Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 3 “The Circle of Life”

For the second time in a row, the Brawn tribe is reeling from voting off one of their tribemates. Scot thought it was a good idea to let Alecia know that he only voted to eliminate her as a display of loyalty to Jennifer who was voted out at tribal council. Alecia says that Scots excuse is the “stupidest thing” she’s ever heard. Alecia finds some comfort in talking strategy with Cydney who she tells about her idea to vote out Scot next. Cydney is fine with Alecia thinking that the two women are aligned but in reality, Cydney is a lot closer to the two remaining guys on the tribe. Cydney expertly plays the middle man between Alecia and the two men. She tells Kyle and Scot that she was able to win Alecia’s trust when they voted out Jennifer but Scot knows that when he voted out Jennifer he lost a lot of power and maybe Alecia’s trust forever.

Super Idol

While the majority of the Beauty tribe sits by the fire, Tai decides to give searching for the hidden immunity idol one more try. He approaches the tree that holds the key to a box with the idol that he had previously tried to climb. This time, his plan is to tie the tool that he found with the clue to the location of the idol to a long branch to release the key but he notices the tool is missing. Instead, he fashions his own tool out of a stick from the ground. This tactic turns out to be much more effective than climbing to the top of a 20-foot tree. He’s finally able to retrieve the key and obtain the hidden immunity idol. Tai notices while reading the rules to the hidden immunity idol that the idol can be combined with another idol to be played as a super idol. The Super Idol can be used after Probst reveals the player eliminated from the game.

Court Jester

Peter and Liz scoff at the other members of the Brains tribe. Peter says that the tribe has broken down into three pairs of two, but he and Liz are the two castaways that are in control. Liz explains that they want to take the loyal players into the upcoming tribe swap and the eventual merge. They decide to target Neal because he seems to be the only formidable opponent to their control of the tribe. She even refers to Debbie as the court jester of the tribe. I guess that statement makes her and Peter the Queen and King respectively. But “Court Jester” Debbie has been noticing the divide as well. She realizes that Peter and Liz have been busy plotting while the rest of the tribe has been doing all the hard work. Debbie would prefer that Liz is the next person voted out of the tribe because Peter could be a bigger asset in the immunity challenges. She tells Peter that they have to align with Neal and Aubry to target Liz. Because she’s able to fly under the radar she solidifies a bond with Neal and Aubry completely unnoticed by everyone else.

Now that Tai has conquered his immunity idol quest, he now has to overcome his feelings about killing the chickens the beauty tribe has acquired. He feels horrible about killing the chickens but he knows that the tribe needs to eat them to remain strong for the immunity challenges. It’s the circle of life. He’s saddened to the point of tears when Caleb has to hack off the chicken’s head with the machete. Thhe tribe sympathizes with Tai with the exception of Nick. Nick says that he doesn’t really need to have emotions on Survivor, he only needs to be able to fake it. Anna tells us that she can see through Nick’s fake smile. She has a feeling his isn’t a genuine as he’s letting on. The three women of the tribe have decided to stick together so Anna goes to Caleb to pitch an alliance. Anna basically tells Caleb that the women are going to stick together to target Nick and they would be loyal to Caleb if he helps them get rid of Nick if the tribe is to lose immunity.

Idol Hunting

The Brawn tribe starts their search for the hidden immunity idol. Scot’s main objective is to keep the idol out of the hands of Alecia. Ironically enough, Alecia is the one who finds the clue to the location of the idol. She enlists the help of her closest ally, Cydney and the two start digging around the base of the tree where the idol is buried. Jason notices the two women digging in the distance. He knows they are looking for the immunity idol. It’s imperative that Alecia and Cydney are able to find the idol because now, they believe Jason knows the idol must be near that tree. Alecia hurries off to find a hoe to dig with and Cydney reveals to us that she has already found the box holding the immunity idol. Cydney tries to get the idol to keep for herself but the box is locked. Alecia returns without the hoe relatively quickly so Cydney decides to cover it in the dirt and come back to get it at a later time. When they arrive back at camp, Cydney decides that her best move is to reveal the location of the clue to Jason and Scot. She knows Jason has seen her looking for the idol and telling the guys about its whereabouts will increase the amount of trust they have in her. Scot and Jason hurry into the woods to find the idol and the come a map to the location of the key to the idol. When Alecia tries to look at the clue, Jason darts into the woods far away from her. He and Scot find the same type that Tai had already found. Once again the clue requires them to make a tool (because once again it has gotten lost in the shuffle) and release the key to the box containing the idol. Luckily for them, Scot is almost 7 feet tall and with the help of a long stick of bamboo they are able to knock the key down from the tree that holds it. Alecia stands nearby to try to intercept the key as it falls but Jason is just too fast for her. He outmaneuvers her for the key and won’t even show it to her. The two men celebrate as they remove the idol from the box and Alecia can do nothing more than watch as they collect the idol she worked so hard to find. Scot is happy that Jason is in possession of the idol because as long as Alecia doesn’t have it she will be the next person voted out of the tribe Brawn loses the immunity challenge for the third straight time.

