Supergirl Season 2 “Medusa” Recap

In the spirit of this being Supergirl’s Thanksgiving episode, I want to say I am thankful for the following: the chemistry between Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, Alex finally getting the girl, the return of Eliza, and some David Harewood versus David Harewood action. Also, welcome to Earth-whatever Barry Allen and Cisco Ramone.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Winn and James wants to use it as an opportunity to tell Kara that they are Guardian. But Alex doesn’t want them to as she wants to tell her mother that she is gay. Mon-el arrives with stuffing (actually just the stuffing from his pillow) and flowers for Eliza.

Kara notes how nice Mon-el is being to Eliza and thinks he is flirting with her. However, Eliza is quick to point out that Mon-el was trying to impress her since she is Kara’s Earth mom and wants to get in the good books of the girl he likes. Kara scoffs at the idea.

When it comes time for dinner, James takes a turn to say what he is thankful for and that is having an understanding friend like Kara but Alex says that she isn’t very understanding. Before Alex can say what she wants to say Mon-el gets up to say he is thankful that Kara for her gracious nature and feels lucky it was her that found him in the pod. When it comes time for Alex to have her say, it gets interrupted when a multi-dimensional portal opens up above the dining room table.

With Thanksgiving cut short, Alex, Kara and Winn return to the DEO where talk turns to what Cadmus wanted with her blood. So Kara decides to speak to Lena in her reporter guise to see how much Lena knows about her mother and her association of Cadmus. Kara believes that Lena knows nothing. We see Lena call in her mother and after a fraught discussion of their complex relationship, Lena tells her mom that a reporter is snooping around about her and wants to know why.

At the alien bar, Mon-el notices who he thinks is J’onn there and follows him out but quickly notices it is Hank Henshaw or Cyborg Superman. The two fight that Cyborg Superman wins. Mon-el rushes back to the bar when he hears screams and notice every single alien is dead while all humans are alright.

Mon-el is now quarantined at the DEO and Alex wants to bring in her mother as an astro biologist to find a cure. Since the virus affects aliens, Kara and J’onn are also quarantined. During a game of Monopoly, Kara uses it as an opportunity to see if Mon-el likes her likes. Mon-el isn’t getting what Kara is talking about and she point blank asks him if he wants to mate with her. Mon-el laughs off the notion but he starts to cough profusely and collapses.

Supergirl — “Medusa” — Image SPG208a_0113 — Pictured: Helen Slater as Eliza Danvers — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Mon-el is unconscious but his body is fighting the infection. Eliza tells the group that virus isn’t infectious and can only be spread airborne. When Eliza notes that the virus has some Kryptonian signature in it, Kara realizes that Cadmus wanted her blood to get into the Fortress of Solitude. When Kara arrives, Calex attacks her identifying her as an intruder. After taking Calex down, Kara sees the console and how it accessed a file on Medusa. When Kara’s father’s AI appears, he tells her that Medusa was a virus he weaponized to kill any alien threat against Krypton where Kryptonians are not affected. Kara is disappointed to learn this about her father. Kara returns to the DEO and gives Eliza and Alex everything the Fortress had about Medusa

As Alex and Eliza are working on a cure for Mon-el, Eliza wants to know what her daughter wanted to say during Thanksgiving. Eliza deduces that Alex wanted to tell her that she was gay and Maggie has become a big part in her life. Eliza is incredibly supportive of Alex and the two share a very sweet moment.

Supergirl — “Medusa” — Image SPG208b_0143 — Pictured(L-R): Chris Wood as Mike/Mon-El and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

At Mon-el bedside, we learn that he didn’t die right away was because Daxamites share similar DNA to Kryptonians. Mon-el wakes up and Kara blames herself for him dying. Mon-el doesn’t blame her and sees how beautiful Kara is when she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and the two share a beautiful kiss. Mon-el then passes out.

Another finding is Cadmus required a rare element that only L Corp possesses that will help them spread the virus. Kara realizes that Cyborg Superman is going after Lena to get the isotope. Supergirl arrives at L Corp and gets into a fight with Cyborg Superman. Cyborg Superman sees Lena Luthor and throws an L Corp sign at her when Supergirl saves her.

When it looks like Cyborg Superman is going to win the fight, another multi-dimensional portal opens up distracting him. Maggie and the police arrive and opens fire on Cyborg Superman, who uses his laser vision to hit Maggie in the shoulder taking her down. Cyborg Superman flees. Maggie is brought back to the DEO to be patched up by Alex. Alex tells Maggie that she came out to her mom and it went well and she if more than okay with her new normal.

Supergirl visits Lena and tells her flat out that her mom is the head of Cadmus. Lena doesn’t believe Supergirl and thinks that she is just like her cousin Superman and how he ruined his frienship with Lex. Later on Lena meets with her mom and confronts her about Cadmus. Instead of being mad at her mom, Lena offers Lilian the isotope that she needs.

Because Winn devised a way to track the isotope, Kara and J’onn goes to the port of National City. There Lena and Lilian are there ready to launch a rocket that will spread the virus. Lilian gets Lena to launch the rocket and Supergirl goes after it. Cyborg Superman then fights J’onn, who is now a full White Martian and turns into that form to fight him.

Unfortunately, Kara couldn’t stop the rocket from dispersing the virus. Kara arrives to knock out Cyborg Superman and watches as the virus falls. J’onn is prepared to be with his wife and family again but nothing happens. Lena actually made the virus inert and Lilian is arrested and Cyborg Superman flees once again.

Back at the DEO, Mon-el is okay and thanks to reverse-engineering the Medusa virus, Eliza has cured J’onn too and is now back to being Green Martian. When alone, Kara asks Mon-el if they are going to talk about what happened whle he was sick. Mon-el seems to not know what Kara is talking about. Kara covers to say that Mon-el drooled a lot but when Kara walks away, it is pretty clear that Mon-el remembers the kiss.

And somewhere in outer space, some aliens are looking for Mon-el.

After her near-death experience, Maggie goes to see Alex and realizes that life is too short and tells Alex that she really wants to kiss her and she does. About time too!

Meanwhile at Kara’s apartment, another multi-dimensional portal opens up and this time out pops Barry Allen and Cisco Ramone. When Kara comes home, she is surprised to see Barry. Barry introduces Kara to Cisco and then asks for her help since she owes him. Kara is ready to jump in and help Barry with whatever he is facing.

To be Continued on The Flash!!!!!!!


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