Arrow Season 5 “A Matter of Trust” Recap

The episode title says it all and that trust was the theme of the night from trusting those on Team Arrow and those on Team Mayor Oliver Queen. Also, the Russian flashbacks was all about Oliver learning to trust the Bratva brotherhood in order to fulfill his promise to kill Kovar.


That is the name of the new drug in Star City and also a nod to guest star Cody Runnels WWE name. Runnel plays Derek Sampson, the Stardust dealer that the Green Arrow is searching for.

ar503a_0054b_4f112f97-1024x691In fact, we begin the episode with the Green Arrow chasing after a drug dealer who helps pin point Sampson. Also, Felicity uses this mission as a learning opportunity for Team Arrow 2.0. Wild Dog offers to do some recon work to help locate Sampson but Oliver refuses his help because he is reckless and also he doesn’t trust him.

Wild Dog defies his orders and brings Evelyn along as he managed to locate Sampson. Wild Dog goes in guns a blazing and it starts to go wrong but one thing that does go right is that he manages to knock Sampson into a vat of Stardust that got changed when other liquids when in it.

Meanwhile, Felicity’s boyfriend, Detective Malone, calls in the Green Arrow to let him know of Prometheus and how he killed a member of the ACU and also attacked Tobias Church.

The next day, Oliver meets with the new DA, Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), who tells him how his office was going after Sampson. Chase tells Oliver that Sampson is now dead because a vigilante in a hockey mask went after him.

This of course gets Oliver all pissed at Wild Dog for going against his orders.

ar503b_0158b_54068545-1024x683Of course, Sampson isn’t dead and falling into the vat maybe him impervious to pain. When Felicity gets an alert of something happening at the hospital. the Green Arrow goes to confront him and see what has become of Sampson.

In fact, Sampson goes back to his team of thugs and shows them his invulnerability and offers to the same to his gang.

After a talk with Felicity, Oliver allows himself to trust his team and gets them to suit up to stop Sampson from creating an army of people like him. So Team Arrow 2.0 return to where the Stardust vat is at to successfully stop the team. . We even got Curtis in his Mr. Terrific costume.


  • Felicity comes clean with Rory aka Ragman about being hte one responsible for redirecting the nuclear weapon to Havenrock as the guilt was gnawing at her. Rory didn’t take the news very well
  • Susan Williams, a TV reporter, keeps on reporting on what a hot mess Oliver’s mayoral administration is especially in naming known drunk Quentin Lance as deputy mayor. When Thea tries to fix the situation, she just makes it worse so she hands in her resignation. Oliver refuses it and officially names Lance his deputy mayor while Thea gives Susan a warning to not cross her again or suffer the consequences.
  • Diggle is in a federal penitentiary for treason and espionage. Diggle’s cellmate is one Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot who apparently didn’t die. Diggle and Lawton discuss Andy’s death at Diggle’s hands and not Lawton’s. When Lyla goes to visit, she updates him on her efforts to get him out but Diggle tells her to stop and he has been living with the guilt of killing Andy and needs to be punished so he accepts the charges laid against. We also see that Lawton was all in Diggle’s head. Seeing Diggle so defeated forces Lyla to go to Oliver and ask him to help her break Diggle out of prison.


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