Orphan Black Season 4 “Human Raw Material” Recap

Skyler Wexler as Kira and Lauren Hammersley as Adele

We learn more about Brightborn this week, see the rift between Felix and Sarah widen, get one shocking moment and a mention of Delphine.

Bubbles and Drugs

Duko shows Art a campaign postcard of Alison’s when she ran for school trustee and remarks how much she looks like Beth. Art doesn’t see it but then Duko mentions that Alison and Donnie are tied to be drug dealers and sold their wares out of soap store. Art calls Sarah and asks if it is true about Alison. Sarah says she doesn’t know but Art is mad as he had dinner at the soap store and this could hurt his career if he gets tied to the Hendrix’s brief drug empire.

Sarah calls Alison and she does admit they were briefly drug dealers but are no longer. Sarah isn’t happy and that Art’s career could be in jeopardy. When talk to turns to Helena and how she left the Hendrix’s with their camping equipment, the clone sisters get into an argument and Alison hangs up on Sarah.

Family Ties

Skyler Wexler as Kira and Lauren Hammersley as Adele

Skyler Wexler as Kira and Lauren Hammersley as Adele

Sarah is spending quality time with Kira by first painting a mural in her room and then visiting Felix. Unfortunately for Sarah Adele is still in town but Kira takes an immediate shine to her. Sarah still doesn’t believe that Adele is really Felix’s sister as she discovered a Neolution tie to Gene Connexion, the firm that confirmed a genetic match between the two. So Sarah grabs Felix’s hairbrush and a champagne glass that Adele was drinking from and brings it to Scott at the comic book store to perform a DNA test.

When Kira and Sarah return to the safe house, Felix and Adele are there for a family dinner. Sarah and Mrs. S aren’t too happy at Felix bringing Adele to their safe house. But Felix trusts Adele as he knows that she is her sister. At dinner, the tension in the air is thick as Sarah relentlessly questions Adele about Gene Connexion. When Josh calls, he confirms that Felxi and Adele are indeed siblings. Sarah apologizes but the damage is done.

Later, Kira talks about her connection with the Clone Sisters. It seems that Kira isn’t dreaming about them but maybe having visions.


Jessalyn Wanlim as Evie Cho

Jessalyn Wanlim as Evie Cho

It is Brightborn Orientation Day and because Sarah is unavailable and Alison too busy to go, Cosima volunteers to be the “surrogate”. The two arrive and learn that Evie Cho is also there. During the orientation, Donnie points out that Evie might now about the Leda clones so Cosima is cautious to hide her face. Evie explains a bit about the Brightborn process and how it is all about embryo enhancements. The groups breaks up where some go on a tour of the facility while Donnie remains behind for Dr. Bosch to answer any questions. Cosima takes off with the tour group to find the facility’s lab.

Meanwhile, Krystal has arrived to Brightborn to look into having a baby. We opened the episode with Krystal taking self-defense classes and telling about her experiences with Dyad and the Castor clones but not in the terms we know but more like weird shit has happened to her.

Rosemary Dunsmore as Susan Duncan and Tatiana Maslany as Cosima

Rosemary Dunsmore as Susan Duncan and Tatiana Maslany as Cosima

Evie spies Krystal at reception. When Evie arrive back at her office, she finds Susan and Ira there. Evie tells Susan about seeing a clone. Susan goes to find this clone and finds Cosima at poolside looking over the NDA. Cosima pretends to be the surrogate and asks Susan questions around the embryo and the genetic testing Brightborn does about. Susan doesn’t really answers her questions. While talking, Cosima manages to get Susan’s pass. When Susan returns to Evie’s office, she mentions the clone was Cosima and she needs to be brought in.

While all that is happening, Donnie is holding a Brightborn baby, clearly enjoying having a baby in his arms. Krystal arrives admiring the baby too and Donnie is shocked at seeing another clone.

Donnie finds Cosima and tells her about another clone and she realizes it is Krystal. Cosima asks Donnie to distract her and says that Krystal has no clue that she is a clone. So Donnie distracts Krystal by pretending to be a masseuse. Ever trusting Krystal starts to spill the beans about Dyad and says she would have been dead if it wasn’t for a French doctor seeing her. Donnie makes the mistake of mentioning Delphine Cormier and makes matters worse by calling her Krystal (she gave a fake name). So Krystal knocks Donnie out and as she makes her way out, a Brightborn employee grabs Krystal thinking she is Cosima. When Susan notes that they have Krystal and not Cosima, they release Krystal calling her harmless.

Meanwhile, Cosima is looking around and finds a room filled with pregnant ladies, who seemed to be there against their will. When one of the pregnant ladies goes into labour, Cosima is roped into assisting. The pregnant lady keeps on asking for God’s forgiveness for what she has done. And we see why as when the baby is born, it has several deformities. Susan finally gets Cosima in custody. Cosima is in shock at meeting her maker but wonders the science of what Brightborn is doing. Susan defends Brightborn and says if they have the original they can treat Cosima. Cosima is unwilling to give up Kendall.

Later that night, Ira is swimming in the pool when Susan joins him updating him on her conversation with Cosima. And this is the shocking part of the episode as the two start to kiss passionately.

This is all kinds of wrong considering Susan made Ira so that makes her his mother.




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  1. This is my favorite Season 4 episode so far, although my one favorite scene is still last week’s Donnie and Felix.

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