Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3 “Watchdogs” Recap

The Brothers Mackenzie

Mack is on vacation visiting his brother Ruben (Gaius Charles) at their childhood home. Ruben thinks Mack is in the insurance business. Mack talks to his brother about difficulties at work that includes his issues with management and about losing two co-worker friends to a permanent transfer.

As they get ready for lunch then motorbiking and beers, a breaking news report shows the anti-Inhuman group Watchdog attack an ACTU storage facility with weapons that causes the building to implode. Ruben looks like he agrees with Watchdogs methods.

Coulson orders Mack to the site to investigate with Daisy and Fitz. Ruben doesn’t quite understand why his brother has to take off to investigate an insurance case.

When Mack arrives on the scene, Fitz and Mack see that the weapons used had traces of nitramine.

Mack goes back to his brother’s place and sees that he has gotten drunk on beers. Mack learns how is brother is struggling financially since being laid off and now can’t afford to keep their childhood home. Ruben is mad that Mack wasn’t around to help him out.

It is soon discovered that the person behind Watchdog is former SHIELD agent Felix Blake who meets with his men in a barn.

Daisy targets a Watchdog member and uses her quake powers to scare the guy into the location of Watchdog’s HQ.

Mack takes off on his brother again to join Daisy and Fitz at the farm. Using one of the dwarves, Daisy gets audio confirmation on Blake but not visual. Coulson orders Daisy to just observe and not engage.

However, Ruben roars in on his motorbike following Mack and this alerts Watchdog to their presence. The Watchdog soldiers shoot at our SHIELD agents and one of the nitramine hits Fitz. Mack goes after his brother to explain everything to him.

Back onboard the Bus, Daisy and Fitz are in a containment cube and question a captured Watchdog soldier how to stop the nitramine bomb from imploding on Fitz. The solider says something that lets Fitz figure out how to save him by using liquid nitrogen. Fitz is saved but the solider reveals that Watchdog is going after another “freak” as he calls Inhumans.

Mack goes back to Ruben’s and explains everything about his life. Watchdog arrives to take in a “freak” but Mack and Ruben do manage to take them out but Mack gets hurt in the progress. However, we never learn who the “freak” that Watchdog was after. I was waiting for Ruben to reveal some Inhuman power but we never get an explanation why Watchdog targeted the Mackenzie’s.

Testing Lincoln

Lincoln has returned from his SHIELD evaluation and asks Coulson if his results came in. They did but Coulson is vague at its results. Coulson then goes on a mission with Lincoln to one of Blake’s known safe houses.

On the flight to Atlanta, Coulson tells Lincoln that he knows he only joined SHIELD for Daisy. Coulson says Lincoln has issues following orders and needs to know if he is truly committed to SHIELD that he will follow orders.

Once the reach the safehouse, Lincoln and Coulson find Blake who starts to pontificate. Blake notices that Coulson has brought along an Inhuman and sees that Lincoln is itching to hurt him. Coulson then orders Lincoln to kill Blake. Lincoln is hoping there is another way but Coulson insists. Lincoln the shoots electricity towards Blake but it was just a hologram that Coulson knew. The two then take a look at what Blake is up to and learn that he was hoping to capture Daisy.

Simmons Guilt

SimmonsSimmons is in the shooting range for target practice. May comes by and learns that Simmons feels guilty for unleashing Lash so she could save herself and the Inhumans paid the price. Simmons also feels guilty for Will dying for her and Fitz risking his life multiple times for her. Simmons feels like she is the only woman agent that can’t take care of herself and she no longer wants to feel that way. Later, Simmons helps May track Andrew/Lash. Simmons suggests using the potential Inhuman cure on Andrew but May dismisses that idea right away.


We learn that the attack on the ACTU was a cover and that HYDRA was after something as a van noted on the scene belonged to Malick. We see Giyera bring this van to Blake, who is in a wheelchair. Blake welcomes the help and just wants to stop the “freaks” not realizing that Giyera is an Inhuman. We see in this van is a missile.


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