Emerald City Comic Con 2016: iZombie Panel

IMG_1003SEATTLE – The cast of iZombie (Rose McIvor and David Anders) were actually in Seattle (where the show takes place) for Emerald City Comic Con 2016 and were joined by the creator of the comic book (Chris Roberson) that the show is based on.

Roberson noted that the iZombie TV show came about after the comic book had concluded.

“I knew they were going to make changes but I got sent the pilot script from Rob Thomas and I thought it was great and funny,” said Roberson.

He added that the show has the basic idea from the comics as well as its look and tone. “They are close cousins,” Roberson explained. “THey have the same DNA but raised by different parents.”

McIvor and Anders said the iZombie source material is a lot of fun.

Anders called iZombie “the best Rom-Zom-Com on television,” which according to McIvor he has called the show that many times before.

But the one thing that McIvor thinks separates the show from other zombie shows is that it is the reinvention of the zombie genre.

IMG_6250The subject of how the show prepares the brains that Liv consumers. McIver said initially the brains were disgusting as the gelatin was covered with fondant. The show then got a chef to help prep the brains and started to hide the gelatinous material in actual recipes. McIvor described once how one brain was mixed in with turkey chili that was so delcious that she took some home with her minus the “brain”. McIvor would like to develop a cookbook for the brain recipes she told the crowd.

On the subject of brains, McIvor called the grumpy old man brain her least favorite as the character was such an unlikeable character. McIvor also said she would like to revisit the erotic librarian brain as she feels that could be more to be said with that brain.

One of McIver’s favourite brain was Gamer Liv as it gave her an opportunity to learn more about the gaming world. As for a brain she would like to consume? A hockey goon.

Even though Liv is a different person while on these different brains, McIvor said that she “wants Liv to still be Liv while on the different brains.”

For Anders, the only brain we ever see him on was the scientist brain but McIver would like to see him eat a brain of a really good person. But Blaine’s journey this season has been interesting and Anders likes playing Amnesiac Blaine.

“It is a treat to play Blaine. He is the closest to me to anyone else I’ve ever played,” he added.

If someone were to eat the brains of McIvor and Anders, what of their personalities would they take? McIvor thinks they would be homesick for New Zealand and sing along to radio jingles while Anders said anyone consuming his brain wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Since both McIver and Anders were both on Once Upon a Time,  a fan asked who they would like from that cast on iZombie. McIvor listed Jennifer Morrison, who has become one of her best friends while Anders would like Robert Carlyle.

The subject of a musical episode came up with we’ve seen Anders and McIvor sing this season but McIvor thinks it won’t happen now since we’ve all seen Robert Buckely sing in a recent episode. Anders described Buckley’s voice as pitchy. McIvor said that if ever iZombie becomes a musical it should be done on ice and be called “Ice Zombie”.

A fan asked if Roberson thought Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas  wanted to make iZombie into a TV show when he was approached. Roberson said no he wasn’t. But McIver calls Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas a real fan of the show and when shot his part for the season finale, McIver was surprised how he and his wife knew everything about the show.

Speaking of the season finale, McIvor said events that happen in the two-part season finale changes the landscape for season 3 and Anders added that Liv and Blaine will make for strange bedfellows.


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