DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The Justice Society of America” Recap

I am sensing that each week we will get a different Legend giving the voice over that will state the Legends mission and this week the honor falls to Sara Lance. Maybe Sara will take over permanently based on what happened in this week’s episode. I will let you know after next week’s episode.

lgn202a_0058b_fffbfc62-1024x684But we start the episode with the Legends meeting the Justice Society of America: Commander Steel (Matthew McCaull), Amaya aka Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Star Girl (Sarah Grey), Doctor Mid-nite (Kwesi Ameyaw), Obesidian (Dan Payne) and Rex Tyler aka Hourman (Patrick J. Adams).

The JSA and Legends battle where the JSA’s better teamwork wins and the Legends are brought back to the JSA HQ. There Nate tells Commander Steel that he is his grandson and shows his grandfather’s dog tags to him.

lgn202b_0168b_7b71b078-1024x684When Rex brings the Legends in front of the JSA to find out more about them. When Sara tries to speak for the team, Rex cuts her off and assumes that Stein is the leader since he is older and white.

Stein states that they met Rex back in 2016 who warned them not to come to 1942. We see more of their 2016 conversation when Rex all of sudden disappears.

The Legends agrees to leave for 2016 while the JSA head to Paris to stop the Nazi from getting a hold of an amulet that the Fuhrer aka Hitler covets because it has occult powers.

Also helping out the Fuherer is Eobard Thawne who meets up with Baron Krieger and gives him a serum that will give him super powers in exchange for the amulet.

Back on the Waverider, Stein is named the new captain in Rip’s absence and the Legends also decide on Nate’s fate on the team. Sara goes to see him to try and let him know it is dangerous for him to be part of the team as he doesn’t have the requisite skills to be on it. Nate tries to say him being a historian will be helpful in their role as the new time masters.

When Nate notes his grandfather’s dog tags have disappeared around his neck he realizes that his grandfather and the rest of the JSA die on their Paris mission. So the Legends head to 1942 Paris. Their way in is to have Stein pose as Max Lorenz, a famous German singer back in the day and a favourite of Krieger, who happens to frequent a club.

At the club, Ray sees Amaya undercover and cuts in on her dance with a Nazi. Nate and Rory are waiters at the club while Sara and Jax are the entourage for Stein’s Lorenz.

Nate overhears where the exchange for the amulet go down while one of the Nazi soldiers insists on hearing a song from Lorenz. Stein starts to spew some stuff from The Sound of Music and sings what he calls an original song “Edelweiss” to which he sings beautiful. After the song finishes, there are some Heil Hitlers and when Ray doesn’t do the salute, the Nazi soldier tries to get him to do it but Ray can’t do it so instead punches the Nazi and a brawl starts and the rest of the JSA have to stop it.

The Legends bring the JSA to the Waverider and formulate a plan to intercept the amulet. Amaya gets in Ray’s head and says that he isn’t a hero without the suit, which marks the second episode in a row someone says that to him.

Once the team is back on board the Waverider, Sara notices that Nate is bleeding and it doesn’t stop. Sara realizes that Nate is a hemophiliac and knows it is a bad idea for him to be on the team because another injury and he could die.

So the Legends and JSA team up to stop the convoy of the amulet. Things start go wrong especially after Krieger takes the serum and starts to hulk out. Amaya and Ray go after Krieger and this is when things start to go wrong for the team. Stein gets overwhelmed as captain and can’t make snap decision and wants to take an analytical approach. Sara steps up and gets the team to retreat. There is some good and bad that has come from the mission. The good is they got the amulet, the bad is Ray and Amaya are captured by the Nazi’s.

Krieger is impressed with Ray’s Atom suit and wants him to make more of Thawne’s serum. Ray agrees in order to save Amaya’s life.

Meanwhile, Jax knows that Stein is struggling being the captain and realizes that Sara is the best person for the job. So the Legends and the JSA go back for Ray and Amaya, who manages to get away from their Nazi captors.

Krieger hulks out again while B-52 bombers drop bombs that kill Krieger but unfortunately, Nate and his grandfather are also caught in the bombings were Nate is gravely injured.

Back on the Waverider, Ray uses the serum is he was making on Nate and this heals him. Amaya admires Ray for sacrificing getting powers of his own to save Nate.

As Nate recovers, we see the dog tags return and Commander Steel knows the two will be okay. And Nate tells his grandfather that knowing him for real is way better than the image he had as a child growing up idolizing him.

The Legends and JSA part on good terms and I wonder if we will see the JSA again. I know we will see Amaya again as she is a series regular but hope to see the others.

One member we won’t see is Rex Tyler who the Reverse-Flash kills thus the reason why he gets erased in front of the Legends in 2016. The Reverse-Flash takes off with the amulet and Amaya finds Rex and with his dying breath says a time traveler has killed him. I am hoping that Amaya won’t think it is one of the Legends.


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