move to the city didn’t help. Violet needs to figure out who she is without Bree. However, Violet vows to stay with Bree as she battles cancer no matter how long that battle is as she saw Bree’s mom whittle away to 90 pounds. Violet doesn’t want Bree to suffer alone. Violet also promises Alex that she will convince Bree to be part of her study.

We later see Bree asleep in Violet’s arms, who looks unsure of her decision to stay.

The Trauma Team

We see Charlie practice doing orthopedic surgery on the dead body of a hockey coach who not only encourages him on but gives him relationship advice about Alex.

Meanwhile, Dana goes through her first trauma, a young man, Fernando, who is involved in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. Charlie is called in because Fernando’s leg is messed up. It is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen on Saving Hope in terms of the leg all visibly broken in half.

In the OR, Dana is trying to stop Fernando from not losing so much liquid from his body. Meanwhile, Charlie is trying to work on the leg but encounters an issue where a plastic surgeon is necessary. Dawn wants Dana to be that plastic surgeon but she wants to remain doing trauma. Dawn overrules Dana and Dev takes over.

As Fernando keeps on losing liquid, Cassie is trying to figure out what they can do but Dana overrules her suggestions. Cassie gets a bit rattled at Dana’s assertiveness in the OR.

Meanwhile, Fernando’s spirit appears to Charlie. Fernando wants Charlie to ensure his dad gets called. You see Fernando took up motorbiking so he could have something in common with the father that abandoned him. The plan was for them to ride Route 66 together. When there is a possibility of Fernando’s leg getting amputated, he begs Charlie to save it. When Dana can’t detect a pulse in Fernando’s leg, she is ready to suggest amputation but Charlie does find out what the problem in and his leg is saved.

As Fernando is in recovery, his spirit tells Charlie that his father no longer matters to him and that he will find is own way. As is spirit goes back to his body, Fernando tells Charlie that the ones that love you the most fight for you in a nod to his mom.

As Charlie is doing his charts, Dana promises to keep the secret that his arm isn’t fully healed and gets him to promise not to operate until he is fully healed. Dana also tells Charlie to go to Alex to learn the truth as to why she turned down his proposal.

Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney and MIchelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

At the hospital lounge, Dana is exhausted from the day. Dawn sits with her and tells her that she was a plastic surgeon star. Dana says that while she is tired, she never felt so alive. Dawn is happy to hear this and tells her she will be on trauma every fourth day.

Relationships of Hope Zion

Shahir: He wonders if Alex and Charlie can’t work then what hope does he and Jonathan have. However, Maggie gives him some encouragement and we see Shahir call Jonathan to ask about this day.

Cassie and Deve: The two are sleeping together again.

Maggie: Zach is determined to get Maggie a date and tries to get her to choose from numerous people that expressed interest in her online dating pile. They range from a variety of men and women. At the beginning of the episode, Maggie looked lustfully at Dr. Palmer but I don’ think that will happen.

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

When Zach presses Maggie to choose someone, she says she did but he rejected her and he is now feeling guilty.

Later Zach says that Maggie was right and that he is feeling guilty. Zach just wants Maggie to find someone to love her like he loves her but without the sex involved. Maggie doesn’t quite accept his apology unless he uses the skills he gained while putting himself through medical school.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Benjamin Ayers a Zach Miller

Alex and Charlie:

Alex is in her office again being contemplative. Maggie brings Zach in. We learn that Zach’s worked at Super Cuts to put himself through med school and he was good. And Zach does give Alex a great hair cut that Dr. Palmer looks on admiringly. I really hope that the show does not put Alex together with Dr. Palmer.

Charlie goes to Alex’s and the two finally have the talk. Alex tells Charlie that she turned down his proposal because she made a promise to God or whatever that she will stay away from him if he survived his flat line after his surgery. Charlie thinks Alex is crazy but she counters so says the guy that talks to ghosts. Charlie thought Alex was okay and supportive of his gifts. Alex counters that she has always been supportive of him and that he couldn’t have found a more supportive but she doesn’t finish that sentence. Charlie believes Alex wa going to say wife but she isn’t his wife. Charlie wants to know how he can fix things with them. Alex does think they are cursed on how they have moments of happiness but then disaster strikes. Charlie realizes that Alex thinks that their situation is like her situation with her mom. Charlie tells Alex that he isn’t going to pay for her mom’s mistakes and tells her if she doesn’t believe she deserves to be happy then she is right. Charlie then walks out but looks like he wants to go back in but doesn’t. Alex is left in her apartment in tears.

So will the show put Alex together with Dr. Palmer before eventually putting her back together with Charlie? Will the show write in Erica Durance’s second pregnancy? If so, will we get another whose the daddy thing again if they put Alex and Dr. Palmer (next recap I will call him Manny) together. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I think Alex and Charlie belong together and should be the father to her next pregnancy. Other wise u are making her looks like a whore

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