The Immunity Challenge

image3The next immunity challenge is another obstacle course. This time, they have to swim then transport 3 huge bags of rice through the water over to maze puzzle. The tribe that finishes the course first will be able to choose from a reward of comfort items or emotional items from home. The Beauty Tribe led by Caleb has almost no problem moving through the obstacle course. With a huge lead, they end up finishing first in the challenge. The Brains and Brawn tribe has to battle it out for second place but this time, it is the Brawn tribe that wins immunity sending the Brains tribe to tribal council for the first time. The Beauty tribe chooses to take the comfort items leaving the Brawn tribe with emotional items and leaving the Brains tribe with a trip to tribal council to vote a player out of the game.

As the Brains tribe prepares for tribal council, Liz and Peter put their plan into action to get Neal voted out of the game. They plan on telling Aubry and Neal they will be voting out Joe. In reality, Liz and Peter will be using Joe and Debbie to vote out blindside Neal. Liz says they have to simplify the process for Joe and Debbie who aren’t strategically as strong as Peter and herself. When she approaches Debbie with the plan Debbie appears very receptive to the plan. Liz even says that losing the challenge is a blessing in disguise. It gives them the opportunity to split the votes between Aubry and Neal in case he has found a hidden immunity idol to protect himself. Debbie however, is not going along with Liz’s plan at all. Debbie immediately goes to Neal and tells them that Liz and Peter are plotting against him. Peter tells us that everyone else on the tribe is like clay that he has to mold. Aubry can read Peter’s arrogance for what it is. She is reluctant to work with him because he’s so controlling and arrogant. She’s annoyed at the way Peter talks to the rest of the tribe. Aubry and Debbie discuss voting out Peter instead of Liz. Debbie says that Liz and Peter will slit anyone’s throat in the game in a split second so tonight the tribe has to make a big decision at tribal council. Somebody will be getting blindsided.

Snake in Ice Cream Pants

image4Probst opens up the discussion at tribal council about the different bonds that are being formed on the tribe. Peter tells Probst that the tribe is divided into three pairs or voting units that will each be voting similarly. He says that while he initially cliqued with Aubry, Neal and Liz, he has also bonded equally with Debbie and Joe despite their age difference. Debbie says that the Brains tribe is analytical enough to put emotions to the side but social interactions are also a key to playing the game. Peter says that because of his experience as an ER Doctor, social interactions is his profession (what?). Joe talks about how his career as a cop makes him a good judge of people’s social skills. Peter points out that Joe’s profession is the reason why he trusts Joe so much. Peter then goes on to say that he doesn’t trust Neal. He says that Neal, the Ice Cream Entrepreneur, could be “a snake in ice cream pants”.  Then he announces to everyone that he would like the tribe to split the votes between Neal and Aubry to get rid of Neal once and for all. Jeff Probst looks shocked at Peter’s lack of tact when discussing his plan to target Neal in front of everyone. The reaction of the rest of the tribe is a mixture of surprise and confusion. Debbie and Joe even look like they are holding back laughter but Peter seems pretty pleased with himself. Probst asks Liz if she thinks the tribe will still be able to stick to their plan. Liz responds that the person who is going home won’t be shocked once the votes are read. Neal says that he hopes that tribe will be able to move forward even stronger after this vote. Peter puts his foot in his mouth once again telling Probst that he and Liz have thought about everything and he’s ready to vote. The rest of the tribe agrees that they are ready to vote as well so Probst sends them to cast their votes.

Peter and Liz vote for Aubry but the rest of the tribe splits their votes between the duo. For the first time all night Peter looks speechless. The tribe has to revote between Aubry, Peter and Liz but with the three of them unable to vote, every remaining member of the tribe votes for Liz making her the 3rd person eliminated from the game.

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