Bitten Spoilers: Images and Description for “On the Brink”

We are heading towards the series (sob!) finale of Bitten and the blood feud is escalating especially now that the Albino is in play and seems unstoppable. Here is how Space Channel describes the episode:

Nick, Paige and Rachel use magic to track Katia, who has kidnaped baby Rocco. Elena invites Konstantin to Stonehaven, asking for his help in ending the blood feud and calling off the Russian assassin. Clay and Jorge keep an eye on the Albino, but it ends in more bloodshed.

Unfortunately, the images that Space Channel provided is pretty sparse and has a serious lack of Paige and Nick but maybe any photos are spoilers. But on the plus side we get Benjamin Ayers back as Jorge, who managed to find a break in his schedule as Dr. Zach Miller on Saving Hope, to film this episode.

“On the Brink” will air on Friday March 25, 2016 on Space Channel at 10pm ET/PT and on Syfy on Monday March 28, 2016 at 11pm ET/10pm CT.

Check out the images.

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