The Flash Season 3 “Magenta” Recap

One of my favourite aspects of Earth-2 was that world’s version of Harrison Wells because we also got with him his daughter Jesse. When the two left at the end of season 2 to go back to Earth-2 after defeating Zoom, it was unclear if we would see them again.

When Tom Cavanagh still a series regular on The Flash, we weren’t sure what version of Wells we would be getting. Is it Earth-1 Wells that wasn’t killed by Eobard Thawne? Or a different Flashpoint Wells?

In “Magenta” we get our answer.

Jesse Quick

fla303a_0379b_a68229f8-1024x683Barry and Iris are on their first date, which ended up being a boring bust because the two decided not to talk anything to do with the Flash. Luckily for them, Cisco calls them into STAR Labs because the breach has opened up. with guns pointing at the opening, out pops out Harry from Earth-2 wanting their help. Team Flash asks help with what and out pops Jesse speeding around.

Harry has brought Jesse from Earth-2 so Team Flash can run some tests and to seek Barry help in training his now super-powered daughter. A new change in the Flashpoint timeline is that STAR Labs has a speed lab, which Team Flash uses to test Jesse, who is very overjoyed to have powers.

Who is not overjoyed? Harry who didn’t want this daughter to get powers and tries to get Cisco to talk to Jesse about not using her powers. Cisco refuses so it falls to Caitlin but she makes it worse when Jesse realizes her dad put her up to the talk.

Harry admits to Jesse that he doesn’t want her to use her powers and just wants to keep her safe. This pushes Jesse further away and Caitlin tells Harry that he actually needs to nurture Jesse’s powers and be more supportive so that she would turn to Harry for help instead of away.

Speed Envy

We learn that Jesse received her powers in the second particle accelerator explosion that also hit Wally. Wally is disappointed that he isn’t a speedster. Harry says sometimes people that get hit with Dark Matter may not manifest any powers. This just makes Wally event more disappointed. Barry notes Wally’s disappointment and gets Joe to talk to Wally to say it is a good thing.

fla303a_0003b_9cbe342c-1024x683When Joe does, he tries to convince Wally that he doesn’t have to be a speedster to help people and he can do that through getting an education in engineering. Joe seems convinced that his talk worked with Wally.

Unfortunately not. After Jesse’s argument with Harry. Wally goes to talk to her. Wally asks how Jesse powers manifested itself and she says that when she was walking home from a friend’s a speeding car was headed her way and then time just stopped for her and just felt electricity course through her body and she just started running.

Wally gets inspired and jumps in front of an on coming car thinking it would jump start his speed but it doesn’t and Jesse has to speed him away.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry yells at Wally for being reckless and not thinking. Wally says that everything ended being fine but Barry and Joe is still angry at him for his desire to become a speedster.

Meta Human of the Week: Frankie/Magenta

Our meta human of the week is Frankie (Joey King), who comes from an abusive foster family. Frankie has a split personality, Magenta, that manifests itself when her foster father yells at her so she pulls down a street lamp into their apartment injuring him.

When Frankie is interviewed by Joe at the station she mentions blanking out and doesn’t remember the attack. Barry deduces that the street lamp was pulled down by a meta human however Julian doesn’t think so as there is no evidence to support a meta human could pull down a street lamp with their bare hands. But when Julian sees Frankie, he gets a bit suspicious and grabs her DNA via water glass. After looking at her DNA, Julian determines that Frankie’s DNA matches those found on the husks that has been popping around town.

fla303b_0223b_7fc097f9-1024x722Julian confronts Frankie, which is a bad idea because Magenta appears and pulls down the big CCPD metal wall hanging that forces the Flash to pull him to safety.

When the Flash chases her outside, Magenta is trying to take over completely Frankie’s mind and uses her power to lift a cop car that forces the Flash to rescue the cop inside while she escapes. Magenta runs to Alchemy seeking his advice in getting rid of Frankie for good so she can enact her revenge on her foster father. Alchemy advises Magenta to show who is the boss in order to control Frankie.

fla303a_0117b_3e6626f2-1024x683After learning that Frankie has bounced from foster home to foster home and her current foster dad was not saint, Iris pays him a visit in Central City hospital.

After speaking with the foster father, Iris realizes that Magenta is going after him to complete the job. Magenta starts her payback by using her powers to lift a tankard. Team Flash is alerted to Magenta’s presence thanks to Iris’ panic alarm (something new thanks to Flashpoint).

When the Flash arrives he figures he can create a wind funnel to stop the tankard from destroying the hospital and everyone in it. Harry suggests he runs in a figure eight to create the wind tunnel. It starts to work but Team Flash realizes that Barry can’t stop the tankard and Magenta at the same time. Harry knows who can help and encourages Jesse to be the one to offer an assist and tells her “run, Jesse, run” as a nice nod to Earth-1 Harrison/Thawne said to Barry in the Pilot.

Jesse takes over creating the wind tunnel while the Flash talks to Magenta and manages to get Frankie to come back.

Back at STAR Labs, Frankie tells Team Flash how she got her powers. Frankie had been having dreams of another life and these dreams started to come to her during the day and then she kept on hearing a man’s voice, which is Alchemy’s then she got her powers. Wally hears this and something tells me he is having these dreams or will soon get these dreams. Barry then tells Frankie that Caitlin has found her a good home in Keystone City and if she ever needs help she can turn to them.

Later, Jesse wonders if she and her dad are going back to Earth-2. Harry says they are going to stay a few more days to run a few more tests. Harry then apologizes for this over reaction but that he did this to protect her and he will always worry about her. Harry then gifts Jesse with her own speedster suit, which I am so looking forward to seeing her in. Father-daughter share a hug and this why I love these two.

With a bit of a lull in the action, Barry and Iris attempt another date, this time not ignoring the fact the Flash is a part of their lives. However, there date is interrupted again for police work. The two share a kiss before Barry speeds back to his lab.

Once there, Joe shows Julian and Barry video of Edward Clariss at Iron Heights being attacked and killed by Alchemy. Julian wonders if Barry knows who Alchemy is to which Barry lies but I think Julian knows otherwise.

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